3 NYC Apartment Hacks that would be Bougie Anywhere Else

It is no secret that the NYC housing market can be a complete and total nightmare. From slimy landlords to crazy roommates from Craigslist, it is no wonder that moving to the big city can be extra daunting to students or millennials just looking to move to NYC for their next adventure–with or without a job. This is why Bedly can be such a lifesaver for anyone looking to move to NYC!

Bedly is every millennials dream. Bedly apartments are fully furnished, so no need to worry about purchasing new furniture on top of your inevitable moving expenses. With Bedly’s super transparent apartment renting process, you don’t need to worry about getting into a difficult situation with a broker–financial or otherwise. They’re going to handle it all for you! Bedly has flexible lease options so you’re able to spend 1 year or even just a few months in an apartment before fully committing. Not to mention, Bedly will facilitate matching you with the perfect roommate (or roommates). As an added bonus, Bedly apartments are in all of NYC’s top neighborhoods and locations so you’ll be right in the thick of everything to really get your adventures going!!

Bedly goes beyond the apartment. Bedly’s blog is full of tips and tricks for making the most out of your time in the big city. Whether it’s finding your zen, the most instagrammable spots in the city, ideal spaces for brunch, or tips on how to do NYC cheaply–we’ve got you covered!! So in joining Bedly, you’re also joining an awesome community that wants to support your new NYC adventures however we can!!

One of the biggest perks of living in NYC is that things that would be considered totally over the top or bougie in other areas of the world are not only normal, but totally acceptable (and even financially advantageous). Here are some of our favorite not-so-bougie NYC moments! You should definitely use some of the money you’re saving by using Bedly for some of these awesome NYC-only perks.

  1. Sending out your Laundry

While many of the Bedly apartments will come with laundry in your building, not all of them do! And even if they do, there are inevitably some articles of clothing that will require a little more TLC than you can offer doing your laundry yourself! (Like washing a comforter–no one expects you to be able to do that, millennial or no). While your Bedly neighborhoods are likely going to have laundromats in super convenient areas around you, laundry can be super time consuming and if you’re a millennial on the go, you don’t have time to wait around for all of that to get done! So, in typical NYC solutions there are a TON of options for you in the big city! There are countless apps for laundry services that will come straight to your door. You just request your pick up/drop off times, and most services will give you amazing deals AND can have your laundry back to you within 24 hours! While this may not be something you considered before your NYC move, it’s going to be a lifesaver on a Sunday afternoon when you’d rather get your fitness on than deal with doing laundry.

  1. Grocery Delivery

No matter how amazingly convenient your Bedly apartment might be, no one, and I mean no one, wants to deal with having to carry your groceries several blocks (and up the stairs/elevators) leading up to your apartment. Especially if you’re prepping for a big party or for several people to come to hang out at your apartment, that amount of groceries can be super daunting. So there are several options to streamline this process for you! The first is food delivery. Whether it’s Amazon food cart, Fresh Direct, or any other grocery delivery service, you can get your entire week’s grocery delivery sent straight to your door literally without leaving your apartment. You can update your cart online from the comfort of your home or your favorite coffee shop! If you like to pick out your food and your produce in person that’s also an option–and most NYC grocery (and liquor) stores can have your groceries delivered directly to your door day of! Just make sure that before you fully commit to the grocery delivery service that the spot you’re in delivers directly to your door!

  1. Getting your apartment professionally cleaned

While most millennials are used to doing house chores for themselves, it can be worthwhile to consider hiring some outside help to keep your apartment (deeply) clean. Like with the above two services, having your apartment professionally cleaned can be a total game changer! It will free up so much of your own precious time and let you feel totally comfortable and clean in your space. There are dozens of apps that offer discounts on cleaning services and will give you and your roommates something easy to pitch in on together! With all the money and time your saving by using Bedly, this is definitely a worthwhile investment! Plus it will help keep you accountable on the day to day (everyone seems to clean up a little better after themselves when they know someone besides their own roommates are going to see their space.

These are just three apartment of the MANY apartment hacks that are going to keep you present in your space and also give you a chance to explore the city that never sleeps in a more fun and effective way! Some other “bougie” NYC life hacks include regular use of Lyft/Uber for your day to day commuting (especially when the MTA is ridiculous), getting food delivery from a restaurant that is only 3 blocks away, and getting regular pedicures (you’re walking everywhere, your feet deserve it!) The money that you’re saving by using Bedly will make these seemingly expensive options totally within your budget and will make it so much easier to make it here (so you can make it anywhere).

If you’re still debating on if the big city is the right fit for you and the apartment frenzy is bumming you out don’t let it!!

Bedly is here to make your housing experience simplified–check out their listings now!

Cover Image Credit: Redcode


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