Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Cool

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you there’s nothing quite like summer in New York City. Between the various tourist attractions being at their height, tons of rooftop bars open across the city, and your favorite broadway shows adding to their usual schedule, summer in the city can be a magical whirlwind. That being said, summer in the city can also be a nightmare if you’re trying to find a new apartment in NYC. During the summer months, the housing market is at its most intense, competitive, and heated temperatures across the city can lead to all sort of heated emotions that can exacerbate an already stressful process. But not to worry–Bedly is here to make your housing experience simplified.

Bedly has housing options across New York city in all the major neighborhoods. Their apartments are fully furnished and come complete with wifi and all other utilities set to go. You won’t have to deal with slimy landlords or sky high broker fees. Not to mention, Bedly is absolutely dreamy and offers flexible leases that are ideal for any millennial who trying to figure out their time in the big city (especially if you’re in between jobs or a student without a reliable source of regular income). They’ll also take the heat off of having to find your own roommate so you can avoid any and all craigslist disasters! In short–Bedly is where it’s at for your housing needs!

So, now that you’ve gotten the drama of finding a place to live in the New York housing market, you can turn you focus back to surviving in this crazy summer heat–because with every glass of rose comes an unbearably hot summer city day. So here are some tips to keep your apartment cool so you can truly enjoy the summer time–it’ll be frigid winter again before you know it!

Be Strategic with Your AC:

Such a simple gesture, but being smart about your AC usage can make all the difference. If you have individual room units without an AC in the main living room space, then keep your doors open during the hours that you and your roommates are sharing the space. This way, you can cool the entire apartment, keep the air flow moving, and it will definitely help keep everyone in a good mood. It’s also helpful to come up with an AC flow/chart for yourself and your roommates. If you’re going to be home earlier than your roommate and you know the apartment will be super crazy hot, then make sure to check in with your roommates to see if they are ok with you turning on their AC units for them! It will make their rooms perfectly cool for when they get home and will have the added bonus of keeping the entire space chilled!

Keep an Eye on your Cooking Schedule:  

One of the biggest contributors to inner apartment overheating is your stove/oven use. While there is nothing more satisfying then a homemade meal and a week of your meal plans set and ready to go, cooking in the middle of the day during a heat wave will definitely spike the temperature in your apartment to an all time high. This is another great option to include in your weekly roommate agreement–being strategic about who is cooking and when will make all the difference!

Invest in Good Fans:

While there is no doubt that your Bedly AC unit is going to do more than the trick to keep your room and living room clean, not even the best AC unit can move air quite like a good fan. This is especially ideal for throwing a housewarming party (or any party at all!). The summer months can bring some seriously still air and if you have more than 3 people gathered in the same space (AC unit or no), it can get brutal. So, take some of the money you saved by using Bedly and invest in some fans for the space! There are dozens of great options and not to mention they can add to the decor of your Bedly apartment and keep it feeling personal.

Stay True to Your Summer Wardrobe:

Cultivating a summer wardrobe is key for surviving the sticky city days outside. But as any New Yorker will tell you, that stickiness always manages to find its way into your apartment as well–regardless of fancy fans and AC units. So a key way to keep cool and survive the heatwaves is to make sure your loungewear isn’t to lengthy or heavy. The best time to get the perfect summer styles is early in the spring–but the end of season sales are headed our way soon, so don’t miss out!!

Explore Creative Cocktails:

Nothing can beat the heat quite like the perfect summer cocktail! While summer rooftops in NYC are dreamy with a cocktail in hand, sometimes the best solution from a crazy work commute and long day is sitting on your couch with your favorite Netflix show and a handmade cocktail in hand. Some of the best summer drinks (frozen rose, gin and tonics, vodka sodas) are easily made in the comfort of your own home and can be a great roommate bonding tool! And one or two drinks in, the heat won’t bother you in the least!

While there is nothing more fun than a summer in the city (and a summer in the city), it takes some serious strategizing to make sure you can survive this brutal heat! Use these tips to make the most out of your summer so you can focus on the fun.

And don’t forget to use Bedly to help assuage any of your housing needs or drama! If you haven’t already, check out their listings now!


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