5 Ultimate Time Savers for Millennial Female Professionals in NYC


French bulldogs and Frosé are cool, but you know what’s not? Knowingly wasting your time and money, especially when you’re trying to make it in a major city like New York City or Boston. Thankfully, you’re in the mecca for convenience as NYC is filled with companies that make almost every facet of life easier for you, including housing.  Bedly, specifically streamlines the apartment rental process by including utilities and cleanings within the rental price, and letting you choose short term or long term apartment sublets in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Jersey City. Oh, and did I mention, they also take are of roommates!  Now that you have your housing hack covered with Bedly, there’s other time guzzlers to acknowledge and hacks to help you out in other parts of your life!

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Laser Hair Removal

Collectively, hair removal is probably one of the worst time and money sucks a female can inflict on herself. How bad? Women on average spend 72 DAYS of their lives shaving their legs! That’s 2 ½ months of your life spent shaving hair that will return; 1728 hours of your precious life spinning your wheels. Not only that, the hair removal process is expensive and painful. From exfoliating, to the cost of shaving accessories, to the anti-bump gels — it all adds up! And let’s not forget, giving yourself chemical burns from leaving your Nair on too long.  

This is where laser removal is a God send. With costs that start at $500 and up — there’s no denying it’s a much higher upfront cost—but you get immediate dividends. After a few sessions, you’re left sans hair and irritation and a whole lot richer in time and money from avoiding the costs and time associated with future shaving & depilatory cream use.  

What’s even better is with the rising popularity of the treatment, there’s tons of ongoing Groupon deals that make it a more affordable option! Just make sure to do your research and go to a location that specializes in laser hair removal and has board certified doctors performing the procedures. Before you know if you’ll be showing of your beach bod and effortlessly jumping into your favorite summer dress ready to explore NYC and all it’s awesome Bedly neighborhoods.

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Meal Plans

Going out to eat and getting takeout is fun! It’s mostly convenient, particularly social but also undeniably expensive and time consuming. With a dinner in NYC averaging to $48.56 per person, you can easily find yourself mindlessly blowing through your money. Meal plans can provide the perfect bridge to transform your finances and health while providing optionality.

Food meal plans like that of Kettlebell Kitchen offer customized meal plans centered around one of three fitness goals: muscle building, fat loss, or performance.  Meals vary in their macronutrient make up (protein, carbohydrates and fats), and can be assembled in a way that helps you meet your intended goal. Even better? The average cost of a meal is in the $9-$10 range, cutting average meal cost dramatically! They also provide free delivery to participating gyms and home delivery at a small cost. Icon Meals is another outside of NYC meal plan alternative that delivers nationwide. Cost-effective, healthy and convenient. Sold!

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Micro-Sized Make-up Kits

There’s only so much you can fit in your work tote! Laptop, phone charger, sneakers, planner, perhaps your post-work bottle of wine ☺? Regardless of what you put in there, make-up is an unnecessary weight in your bag. Between foundation, eye curlers, and skin prep creams you can easily bulk up your bag with month’s worth of make-up when you’re on the go. But, I beg you for the sake of your back and your sanity get yourself into the habit of making your own customized micro make-up kits! Muji and Bed Bath and Beyond are loaded with small container options that will dwarf the weight your lugging around. Round up all your essential makeup items out, condense them into their respective containers, and voila! Whether you’re  hopping around in your Brooklyn sublet  or Manhattan sublet, or just on the quest to get an apartment in NYC today, you’re covered wherever you go!

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Laundry Pick-Up

I know the scrappy part of you may see doing your own laundry as noble, but the time saver part of you WON’T! With the exception of those lucky enough to have washer/dryer units in their apartment, doing your own laundry is a huge waste of time. The cost savings associated with doing your own laundry is minimal ($5.95 to be exact) and can take a total of 3 hours to complete from start to finish. Not to mention, the annoyance of having to monitor your stuff from those waiting to unload their clothes and lugging all the clothes around.

Free up your time and delegate your laundry with on-demand laundry pick-up and delivery service options from Flycleaners and Cleanly.  Both, app centric services allow the user to schedule cleanings with a 24-hour turn around along with customizable fabric handling options. Prices are a bit higher than normal laundry delivery service, but you also get the luxury of not wasting time dropping it off. Beats fighting for the dryer on packed Sunday in a laundromat!

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Starbucks Pick-up Option

Most of us operate under a set schedule and if you know you’re going to get a skinny latte everyday once you leave your NYC apartment, why put yourself through the agony of waiting in line? Download the app, set up a pick-up and go on with your life and do some constructive stuff with all the time you saved.

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Now that you’re armed with these time and money saving hacks, go on and live an awesome and productive life! Also, remember if you’re ever in need of a no-fee, monthly short term rental in NYC or need to get an apartment in NYC fast be sure to check out Bedly’s listing of no-fee Brooklyn sublets!

Credits in Order of Appearance: Pexels, Groupon, Instagram @KettlebellKitchen, Muji, Bed Bath and Beyond, Cleanly, Starbucks


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