Make Your Apartment Cozy For Fall

Fall is all about the changing colors on the trees, the scent of cinnamon and pumpkin spice coming from your favorite coffee shop or bakery, and the obvious switch from the humid summer heat to crisp, fresh air. So, how do you bring these cozy fall feelings inside?

Bedly offers up some of the most affordable housing in the best neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking to settle down in the up and coming hip areas of Brooklyn like Bushwick and Bed-Stuy, or yearn for an apartment closest to where Blair and Serena ate lunch on the Met Steps in the Upper East Side, or maybe you prefer another city like Boston, Bedly can save your living experience. Each neighborhood and city is sure to offer up some fall faves, like a weekly market with fresh pumpkins to carve or a nearby park to wander through on a Sunday.

Better yet, you can decorate your Bedly space and make the perfect cozy and warm apartment for fall! You’ve already made your space your own sanctuary, now you just need a few affordable items and you’ll be wondering whether to explore the fall activities outside your place or enjoy the autumn sanctuary you’ve created inside.

Fall Scented Candle. Slightly obvious, but also a necessity for the perfect fall home. With scents like Pumpkin Chai, Wood Fire, Praline Pecan, Brown Sugar Chestnut, and Apple Moonshine, you can add a flair of fall to any room in the apartment!

While candles can oftentimes be overpriced and unreasonably expensive, check out your local TJ Maxx for deals, like this White Pumpkin Candle for $6.99.


Pumpkins and Gourds. About mid-way through September, these squash seem to appear out of nowhere and yet they are everywhere. While I highly recommend taking a day-trip to a nearby pumpkin patch, you can find them at almost any grocery store throughout any city. Gourds are typically also found at pumpkin patches or even apple picking farms, but Trader Joe’s also sells them for pretty cheap.

Not into the gourds rotting after Thanksgiving and pumpkins going bad within a week after carving? Then check out your local craft store! This time of year, you’ll be hard pressed not to find aisles upon aisles of fake fall decor. Which brings me to my next point…


Get Crafty. I understand crafts aren’t for everyone, but if you and your roomies end up bored on a Friday night, why not do something different and throw together some fun fall decor? Pinterest is a great resource so you don’t have to resort to the Martha Stewart Magazine from Duane Reade.

Something as simple as painting a pumpkin rather than carving one can have a different effect on a room. Fake fall colored flowers to fill the old wine bottle you use as a vase will last you the entire season. There’s even a craft that suggests pouring popcorn kernels into a large candle holder (candle in the middle), which sounds to me like the easiest craft I’ve ever heard of, and BRB because I’m going to do that now.

So whether you paper mache leaves onto mason jars, paint cute little wood signs with the words “Hello Fall”, or drink some cider while you watch your roommate struggle with the craft glue, it’s an easy and fun way to add a little seasonal flair to your apartment.


Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Broom ($3.99). Yes, another scent. But like I said already, fall is all about the different smells! Every year I bring home a Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Broom for the corner of my living room. No, it’s not the cutest and looks somewhat random (maybe Pinterest can help me with this), but, boy does it smell good! It’s also more affordable than a candle, so I’m sold.

Fall Blanket. Nothing feels better during the changing of the seasons than curling up on the couch with a blanket and watching some scary movies. Or if you’re me, movies like Hocus Pocus and Harry Potter, because that’s about as scary as I get. Either way, making sure you have a big, comfy blanket to cozy up in makes all the difference.

If you’re really getting into the season, you can buy a fall colored blanket, too! Not only will it look amazing on your couch, truly completing the look with those DIY projects you did, but you can even take it outside for a fall picnic in the park. TJ Maxx carries affordable blankets, like this one for $16.99.


Stovetop Potpourri. This is the perfect thing to make for the night you have friends over to carve pumpkins or for Friendsgiving, or heck, how about that housewarming party you’ve been meaning to throw but never got around to it? While you can find all sorts of recipes on Pinterest, this one stuck out to me (courtesy of Make Life Lovely):


1 apple

1 orange

2-3 cinnamon sticks

1 Tbsp. cloves

2 whole nutmegs, cut in half  (you could also substitute 1 tsp. powdered nutmeg or just leave it out altogether)

1 tsp. vanilla


STEP 1.  Slice the apple and orange in thin slices, then place in the bottom of a medium-sized saucepan. Add the other ingredients, then add enough water to cover them.

STEP 2.  Place the pan over medium heat and bring to a boil.  I like to use a wooden spoon to gently push on the ingredients with a wooden spoon to break them down a little and help release their oils. Simmer the mixture, checking on it occasionally to make sure there is still water.

STEP 3. When the water gets low, you can either add more to keep your house smelling like fall, or turn it off and throw away the ingredients.  Better yet, add them to your compost pile, since they’re all natural!


Wherever you live with Bedly, you know they’ve taken care of the difficult stuff when leasing an apartment because they genuinely want you to enjoy your daily life experience. So take advantage of the fall season with the extra money you saved by leasing with Bedly, and bring it inside your home!

Photo credits in order of appearance:, Inside Science, Pinterest, Living Trader Joes,, Make Life Lovely


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