Three Questions To Ask Before Renting An Apartment

Renting an apartment can be an intimidating process, especially if you’re new to it and in a city like New York or Boston. My first experience was a total disaster, and I only wished I knew about Bedly.

There are many reasons to lease with Bedly – an obvious being the fact that you don’t have to deal with brokers and therefore broker fees. It might even save your New York experience. Whatever you decide to do, though, there a few crucial questions that should be asked before signing any papers.

  1. What is the leasing term?

Often times, the minimum signing for a lease is one year. That’s a pretty big commitment when you’re a young professional who just moved to the big city to go to cooking school and pursue their dreams of becoming a chef at Le Bernardin or another restaurant where each plate averages around $100. Great goal, but you gotta start somewhere and I can guarantee Le Bernardin and that paycheck won’t be it. Finding out the length of the lease is crucial, as you’ll be committing to paying that rent every month for that duration of time, and you need to ensure that your new job or current income allows for it.

If the year-long lease just isn’t in your plans, maybe you get lucky and find a place to sublet. Unless it’s your best friend’s apartment, though, chances are you don’t know who you’re living with and what the living situation will be like, which can be a risky and uncomfortable situation.

When you lease with Bedly, you have the option of short-term leases, something very hard to find in almost any city. Bedly understands that people have agendas when they move to a city like New York or Boston, and sometimes those agendas change. Being forced the sign a 12-month lease because it’s the only option can be problematic months down the road when you receive a contract job that takes you away from home or decide to spend your summer abroad.

You also have the option to choose your roommates with Bedly or live with a partner. If you’re an independent human taking this city by storm, then I applaud you! You can at least enter a housing situation, though, knowing that everyone has had a background check performed before leasing from Bedly.

  1. What is the security deposit?

The dreaded question for all renters. With security deposits typically ranging from one month’s rent to even four times the monthly rent or more, it can feel nearly impossible to rent an apartment in New York – and by apartment, I mean closet – if you don’t make a six-figure income.

I honestly don’t know how I’ve managed to find spaces in New York that don’t require more than a month’s equivalent of rent in a security deposit. I also don’t know how I came up with that money in the first place (actually, I lived in my first apartment was while I was in school and I used my entire refund check. Because that’s why students receive those, right?).

If you’d like to avoid spending your entire life savings on your deposit, then I suggest leasing with Bedly. They only require one month’s rent plus a background check (no pesky credit check for a younger person who might not have built credit yet). It’s a deal you won’t find anywhere else.

  1. How does move-in work?

A lot of places require you move in during business hours, Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm. If you’re working a regular job, you’ll need to take some time off in order to move. You’ll also spend a lot of time and energy moving your bed, couch, coffee table, rug, nightstand, kitchen table, and more, up the six-floor walk-up. Oh, you plan on hiring movers? Lucky you.

When movers aren’t in the budget and you want to remain stress-free through the moving process, make sure to consider Bedly. All units require move-in on the day you sign the lease, between 3-9pm. Much more reasonable hours, if you ask me.

The best part? All units come fully-furnished, so moving in shouldn’t be any longer than it takes for you to bring some suitcases and maybe a box of personal items. Sounds like a dream!

Bedly makes a big city like New York feel accessible with their affordable housing prices, attractive leasing terms, and reasonable leasing requirements. They even provide furniture and standard necessities in the unit (think wi-fi and a kitchen outfitted with utensils and appliances). While you might be able to find a month sublet in Brooklyn or are comfortable with signing a year lease in Harlem, the pros of leasing with Bedly, including the hassle-free move-in process, simply outweigh any others when trying to lease elsewhere. Interested in learning more? You can easily contact their friendly staff today!


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