How to Master Your Side Hustle

Navigating your way into the perfect NYC apartment can seem impossible for the average millennial looking to make the big city move. While there are different motivations to moving to the city, whether for a new job, in search of a job, for school, or just to have the most instagrammable adventures in the world, the reality of moving can make these big dreams fade into the background. But not to worry because Bedly is here to make your NYC housing experience simplified.


Bedly apartments are the stuff of housing dreams. Some perks include (but are not limited to) flexible leases, fully furnished apartments (which you can easily make your own), and locations in the major NYC/Brooklyn neighborhoods. Bedly will help you find the perfect roommate (so you can avoid Craigslist dramas) and will help you room with your best friend (if that’s a risk you’re willing to take). To top it all off, Bedly’s blog offers you countless tips on finding the perfect date spots, brunch spots in the city, giving tours of NYC to family and friends, and navigating the city as a young, working professional. Not to mention, there are countless ways to keep yourself active and healthy–even on a budget! And as every New Yorker knows, with a great job comes a great side hustle (it’s a byproduct of living in the city that never sleeps) Whether it’s for budgetary reasons or for passion, there are countless ways to make your side hustle work for YOU and not the other way around–so here are our best tips on keeping your life balanced (and maybe even a little zen) while juggling a lot of different balls in the air.


Step One: PIck Your Preference.

What do you want your side hustle to look like? Is it a passion project? Is there something that’s missing from your current job or school situation that would help motivate you to get through the long days at the office? Maybe you had a hobby in college that you haven’t been able to turn into something lucrative to pay the bills. That doesn’t mean you have to lock it out of your life–give it a chance to work for you! Some examples of a solid side hustle are writing freelance work for a journal of your choice, joining a volunteer organization with a cause that means a lot to you, starting your own lifestyle blog, picking up cooking classes, or walking your neighbors dog while they’re out of town. While the more hobby-like activities may not bring in any extra cash, it’s SO helpful to have something to focus your attention away from work, Netflix, and repeat. Plus, if you’re on the dating scene and looking to meet someone special, having some extra activities will definitely help out!


Step Two: Set Your Boundaries


The last thing anyone wants is for your side hustle to creep it’s way into becoming your full time hustle (especially if there isn’t monetary compensation to reflect all the time and energy your putting into it). So figure out a select few hours during the week you can dedicate to the side hustle. Maybe it’s every Tuesday after work, you hole up in a coffee shop and write about whatever you want to write about for 2 hours. Maybe on Saturdays you head to the local food bank and spend your mornings working with them. Maybe you’ve added on a super part time job working at an interesting start up, and they’re open to having you work remotely for 6-8 hours a week. The possibilities are pretty endless–but it’s important for you to be clear from day one on what will work best for you.


Step 3: Commit to Your Follow Through


While this hustle might be on the proverbial “side” of your life, that doesn’t mean you should only give a partial effort. No matter how grueling the day or how frustrating the MTA commute, your side hustle should be something that makes you happy—that makes you motivated to do more on the day to day (especially if you’re feeling burnt out by your 9-5). Plus, odds are that the people you’re side hustling for/with are just as exhausted as you are–but if you all believe in what you’re creating or doing, it makes all the difference! So take advantage of that–but also don’t hesitate to be honest if you’re feeling overwhelmed or overworked.


Step 4: Have Fun!


While your side hustle may be another source of revenue to help supplement your salary, it can (and should) be fun! There may be parts of it that you aren’t crazy about, but if you’re following your passion and rekindling old beloved hobbies or setting the tone for your dream career, it shouldn’t be adding to your stressors. And if it is, then maybe it’s time to go back to step one and pick a new hustle! Or maybe you just need to build in a break. Either way, the side hustle should be in your time and on your terms–so make sure it stays that way!


Whether you’re out in the big city helping the early stages of a startup, or you’re sitting in the comfort of your personally decorate Bedly apartment writing the perspective piece of your dreams, your side hustle is the perfect way to help strike a balance in your life–both personally and financially. Since you’ve dodged the typical NYC bullets of difficult brokers, impossible roommates, and having to spend way too much money on furnishing your apartment, you have the time to truly make this NYC experience your own–and maybe make a few extra bucks doing it!


And if you’re still on the fence about whether NYC is right for you, check out some of Bedly’s highlighted experiences on the blog about what makes this city great!
And if you’re ready to make the dream a reality but you’re intimidated by the housing market don’t be! Check out Bedly’s listings now!


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