What You Have To Be Okay With To Live In NYC

There’s a lot to love about living in NYC. Concerts, Seamless, the best food and bars, and some of the most iconic attractions in the world. There’s also a lot to…learn to love about living in NYC, especially if you’re not a born and bred New Yorker. Besides high rent prices, keeping your apartment cool in the summer months and warm in the winter, bringing in the extra cash to afford to live in such an expensive city, and making new friends, New York has other stipulations for living that are truly unavoidable.

While there are difficulties to living in New York, Bedly makes it easier. Since they offer short-term housing, you aren’t locked into a 12-month lease in a city you don’t vibe with, giving you the opportunity to test the waters and see if New York is the right fit for you!

Walking. In the summer of 2012, I moved to NYC and my feet hurt daily. I avoided taking the subway because even $2.25 – the cost of a one-way subway ride – was too spendy for me. Fast forward six years and I still prefer to walk anywhere I can. I’m always so surprised how many blocks I can conquer without realizing it. The constant change of scenery helps, but the energy of the city is what drives the joy of walking. You experience NYC at it’s best when you walk to your destinations.

Taking the Subway. Traveling underground can be a trippy experience, both physically and mentally. Not only are you speeding along the rails, turning corners and flailing around (or falling into people during rush hour) hoping that your lunch doesn’t resurface. There’s also the whole being below hundreds of thousands of pounds of concrete, the constant media scare of someone attacking the subway, and then the mole people. Of whom I’m about 50% convinced exist, and that belief comes after a long ride with a taxi driver who says he’s seen them. Trippy, I tell you!

But the subway is the best way to commute if you’re a New Yorker, and unless you’re Chuck Bass and can afford to have a limo on-hand to take you wherever you need, then you’ll have to get over the fear and join the other nearly 6 million people who take the Subway daily. And guess what? Nothing has happened yet!


Living with less. Your small apartment will only hold so much, and if you’re one of the smart ones you’re leasing from Bedly, which means you’ll need even less! Learn how to live simply and your NYC life will flow much easier.

Bumping into people. Literally. This will happen to you daily. When you ride the subway, when you walk down the street, when you sit down in a restaurant, and when you ride in an elevator, you will surely bump while you grind. You’ll be bumping into all sorts of different people, and I don’t just mean in terms of career types. Yes, you’ll have the “Oops, I’m sorry!”, “Watch where you’re walking!”, or no verbal exchange at all with executives, servers, nannies and more, but you’ll be bumping into people of all different races and backgrounds, which is what is so amazing about New York. It’s called the Melting Pot of American for a reason! While it’s long-term residents provide enough diversity, there’s a constant influx of immigrants from around the world coming to live and visit the crazy city, including yourself. So turn those bumps into hello’s, and you never know who you might meet!


Living with roommates. NYC rent is high. Even when you don’t pay broker fees or three months worth of a deposit, chances are the rent for your single bedroom takes up most of your paycheck. The best way to cut down on these costs is to live with others and learn to be okay with living with different types of people. Because as we’ve already discussed, NYC has them all!

Going to a laundromat. It’s not quite as cutesy fun as when Ross taught Rachel how to do her own laundry on Friends, but the reality of fighting someone for the dryer and possibly having to pop a squat in the cart is on point. I recommend using the large blue Ikea bag you purchased when you made the ritual home-buy run to carry your dirties. This isn’t because “everyone else” does it, but because it’s functional. Clearly “everyone else” has it figured out!

Have a push cart? Even better! Toss that blue bagged baby in and your weekly trip (or monthly, because who are we kidding?) to the laundromat will be made that much easier! Don’t forget the detergent, and make sure you know whether or not the place uses quarters or rechargeable cards.


Waiting. Oddly enough, in the city that never sleeps where people never stop moving, you’re guaranteed to do a lot of waiting. Since there are so many people, there’s always a wait in line for your lunch, sometimes you have to wait for the next subway car during rush hour since the last train was full, grocery store lines can be horrendous if you don’t shop midday during the week, and the line around Magnolia Bakery is no joke. This is in part why it takes so long to get anywhere in NY (always give yourself extra time!), and also why it’s crucial that you have the patience or at least be open to learning some. In the end, it’ll be worth the wait, I promise.


No matter your preconceived notions of NYC, throw them out the door. Give the city a chance. It’s like no other city out there and offers some of the greatest life experience you can get. Lease with Bedly to soften the blow, head out for your first subway ride, wait on the platform, bump into all kinds of people, and love every minute of it.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Shutterstock, Video Blocks, The Culture Trip, Gawker


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