Top 5 Streaming Shows to get you Through Winter

Hey New Yorkers! Winter is officially here, with the Union Square holiday market in full swing and everyone putting on their holiday best, it’s really the most wonderful time of the year in the greatest city in the world! However, the holiday season can feel far from cheerful if you’re moving to NYC for the first time and trying to make your way through the maze that is the New York City housing market. Whether you’re moving to the city for a job, for adventure, or for school, it can feel impossible when you’re trying to figure out where to live. That’s where Bedly comes in!

Bedly is your housing experience simplified. They take out the brokers and the difficult landlords and work with you to find the best apartment for you, at the price that works for you and with the flexibility that works for your schedule and your needs. After all us millennials have a lot on our plates, and dealing with a difficult roommate is the last thing on our list. Bedly provides you with amazing housing options and flexible leases in some of New York City’s best neighborhoods–you may even find yourself living with a celebrity as a neighbor! Flexible leases are perfect for us millennials, as you never know what the next day, week, or month might hold for you, so you’ll have time to figure out your next steps without worrying about your lease. You’ll also have the added bonus of fully furnished apartments so you can save tons of money that you can use towards planning the perfect housewarming party, a night out on the town, or the perfect ways to decorate your apartment to celebrate the holiday cheer.

Now that you have the most important and stressful parts out of the way, you can really focus on what winter is all about: playing in the snow, cozy nights decorating your apartment, and relaxing with your favorite streaming shows! Here are our top recommendations on shows that will keep you laughing, engaged, and totally cozy during the chilled winter months.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:

One of the newest hits to mark the TV screen is Amazon Prime’s Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Set in 1950’s NYC, the story follows a young woman whose life appears to fall apart when her husband has an affair. Instead, she jumps into a new career, making new friends and coming into her true self. The story was written by writers of the 2000’s hit Gilmore Girls so the show is filled with their characteristic wit and fast paced narrative. The story is quirky and unique, and really unlike anything that’s been on TV in the recent years. Not to mention, seeing NYC through the lense of an entirely different generation will add to that winter magic and the nostalgia of this wonderful city!

Grey’s Anatomy:

An oldie but a goodie, going back to the original episodes of Grey’s Anatomy can be the perfect combination of nostalgia and ALL the feels. Seeing the show in its heyday can bring up a lot of warm fuzzies–all the original characters there on the big screen. But with Grey’s Anatomy always comes great responsibility–responsibility for having to deal with some serious emotions–but honestly that can be perfect for a Saturday afternoon curled up after a magical night out, or with the snow falling outside. It’s an entire world to get lost in–in the best sense. Just make sure the break it up with something like hearted if, like me, you have a tendency to be a bit of a hypochondriac after watching medical TV shows.


Speaking of nostalgia, in case you missed it, serious sadness was avoided this past week when Netflix just forked over 100 million dollars to keep Friends streaming rights. So not only will watching the show for the 100th time make your heart feel warm and fuzzy, you’ll also be proving to Netflix that their investment was worth it. The best part about having friends playing in the background or being the sole focus of your afternoon is that it’ll help make your day, your afternoon, and even the struggles of your mid to late twenties feel totally relevant, manageable, and quite possibly fun. Plus, rumor has it that there are more than a few Friends stars who reside in some of the major NYC neighborhoods, so you never know who you might spot on your way around the city!

Gilmore Girls:

An instant, feel good classic, Gilmore Girls is the perfect companion for your snuggly winter nights. Netflix has all seven seasons queued up for you to enjoy, as well as the Netflix original revamp that exists in four parts. Lorelai and Rory are an super fun and high vibe duo, they’ll make you laugh, make you cry, and make you realize that things really aren’t so bad (even when it seems like they might be). Plus, there are some themes that align perfectly with a winter in NYC (there’s an obsession with the magic of snowfall that will feel perfectly aligned on the craziest, snowiest winter day).


If you’re on a feel good streaming kick, Parenthood is definitely the next best option. This show follows the Bravermans (a fictional family in Berkeley CA) and the different trials and tribulations that face each of their family members. The story is feel good and also hits really close to home. No matter what kind of family you’ve come from, you’ll likely see it reflected in this show, so prepare yourself for some well timed tears (we definitely recommend watching with a buddy or two).

The great news is that there are hundreds–and we mean hundreds–of shows to help fill up your winter days! Another good set of recommendations are Broad City, The Good Place, Great News, and Transparent. You are all set for a magical winter in the greatest city in the world in your perfectly furnished Bedly apartment!

And if you’re still looking for the right apartment for your, don’t waste another minute–explore Bedly’s listings today!


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