Self Care in The Winter Season

Changing seasons can always be a bit of a reality check, and as you get older, the responsibilities of making sure you’re totally prepared for the in-coming season can be extra challenging. And it can be all the more stressful if you’re moving to NYC for the first time and trying to find housing. As any seasoned New Yorker will tell you, that first move is never easy. You’re relocating, finding new friends, getting a job or getting ready for college and unlike most areas in the US, the housing market in New York is crazy expensive with all sorts of potential dramas. Our Bedly bloggers have had an array of experiences, from unfortunate fall outs with brokers, nightmarish roommates, and the kind of dramas that you can only read about. It can be so hard to get a foot in the door in the big city, but not to worry, because your first step in self care is to use Bedly!

Bedly is your housing experience, simplified. When you use Bedly you’ll find your way to some of Manhattan’s premier neighborhoods with flexible leases which is every millennials dream, especially if you’ve come to big city to figure things out. The apartments are fully furnished, which will lead to huge savings that you can put towards other pursuits in the city and there’s so much to do! Bedly will also help take away the headache of having to find a roommate. And a big bonus of being part of the Bedly community is the Bedly blog. We’re here to offer you all sorts of creative opportunities to explore the city, make and keep friends, channel your zen, and even find a time to get away!

With the holidays coming up Bedly also has some great tips on making a dreamy friendsgiving and making sure your apartment is truly winter ready–these NYC winters are no joke! With seasonal changes the days are shorter and the sweltering days of summer seem ever far away, and if we’re honest, city living can get a little brutal at times. So here are some tips on self care during the winter months. A little you time can go a long way!

Tip One: Invest in Yummy Winter Accessories.

While prepping your apartment for the winter months had you bringing out some of your all time favorite winter clothes from years past, it can be a wonderful self investment to splurge on some new winter items, like fuzzy socks and big turtleneck sweaters. Stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx will have great deals on cozy throw blankets and new wintery sheets! Plus, you can never ever go wrong with big mugs to help keep your hands warm with your favorite wintery beverage.

Tip Two: Keep Up with your Workouts.

While the weather outside can make hibernation mode feel incredible enticing, it’s extra helpful, and healthy to get your blood moving in these cold cold months. Whether it’s attending your favorite workout class or just doing some in-apartment stretching and moving, this will help keep you feeling active and quite literally warm despite the cold months. Just make sure that you’re taking plenty of time to stretch, hydrate and recover. Your muscles will be much tighter than they usually are so a good practice in self care is to keep everything moving, but to do so safely.

Tip Three: Drink all the Hot Liquids. All of them.

We definitely can’t stress this enough. Hot chocolate, hot coffee, hot espresso, hot tea, hot cider, Hot toddies, whatever the hot drink, you should have a cup full of it on your hands all day every day. Warm up your insides with these delicious treats that can feel wonderfully decadent and a huge treat, whether you’re at work or curled up in your perfect Bedly apartment. Just stay warm from the inside out!

Tip Four: Plan gatherings with your friends

When it’s frigid outside, the last thing anyone wants to do is trek in that weather to go anywhere. Most of us will have to find our way to work, and once that’s there all we want to do is snuggle up in our beds (with our hot and yummy beverages). But before you know it, the entire winter season can pass without seeing some of your favorite humans, so take the time and plan a few quick get togethers. You don’t have to do anything fancy! Just snuggle up together with your favorite oversized blankets, massive mugs of your delicious warm beverages, and the comfort of each other’s company–and that is the perfect remedy to warm you up in these frigid months!

Tip Five: Take Extra Care of Your Body

Just like in the summer months you need to wear sunscreen and oversized hats to protect your face, in the winter you need to make sure you’re bundled up and ready to face the elements. This goes beyond outer-ware, if you’re taking hot baths and showers make sure you’re putting on plenty of lotion so your skin doesn’t get too dry or cracked. And make sure you’re hydrating as well. All the hot liquids will be delicious but they also have a lot of sugar and may dehydrate you a bit, so make sure you’re countering that with some good H2O intake!

While the winter months can be magical, frigid, and wonderfully snowy, it can be a time where prioritizing your self care can feel pretty hard to manage (especially when it gets too cold to breathe outside). But it definitely doesn’t have to be that way!

And if you’re still trying to find your way into the big city, cold air and all, make sure you check out Bedly! They are here to make your housing experience as simple as possible so you can focus on other, more importantly, self care focused things!

Check out Bedly’s listings now!


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