NYC Tourist Attractions for Locals

Living in New York City has its ups and downs, and one of the best ways to find the ups are by re-discovering why you fell in love with the city in the first place. Maybe your first experience in the city was when you took a family trip as a kid and rode a horse carriage through Central Park, bought the classic “I LOVE NY” tee shirt, and ate the best slice of pizza you’d ever had. Maybe it was attending a convention with your theater group in high school, watching the stars take the Broadway stage all the while imagining it was you up there. Or maybe you visited later on in life, pulled an all nighter with your friends and wandered into Times Square at 4am just to look at the lights.

Whatever it is that made you fall in the love with the city, chances are it was a focal point for tourists. I sometimes find myself becoming grumpy about the influx of humans that hit NYC during the holidays (summertime included), but in actuality, we were all there once, and it’s probably why we decided to live in this crazy city. That’s why it never hurts to revisit those things!

Bedly understands that living in NYC can be tough. Well, tougher than tough, so they try and make the housing part as easy as can be. With move in ready apartments, no broker fees, and units in some of the best NYC neighborhoods, you’re left with more free time to take care of you when life becomes a little harder than usual. So if you’re finding yourself frustrated with your roomies, having a hard time making friends after the big move, feeling stressed out with all your schoolwork, or needing an escape from your most recent Netflix binge, going to one of these destinations is sure to lift your spirits.

Go to the top of the Empire State Building. You’ve seen it in all the movies. It’s one of the most iconic NYC monuments next to Lady Liberty and represents metropolitan New York so much that it was named after the Empire State itself.

When construction of the building was completed in 1931, it stood as the tallest building in the world and provides to this day fantastic views of the island and beyond. So go on, make your way to the top to have a Chuck and Blair, go inside and see where Will Ferrell’s father works in Elf, and imagine King Kong swinging around the needle stretching up towards the sky.  

Tickets vary from $20-$33.


Sit in a live studio audience. It’s something you can only do in NYC or LA, so take advantage and go. You will not regret the experience!  With shows like SNL, The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, LIVE with Kelly and Ryan, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Today, The Wendy Williams Show, you’re bound to find a time and a day that works with your schedule.

Most of these shows require you apply for tickets or request tickets on a particular date of each month as the next batch of tickets are released. That means it’s a good idea to be ready on your laptop to join the onslaught of people waiting to click the “get tickets” button at the exact right moment. But the best part is they are free, making it easy and available to everyone!


Take the ferry to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Cruising up on the ferry boat while approaching Lady Liberty is something every American should experience. It’s the view that many of the country’s immigrants first had of America as they approached their new home, not to mention one of the most famous monuments in the entire world. The museum located on Ellis Island is incredibly powerful as well. It provides the history of the people who immigrated to America, the land of the free, in hopes of finding said freedom and starting anew. And it’s those people that laid the foundations for our country today.

Ticket cost is $25 and includes ferries to both islands.


Visit the One World Observatory. Also known as the Freedom Tower, the One World Trade Center holds an observatory at the top and a history of NYC that’s not to be missed. You ride to the top of the building in the SkyPod, which climbs 102 stories in 47 seconds, all while providing stunning imagery of New York transforming from an unsettled land to the bustling city it is today. The observatory offers an audio-visual experience with the city skyline, a sky portal which gives you views of the streets 100 floors below, interactive presentations that educate on the different neighborhoods, culture, and history of NYC. You can even grab some food or a drink at the top at ONE Dine, a restaurant with a New York-inspired menu.

Tickets vary from $34-$67.

Warm Summer Night

Take a trip to the Theatre District. Yes, it’s basically Times Square. But if you’re going to dive into the dreaded tourist trap, you better be seeing a show. Located roughly between 41st and 52nd street and stretching from Sixth to Eighth Avenue, the Theatre District houses some of the oldest and most well-known theaters. With shows changing every season, you don’t want to miss out on a fan fave, or even catch the off-broadway show running for just a few weeks! After your show ends be sure to hit up one of the many bars frequented by performers, or head to a bar like Feinstein’s 54 Below, a Broadway Dining experience that sets you up with dinner and drinks in an intimate setting with some of Broadway’s best performers taking the stage to sing their hearts out.


Explore Rockefeller Center. Whether you go in the winter and watch the ice skaters on the infamous Rockefeller rink, or attend a live taping of a show inside, make time to spend a little more time in the building itself. There are tons of shops, restaurants, tours, and of course the Top of the Rock. If you didn’t get your fill with views from the Empire State Building or One World Observatory, the view from the Top of the Rock is unparalleled. Mostly because you get to see both of the other two buildings in a straight shot south towards the river.

Tickets vary from $30-$75.

RockefellerCenter (1)

Whatever you do, be sure to get out and take advantage of the city that never sleeps. I promise your Bedly apartment will be waiting for you when you get home, cozy, furnished, and affordable as always!


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