Perfect Weekend Getaways

Not only is summer in New York City a sweaty nightmare for the average commuter, it’s also the time when the housing search can be the most challenging. Summer is the highest time of transition for students moving to the city for the first time or recent grads jumping into new jobs or just moving to the city without a job and looking to network and figure out their next steps. The NYC housing market is never easy–with difficult landlords and brokers looking to make bank, the potential for crazy roommates, tiny rooms that don’t have any furniture and utility costs to boot, even the dream of a sweaty city summer can feel out of reach.

But not to worry, because Bedly is here to make your housing experience simplified. Bedly has locations all throughout the best neighborhoods in NYC. With flexible leases and a catered roommate service, fully furnished rooms and a streamlined leasing and housing process, your NYC housing experience will be the stuff of dreams. You’ll be able to decorate your extra safe apartment to your heart’s desire, and Bedly’s blog has tons of advice on how to keep your roomie relationship strong and your apartment tidy. Not to mention you can use the money you save to throw the best housewarming parties and get to know the city through rooftop bars and spend time with your family–so really, there’s no reason NOT to use Bedly!

Even with the dreamiest and coolest of NYC apartments (Bedly included) can get unbearable in the NYC summer heat. Finding your zen can feel pretty impossible and even the most fun of NYC getaways (beach included) so here are Bedly’s tips on finding the perfect beach weekend getaways–but don’t worry, you won’t be out of the city that never sleeps for long!

Explore Long Island:

Long Island is just a quick hop skip and a jump from NYC. If you take the Long Island Railroad a few hours East you’ll find yourself in some of New York’s beaches. While the bougie lifestyle in the Hamptons may not be for the millennial budgets, areas like Montauk and Amagansett offer share houses and weekend stays at hotels that are just around the corner from the beach. Long Island is a hugely popular beach weekend destination for New Yorkers, so while you’ll escape from the city heat you’ll likely encounter fellow friends and co-workers who are also looking for an escape, so you won’t be missing out on too much city fun. Some pro tips: if you’re going out to Long Island on the weekends make sure you try to take an earlier train on a Friday or even take a long weekend and head out on Thursday. The train can get incredibly crowded with very excited (and a bit boisterous) beach commuters so come prepared with a friend, a book, and your New York City commuter steel.

Head Down South:

Some of the most quick and easy flights from NYC will take you to fun southern beaches like Hilton Head South Carolina, Amelia Island in Florida and even the Outer Banks in North Carolina. All of these beaches are prime slots and a perfect escape from the craziness of the city life. An added perk of heading south for the weekend is that the water will be beautifully warm and you aren’t likely to run into your annoying co-worker or your obnoxious boss. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the warmth, the sun (and added bonus, you’ll get to see an uninhibited skyline and an evening sky full of endless stars). Make sure to load on the sunscreen though–the southern sun is much tougher than what you’ll be used to after a winter in New York City, so you’ll want to be extra prepared.

Explore the West Coast:

Give yourself the luxury of taking a long weekend from work and hop to an amazing beach on the West Coast. While Lake Tahoe isn’t a beach person, it is one of the most incredible spots in the entire country (coined the gem of the sky) and the various resorts in the area will give you the opportunity to go hiking, kayaking, and explore the incredible area during the warm summer months. If you feel like exploring the San Francisco Bay Area just know that it’ll a lot cooler than what you’re experiencing even in NYC. But don’t be dismayed, there will be plenty of opportunities for beautiful site seeing and frankly, one can always use an excuse to get away from the heat.

Visit an International Beach:

Believe it or not, some of the sunniest skies, warmest air and clearest waters are in countries that are not too far from good old NYC. If you make your way to Mexico, the Bahaman Islands, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica or any beach in Central America, you’ll have found your way to absolute paradise. The flights to these areas are cheap and easy to arrange, and a long weekend of even 4 days will make it so worth it! You’ll get to explore an entirely new country all while drinking delicious cocktails and basking in the sun. Not to mention, there are countless opportunities for zip lining, scuba diving, parasailing and more! Your beach weekend will transform into a completely out of this world adventure and you won’t want to come back!

A well timed weekend get away or even 4 day vacation can have a huge impact on relieving stress and giving you an escape from the heat during the summer months. While many millennials in the early stages of their careers in cities like New York don’t feel as though they can get away the summer heat in the city makes it appear pretty impossible not to–but it definitely doesn’t have to be that way!

Bedly will help you save money and keep you stress free in your living situation so you can open yourself up to exploring the world!

Still on the fence about your New York City housing future? Look no further–find you way to simplified housing by using Bedly — Check out their listings now!


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