Keeping your Bedly Apartment Fresh In the Summer Months

New York City is infamous for its housing difficulties–from nightmare rental stories, to slimy landlords, to sky high broker fees, and what can seem like a million different apartments to choose from, not to mention finding a roommate that will keep you from going crazy. But not to worry, Bedly is here to make an seemingly impossible housing landscape, simplified.

Bedly has fully furnished apartments in New York City’s most popular neighborhoods. You’ll find yourself right around the corner from the perfect bar, brunch, and date spots, and right around the corner from major subway stations. With their flexible leases, Bedly is also here to make sure the new to NYC millennial can find an apartment that works for you. So whether you’re in school and just looking to stay in the city for a semester, or you’re moving to NYC in search of your dream job, Bedly will be able to pair you with the apartment that is perfect for your housing needs. Not to mention, Bedly will also help you find the roommate of your dreams (and give you some guidance on how to perfect your roommate agreement so you can have a rockin’ housewarming party). This way you can avoid any/all roomie drama and won’t have to deal with any strangers from Craigslist.

But now that you’ve settled into your new space, there’s the simple reality of making sure your living environment not only matches your personality, but also is livable–because even the most perfectly furnished apartments can fall prey to the messy rooms that come with the daily grind. Bedly has put together some key tips on keeping your apartment tidy, decorating the space to fit your personality, and some basic habits you can get into to keep you and your roomies safe. With those key points out of the way, there’s one other key point that may be missing: how to keep your apartment smelling fresh and clean (especially in the summer months)

Hear us out here–having a clean apartment isn’t necessarily enough to keep the apartment smelling as fresh, clean, and homey as you might like, and scents can be very comforting (or very repulsing) so here are some simple tips to keep your home smelling fresh in the sweltering summer heat. And, before you know it, you may find your new apartment will smell–and feel–just like home.

Option 1: Essential Oils and Diffusers

Essential oils are super popular at the moment–odds are your favorite local yoga studios are pumping peppermint, eucalyptus, and wild orange to help set the tone for the space. You can get essential oils at your local grocery store (or even bodegas–whole foods has a ton!) You can order your favorite scents via Amazon or through a company like Young Living and Doterra (whose oils are a little more expensive then what you’ll find in stores, they’re super pure and last a really long time!). Once you’re settled on the oils that are the right scents for you, you’ll want to get an essential oil diffusers. Essential oils come in various shapes and sizes–some even double as sound machines to help with sleep or have rotating lights to help provide soft gentle light to even the darkest of rooms–this will also help with your party vibes. What’s particularly effective about the essential oils and the diffusers is that they are de-humidifying the air and purifying it all at the same time! So not only will your rooms smell fresh and clean, the air will literally be more clear than it was before! Plus, you can leave diffusers on for hours at a time without supervision, so they can be clearing the air while you’re at work!

Option 2: Stock up on candles

There is nothing quite like the smell of your favorite candle to make an endless day float away. A great tip for making your apartment smell amazing (especially if you’ve got some leftover smells from the previous tenant or a really intensive day of cleaning). This is a great tip for if you’re feeling homesick–grab a candle that smells like your last apartment, or even your parents house, and you’ll feel more comfortable instantly. Not to mention, candles are a perfect decorative tool in adding ambiance to your space. Just make sure to not leave those candles unsupervised and check in with your roomies to be sure they like the same smells as you do in the common spaces–because while there’s nothing better than a delicious candle, there’s nothing worse than smelling a candle that you hate–so definitely something that you can add to your roommate agreement.

Option 3: Take advantage of your windows

It might seem silly, but opening up your windows (especially in the cool fall months) can bring a blast of fresh air into the space that can help move things around and keep things fresh. You’ll definitely want to be careful with this in NYC apartments (and may want to only do at night during the summers). And just be aware, that if there’s a lot of construction or it’s the middle of the day in a extra warm July, you may want to leave the window closed in favor of your candles and diffuser–but given the right outside temperatures, you can really shift the energy of your space with some fresh air.

So there you have it! Some tips on how to keep your apartment smelling–and feeling like home. Every little detail can help a strange new city seem infinitely less strange and you’ll be ready to take on anything the city throws your way!
And if you’re still debating on whether the Big City move is for you, check out Bedly’s listings now–you’d be surprised at how simple–and even easy–NYC living can actually be!


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