9 Reasons Why Furnished Apartments Will Save Your Life (And Wallet)

Moving to a new city or different neighborhood can be a stressful process, even when you’re only responsible for your luggage — doing it with an entire home’s worth of furniture can make even simple moves seem like nightmares.

Whether you’re planning a summer trip to Boston or hoping to move to New York City, here’s why you should consider a furnished apartment.

1. Moving is Easier

The average American moves more than 11 times throughout their lives, and if you’re a young student or recent graduate in the Northeast you’ve probably met at least half that quota already! Packing up is hassle enough, why add heavy sofas and appliances to your load? Moving into furnished housing in Boston or NYC ensures you don’t have to worry about anything but your clothes, trinkets and devices.

2. Avoid a 12-Month Lease

Everybody wants flexibility, but plenty of battle-scarred adults are simply grateful to have an entire year before they need to worry about hauling a sofa out of the house again. With a fully furnished apartment, you can stay flexible and ready to explore greener pastures without any anxiety about making your next move. Companies like Common, Ollie, and Bedly specialize in offering furnished apartments that don’t force a 12 month lease.

3. Decorating is a Snap

It’s the little details that make a house a home, and with a fully furnished rental you’ve got the perfect canvas to add your personalized touch and settle in immediately without needing to worry about the basics (furniture, desk, bed, etc).

4. No Spending on Furniture

Furniture and appliances are some of the single biggest expenses most renters have to deal with, and you can easily spend as much as $2,000 to $10,000 on a full set! With a fully furnished apartment, you avoid paying a small car’s worth of cash for furniture you won’t need soon, anyway.

5. Stop Worrying About Storage

In Boston and New York City, most people inevitably accumulate a bunch of junk they don’t need immediately, but spent too much on to justify selling or giving away. That’s why so many locals rely on self-storage solutions like Manhattan Mini Storage or Castle Self Storage in Boston. With a furnished apartment, save on these storage fees and leave the furniture behind when you leave!

6. Make Long Trips Feel Like Home

During extended travel, sites like AirBnB have their place but there’s no avoiding the feeling that you’re living in somebody else’s house. With furnished rentals through a dedicated management company you get the best of both worlds, with the comfort and privacy of a home that’s truly yours but none of the headaches of hauling a couch.

7. No Negotiating With Roommates When You Leave

Furniture is so pricey that many roommates chip in to buy it together, but that just means you’ve got another hassle to deal with come moving time. Instead of negotiating with your roommates about who gets what or owes who when, just leave it behind for the next tenants!

8. You’ll Save on Moving Expenses

Why shell out the big bucks for movers, vans and shipping when your hard earned cash is better spent on drinks in Williamsburg or Cambridge? When you can leave your furniture behind, a quick Uber or friend’s car is legitimately all you’ll need to head out to the next destination.

9. It Makes Life Easier, Period

Life is stressful enough, why add to it unnecessarily? With a hassle-free furnished apartment, you can make sure your living situation is never one of the reasons you’re stressed out and exhausted. Keep things simple, save money and stay flexible to make your life the adventure it’s supposed to be!


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