Surprise! Celebrity Neighbors That Live In Each Bedly Neighborhood

Celebs they’re just like us; well — minus the agent, glam squad, and six-figure endorsement deals. But just like us celebrities love a great pad and a scandalous dating life (Okay, maybe that’s just me). But, a great pad is still important! Luckily, Bedly allows you to live among celebrities with some pretty amazing housing perks (month to month rent in NYC, no lease, and the convenience of a pre-furnished apartment) at a MUCH lower price point then celebs are shelling out.

So, which Bedly neighborhoods can we find our A-Listers? First celebrity neighborhood hotspot — Manhattan’s Upper East Side.


Manhattan: Upper East Side

Old money, tree-lined, and conveniently near the 6 and NQR lines, the Upper East Side is a special gem in the NYC real estate market. It has this chameleon nature that allows it to cater to the high end taste of billionaires and celebrities yet still be a fun spot for young professionals filled with top par restaurants, bars, cafes and museums! Acting as the backdrop for production of Gossip Girl and Cruel Intentions, the Upper East Side is a brownstone filled neighborhood buzzing with A-List celebrities. But — who exactly?


1. Madonna

Madonna finished completion of her $32 million “mega mansion” on 152 East 81st Street in 2011. The mansion is a stunning combination of three historic brownstones that were custom designed to meet the Material Girl’s tastes and need for ample space. Complete with a dance studio, 2 garages, 13 bedrooms, private gym and a 3,000-square-foot garden, Madonna spared no expense in getting comfortable in her Upper East Side mainstay.


2. Ricky Martin

Next up, is Yorkville resident, Ricky Martin who owns a 4 bedroom, 3,147-square-foot luxury condominium at 170 East End Ave. The $7.1 million dollar property comes complete with high ceilings, a squash court, concierge service and a children’s playroom. A fitness center and views of Carl Schurz Park (an off the radar Yorkville park) are just a few more extra perks of Ricky’s Upper East Side residence.

Sold on the Upper East Side and ready to meet your new rock star neighbors? Take a look at these Upper East Side listings!  

Ricky Martin

Brooklyn: Williamsburg

Celebrities are digging Williamsburg, Brooklyn—and it’s easy to see why! Williamsburg is a stone’s throw away to Manhattan off the L train, yet adorned with a hip, young arts scene. This haven for creatives also has the geographical advantage of breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and award winning bars and nightlife. It’s a neighborhood filled with an architectural mish mash of converted warehouses and lofts, street art and characteristically low daytime noise levels — perfect for those wanting an escape from the chatter of Manhattan.


3. Ed Westwick

Although Ed Westwick’s Gossip Girl character, Chuck Bass made himself right at home in the drama of the Upper East Side, in actuality Westwick is a Williamsburg resident! Westwick has an apartment at the Edge, a luxury high-rise rise with a spa, plunge pool with waterfall, virtual golf system, and a fire pit!

Ed Westwick

Brooklyn: Bushwick

Celebrities are early adopters of cool, so it’s no surprise that celebrities are flocking to Vogue’s 7th Coolest Neighborhood in the World. Coined the “new Williamsburg”, Bushwick is starting to attract former would-be Williamsburg residents to its hipster neighborhood, just a few more stops further down the L train with its slightly more affordable rent, thriving arts scene and mention-worthy restaurants. With coffee shops galore, spacious living spaces and aerial views of NYC, it’s no wonder Bushwick has peeked some celebrity interest. Including…


4.Penn Badgley

Starting to notice a trend? Gossip Girl alums love Brooklyn including Penn Badgley who reportedly lives off the Morgan stop on the L train. He’s been spotted in various Bushwick hotspots including Indian restaurant Desigrill.

Pen Badgley

Tons of A-list celebrities call Brooklyn home, why shouldn’t you? In the market for a furnished no fee sublet in Brooklyn? Need to find an apartment in NYC today? Just like how celebrities have their personal assistants take care of details in their lives, Bedly takes care of all the housing details for you. Furniture, roommates, bi-weekly cleanings, utilities and more are ALL covered by Bedly as your housing personal assistant. If you’re ready for a flexible, simplified housing experience check out our Brooklyn listings!

Credits In Order of Appearance: Patti McConville—Alamy via Time, Chris Weger via Flickr, JB Lacroix­—Getty via Popsugar , FreeWilliamsburg, Brownstoner, Ian Gavan via Getty


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