Mastering Dating In the Big City

There are a few things that everyone comes to New York City in search of: an amazing apartment, an amazing job, and whirlwind love. The first two are key to any New Yorker’s success and can seem particularly daunting, especially if you’ve come to the big city for school or without a lot of past job experience. The housing market can be incredibly challenging and daunting for any millennial making their way to NYC so they can make it anywhere. It’s common knowledge that NYC is one of the most expensive housing markets in the world, and when you factor in the other elements it can seem pretty impossible to even get this first step taken care of. Lucky for you, Bedly is here to make your housing experience simplified.

You can ask any New Yorker for their moving horror story, from broker’s who take a huge percentage of your money, to slimy landlords who disappear as soon as the lease is signed, to random roommates from Craigslist that have no idea how to keep your apartment clean and tidy–and insist on throwing parties without your consent. Not to mention, once you’ve signed your lease you have to purchase furniture to decorate your apartment, you’re locked into a lease for an entire year with financial repercussions if you have to cut out early for work. To top it all off, you’ll have to deal with electric and gas bills on top of your regular payments.

But all of that is solved when you sign up for your apartment with Bedly!

Bedly has apartments in NYC’s ideal neighborhoods and have super flexible leases so you’re not stuck into a contract that doesn’t match your lifestyle. They’ll help you find the perfect roommate (or roommates). The apartments are fully furnished (that’s right, fully furnished), and you won’t have to deal with the crazy broker fees. Plus your gas/electric/internet access is set up for you before you get there, and Bedly will help you liason with those companies (which is a massive help).

Next step: Bedly’s blog has a huge amount of resources for you to utilize. While Bedly can’t get you that dream job, there are some amazing tips for networking and for how to succeed once you get started in that new job! The blog also has tips on personalizing your apartment, on becoming the perfect NYC tour guide for friends and family, finding the perfect (affordable) workout in your neighborhood, and finding your zen throughout this crazy city!

And now, here are Bedly’s Tips on mastering the final step in NYC: the Dating Scene.

Dating in New York has gotten a little crazy over the years, between dating apps, crazy schedules and the cost of living in the big city, dating can seem like a crazy additional to your already crazy lifestyle—but it can be fun if you let it!

Step One: The Dating App.

You can ask any contemporary singleton about their dating life and odds are, they’ll get started by telling you the pro’s and con’s of the odd culture that is the dating app. Whether you’re using Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Her, Grindr, or any of the above, each dating app has a specific target audience and a specific culture. The main thing to stay aware of? People will use dating apps at various times in their lives for various reasons. Whether it’s to kick off their search for a good rebound, to date around and see what they find, or they’re just looking for something casual, be sure to both keep that in mind and be sure you know what you want going in to it! Also, don’t get discouraged if you get a lot of matches but not a lot of contact. People are crazy busy and can often forget that they’re using dating apps at all. It’s also totally normal to go through phases where all you want to do is use a dating app, and then you’ll go through phases where you honestly couldn’t care less–and that’s ok! Be patient with yourself, dating apps are a weird microcosm of the world. Protip: don’t obsesses too much over your photos. Anyone who has ever found a life partner on a dating app (and trust me, there are a ton in this generation) will attest that the main hook was their partner’s personality–so get ready to meet up in person!

Step Two: Find your favorite date spots

Most people are super flexible on where they’ll go for a first date, and since you’re already a super busy bee, have a few spots in/near your neighborhood that are affordable and fun to suggest. Maybe it’s your favorite restaurant or your favorite bar, maybe you can grab a coffee and go for a walk around your favorite park. Or maybe you want to do something more simple, like go see a movie. We’d recommend saving dinner and a play after you’ve gotten to know each other a little bit more–there’s nothing more disappointing than spending a ton of time and energy on a first date only to have it not work out. And just be ready to have fun! Be ready to split the bill or pay for a round of drinks, and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Step Three: Always have a BackUp Plan

We know the dating scene in the city while sometimes fun can be exhausting and a little disappointing after a few hit and misses, so have a backup plan in place. Maybe your friends are heading out for drinks for the night and you can plan to meet them after the date–no matter how well it goes. Maybe you can have a movie date night planned with your roommate (but you want to make sure to not leave them hanging, and give them a good heads up if things are going well). Also, it’s a good rule of thumb to have your first date in a public place so if you even feel uncomfortable you can always leave. Also–you never know when you’re bad date might have you run into an old flame from college or run into the perfectly friendly stranger (who is also on a terrible date).

So, like all  things NYC, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there in the dating world. IT won’t always work out perfectly but you’ll always have a good story to tell and it will be worth the experiences when you finally find that special someone!

But no matter what, when you use Bedly you’ll have the most important thing set: an apartment to head home to.

What are you waiting for? Check out their listings now!


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