How to Rock Your New Job

Welcome to New York! If you came here in search of finding your dream job, dream life, or dream apartment, it can seem pretty difficult at first. If you have any friends who have gone through navigating the New York City housing market they’re sure to have some pretty gnarly horror stories and some pretty lengthy advice on how they would have done things differently. This is where Bedly comes in!

Bedly is your housing experience, simplified. Bedly offers the housing opportunities that every new New Yorker dreams of. Their flexible leases make it easy for you to move into the city with uncertainty (or even as a student). You’ll save TONS of money because they provide all the furniture for you! Plus you won’t have to deal with any pesky broker fees. Bedly’s team is the ideal substitute for a slimy NYC landlord. Plus, Bedly will help make sure that you find the ideal roommate. No need to find strangers off of Craigslist or hedge your bets with a friend of a friend. Bedly will make sure your roommate is vetted and a perfect fit for you! To top it all off, Bedly has housing in all of New York’s best neighborhoods so you’ll have an easy time commuting to work!

Now that you’ve got the housing debacle out of the way, your next big step is to figure out where you’re going to spend your time and earn your money. Whether it’s a traditional 9-5 or freelance work, NYC has tons of options for you! So here are Bedly’s tips on settling into the new job of your dreams.

Tip 1: Dresscode–Prep for Success.

Whether you’re working at an edgy start up or one of NYC’s corporate giants, your first few days at your new job should have you looking your absolute best! So use some of the extra Bedly money to invest in a lucky new suit and a pair of shoes that really make you feel like a 10! Also a great tip for your first few days is to make sure you have some kind of jacket or sweater with you. You never know what the temperature is going to be in the office itself, so you’ll really want to make sure you’re prepared. Another great tip if you’re not sure what the dress code is for your new position, is to reach out to the HR representative who hired you. They’ll be sure to give you some great advice in preparation for your first few days and help make sure you make a perfect impression on your new boss.

Tip 2: Do your research:

While you definitely did your research before your interview (which is part of why you got the job), you’ll want to make sure you have as much information as you can before the job itself starts. Get to know your boss, and your fellow coworkers if you can! This will help ease you into your first day and make you feel more comfortable before the details of the job come your way–because that will definitely kick in after your first few hours. It can also be good before you start to get to know someone before the job starts. They’ll help give you advice on the day to day as well as insight to the company culture that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise! Make sure you know your stuff–it’ll make the transition so much easier.

Tip 3: Trust Yourself:

While a new job can feel pretty daunting (even if it’s exciting), trust the fact that you were hired for a reason! The company that you are working for interviewed tons of applicants and you very likely went through a grueling interview process to get your foot in the door. And they picked you! So even if the transition into the new job can feel tough, you’ve got an amazing opportunity that you’ve earned–so trust that! And don’t be afraid to learn, or admit when you have questions or when you’re wrong. You have so much going for you and so much to bring to the table. So trust that and let yourself have fun! Jobs are an amazing opportunity to learn and grow and to provide for yourself as a real life adult.

TIp 4: Prioritize your work/life balance:

While at a new job it can feel tempting to work constantly (and while we know the importance of making a good first impression), you want to make sure to keep your work/life balance in check! This can be as simple as making sure your meal prep is set and as disciplined as not going out super late on your first few weeks of your proverbial “school nights.” You need to make sure that you’re as prepared as you can possibly be, and that includes being well rested. If you have passion projects make sure that they don’t go out the window just because of your new career steps. And, if you’re lucky enough to have your passion be your job, then spend your time outside of the office trying to find new opportunities for fun and additional hobbies!

Tip 5: Keep Tabs of your New Expectations:

One of the most challenging parts of a new job is making sure that you’re keeping up with what will very likely be a fast past, independent work environment. Write *everything* down. Literally everything! You never know what might be important a few a days or even months later, and it will give you material to review when you head home so you feel like you’re ready for the rest of your time at the company. And don’t be afraid to network! Get to know other people around the office.

There you have it! Here are Bedly’s tips for making sure you have a great experience at your new job!

And if you’re debating on making the leap into moving into the big city don’t hesitate–start checking out Bedly’s listings now!


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