The 5 Most Unique Bars in New York City

New York City is full of some of the country’s coolest bars. Throughout Manhattan and the boroughs, you’ll find bars that will appeal to everyone from sci-fi fans to beauty lovers to retro video game aficionados. The next time you’re meeting your friends for drinks, skip your usual spot and head to one of these five unique bars instead.

1. Apothéke

When you walk into Apothéke, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into a 19th-century French salon. This Chinatown lounge offers a large menu of artful cocktail creations. It also serves traditional absinthe prepared with sugar and ice water. Relax on one of Apothéke’s plush couches, and enjoy the lush decorations and delicious drinks.


2. Barcade

If you’re looking for a good place to have a drink and play some classic video games, head to Barcade. This bar is located in Williamsburg, and it has tons of games from the ’80s available to play. It also has a huge selection of local craft beers to enjoy while you’re playing your favorite retro arcade game.



3. Please Don’t Tell

The speakeasy-style bar Please Don’t Tell is located in the East Village, and it offers classic cocktails plus hot dogs and tater tots from neighboring restaurant Crif Dogs. To get into this speakeasy, you’ll have to walk down a set of stairs behind Crif Dogs. Then you’ll see an old-fashioned phone booth. Pick up the phone and ring the buzzer twice. Once you’re approved to enter, the wall behind the phone booth will open up. This small bar fills up quickly, so be sure to call and make a reservation for the day you want to go.


Please Don't Tell

4. Beauty Bar

Looking for a good place to go for a girls’ night out? Check out Beauty Bar in the East Village. Since 1995, this bar has offered its signature $10 martini and manicure package. This deal lasts until 11 p.m., after which the bar turns into a hip nightclub that attracts top DJs. Whether you want to get a nice manicure or dance the night away, Beauty Bar is the place for you. It’s also right around the corner from our headquarters so feel free to swing by and say hello!


Beauty Bar

5. The Way Station

The Way Station is a steampunk-themed pub that describes itself as “Nerdvana.” This Prospect Heights bar offers film screenings, live music and nerdy karaoke. The Way Station also has sci-fi-themed drinks, including six types of “sonic screwdrivers” named after the doctors from “Doctor Who.”


The Way Station




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