New Year, New You in your Bedly Apartment

Hey Bedly readers! It’s been a holiday season for the books–we’ve given you tips on throwing the perfect holiday party, tips on how to decorate your apartment for the holiday season, and how to keep self care in the forefront of your mind now that the sunny, sweltering, summer days are behind us. A timeless tip, however, is to use Bedly for your all your housing needs in NYC.

Our Bedly Blog is a great source for a ton of necessary resources for NYC, and the most important of which is tips on how to navigate the housing market in NYC. If it’s your first time in the big city, you’ve likely heard countless horror stories of people dealing with difficult landlords and brokers. Not to mention, it can be nearly impossible to get approved for an apartment if you don’t have a job, or if you’re coming into the city to explore or to study. Luckily for you, you’ve found your way to Bedly, which makes your housing experience simplified.

Bedly has apartments located in the best areas of Manhattan (some of them may even be close to some of your favorite celebrities, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled). Beldy will act as your middle man, so you don’t ever have to deal with landlords or brokers taking more from you than they should. Bedly apartments come fully furnished, so you’ll save tons of money on furniture, that you can use for other (more fun) NYC things. Bedly also has flexible leases, which is ideal for any millennial–a year lease can be a daunting thing.  As an added bonus, Bedly will help you to find the perfect roommate, so you aren’t dealing with anyone crazy from Craigslist. Not to mention, Bedly blog has tons of great tips on how to make this new apartment your own–from decorating it, to keeping it safe, to throwing the perfect party at any time of year!

Now that the New Year is heading your way, it’ll be a time for a lot of new traditions. Whether you’re making a pledge to get more fit, to spend more time taking long weekend getaways, find a new job or just to be more in the moment of your NYC experience.

Once you’ve locked in your housing situation with Bedly, you’ll likely spend the year getting comfortable. Getting adventurous, having nights of Netflix movie marathons, and really making this temporary house your home. And while getting settled in is one of the best ways to really make New York feel like the perfect place for you, it can be a good idea to bring new life into your apartment, so here are our tips for bringing some ideal New Year’s resolutions into your new year and new space!

Tip 1: Make a Vision Board

Vision boards are a super trendy and super effective way to get clear on what you want in the New Year. Making a vision board is super easy. Go to your local arts and crafts store and get some cork boards and a few magazines. Go through those magazines and find images that inspire and motivate you. You can also go through personal pictures, or find images that you want to use for your board. Words are also a great to use as well, so you can super clear on your goals for the year! Then, when you’re finished, add your vision board to your room in a space where you can see it every day–it will help you stay focused on the beautiful images you have for your future and is a great way to personalize your space. Vision boarding is also a great way to bond with your roommates. You could even come up with a vision board for your living space that you and your roomies make together! It’s a super fun alternative to a roommate agreement and can help you all feel motivated and inspired to keep making 2019 an even better year!

Tip 2: Use your Apartment as your Personal Gym

Take a hint from Bedly’s article on making NYC your personal gym and take it a step further by making your personal apartment your personal gym. Bedly apartments give you living rooms with enough space to get some On Demand streaming going strong in your apartment! With the new year, most workout services will have a ton of great options and deals for you to make your New Year/New You a reality! We’d suggest ordering a few light weights (like 5 or 10 pounds), a few yoga blocks, a yoga mat, some towels, and a theraband. These are all super simple tools you can use to decorate your apartment with the super simple tools that will make staying in shape easier than it might seem. The best part about it, is that you won’t have to leave your apartment in the cold to make your way to the gym! You’ll save a ton of money and you’ll make your fitness goals a reality, by keeping it simple and effective.

Tip 3: Get a Wall Calendar

It may seem like a throwback to the good old elementary and middle school days, but having a wall calender can make a huge difference for keeping your life organized and keeping your goals in check! If there are specific things you want to do, travel you want to take, or birthdays you want to remember, record it on your wall calendar and put it somewhere you can see regularly. As much as google calendar on your phone and day planners can be great, sometimes the good old fashioned wall calendar will really help you keep your ducks in a row. Plus, if you have one in the living space, it can be a great way for you all to track your different guests and travel in an obvious space so no one gets confused. There are so many fun wall calendars out there–let yourself have fun and pick out a really cute one!

Tip 4: Deep Clean Your Apartment

It’s never super fun to deep clean your space, but there are few better times than the New Year to really move the old things out of your apartment that are taking up unnecessary space. Plus, if you’re overwhelmed with holiday gifts (in a good way) this can help you streamline things! Not to mention, your roommates will definitely appreciate you clearing out the space. You can donate your old clothes or take them to the local Salvation Army (there are tons all over the city). It’s a feel good way to start the New Year and you’ll love the lack of clutter!

Happy New Year from Bedly! We hope these tips will help you move into the New Year as the absolutely best version of yourself, and if you haven’t looked at Bedly’s listings yet, what are you waiting for? Check them out today!


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