How to Throw the Perfect Holiday Party in your Bedly Apartment

Winter is here and the holiday season is officially upon us! Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, people are turning on their carols, pulling out their menorahs, and getting ready to fully indulge in the holiday cheer! However, it can be difficult to relax into this festive season if you’re stressed out about your housing situation. If you’re moving to New York City for the first time, it can feel incredibly intimidating to jump into the housing market. There are so many questions you need to ask to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of, and if you’ve done your research, you’ve likely heard countless horror stories from people who wish they had more help and advice going into the rental process.


And let’s be real about it, New York CIty rental prices aren’t cheap. And while you may not be moving to the city on a total whim, you could be coming here without a job, or to pursue a degree in your favorite subject, so it can be frustrating to have to deal with year long leases or find a leasing company that will take you in despite a lack of rental or credit history. Not to mention, brokers, while sometimes helpful, are always looking to make a profit, and it can be hard to discern who is really there to help or hurt you—especially if you’re on a budget. So what’s an incoming millenial to do? The answer is simple, use Bedly.


Bedly is every millennial renter’s dream. Why? The list is a long one. Bedly’s apartments are located in all of Manhattan’s best neighborhoods, so you’ll have plenty to see and do. They offer flexible leases, so you’re not tied down by a major rental that you can’t support if life happens to change. The Bedly apartments are also fully furnished, so you’ll save a ton of money on furniture that you can use to decorate the space and really make it your own. You won’t have to deal with landlords or brokers, and Bedly has the added perks of helping you find the perfect roommate for you. And to top it all off, you’ll be a part of an amazing community that will help give you tips to really make the city your own, including throwing the perfect holiday party!

Tip One: Throw your party early!

The holiday season is particularly busy for everyone. From increased work deadlines to make up for the end of year withdraw, to personal travel and countless other holiday parties, people’s schedules fill up fast! This is even more true if you’re a student, dealing with finals seasons and class deadlines can be super stressful! So a big component of having the perfect holiday party is to make sure the timing is right! We would recommend the first or second weekend of December, or maybe even a Thursday night if you’re feeling confident!

Tip Two: Make it a potluck!

Some of the most stressful parts of a party is figuring out what to feed everyone. And while you may be excited to host, it’s very likely that you have super limited space for dinner and plate ware, so it can be an absolute lifesaver to have your guests each bring their favorite holiday dishes! We’d also recommend having everyone get clear on what they’re bringing, while everyone loves pie, that’s not the only type of food you want to have at your party (unless it’s a holiday pie party, which we totally support). Regardless of your preference, just make sure you’re being intentional about what you want to have everyone contribute!

Tip Three: Pick a Theme!

While a holiday party is clearly a theme all on it’s own, there are so many different ways you can spruce up that theme right there. Maybe make it an ugly sweater party so everyone can come in feeling a little silly. You could have a holiday drink themed party, which will leave your apartment filled with wintery ciders, eggnog, and maybe even some mulled wine! Another great theme is to have it be a gift exchange party, like a secret santa or white elephant. Each of these touches will be sure to make your party stand out from the crowd, and will keep all your friends super engaged and excited to show up! We definitely would recommend if you do decide to exchange gifts to give everyone a pretty reasonable budget, that way no one feels they’re going totally out of their way or outside of their budget to participate.

Tip Four: Make your Decorations Eclectic (and cheap)!

One of the best parts of NYC is its diversity. Everyone who lives here is coming from a different background and so their holiday celebrations will likely be as diverse as they are. So when you’re choosing your decorations, make sure to have a little something for everyone. After all, we’re all here to celebrate being together, to share in the joy and relaxation of the holiday season, and to have a wonderful time! As the host, making sure that all of your guests feel included is key, everyone will thank you! As an added bonus, NYC is filled with holiday theme stores that have super cheap decorations available, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on your decorations. However, it can be fun to visit your local corner tree shop to get some holly, some wreaths, and maybe even a tiny Christmas tree (if that’s how you choose to celebrate!) Your apartment will smell deliciously evergreen, and you can keep the decorations up for the entire season if you like, so your apartment will feel truly personalized.

The holiday season is one of the most fun and celebratory seasons of the year, you’ve managed to escape from the blistering summer heat and the winter cold is still feeling fresh and enjoyable. So make sure you’ve set yourself up to really enjoy this time by getting your housing troubles out of the way ASAP by using Bedly!

What are you waiting for? Get your holiday cheer started and check out Bedly’s listings now!


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