Hit the Beach in NYC

It’s officially summertime in the city, and that means checking things off your NYC summer bucket list like summer festivals, healthy and fresh foods, and outdoor markets. And while all those checks are absolutely necessary, there’s one thing that happens every summer that’s unavoidable that those things won’t fix: the heat and humidity. It may seem as though the many city parks are the only partial escape from the blistering heat trapped between the streets and buildings, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you live or work in Manhattan, an island made of concrete, it’s easy to forget that it is in fact, an island! That means there are plenty of beaches easily accessible from different parts of the city no matter which borough you’re in, you just need to know how to get there.

One of the many amazing things about leasing from Bedly is that they’ve scouted out the ultimate apartments in the best NYC neighborhoods, so you’re sure to be near easy public transit to one of these beaches. Besides prime locations, Bedly also takes care of furnishing your apartment, doesn’t require a credit check, and is the best way to avoid paying a broker fee in the city, leaving you to enjoy the sweet summertime.

So pack up your beach bag, water, snacks and probably beer (or rose, whichever you choose), and head to one of these beaches near you!

Coney Island (from W. 37th Street to Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn)

Made famous for its boardwalk complete with carnival games and amusement rides, the Coney Island Beach is a hot spot in the summer for catching rays. If laying out and sunbathing isn’t your thing, the beach also offers volleyball courts, handball courts, and basketball courts to keep you busy.


Brighton Beach (from Ocean Parkway to Corbin Place, Brooklyn)

Located in Brooklyn just down the road from Coney Island, Brighton Beach offers a more tranquil atmosphere. It’s surrounded by old businesses rooted in the community with a deep Ukranian history that is prevalent today. That means you won’t only find comfort by means of the sand and sun, but you’ll also be treated to small markets, family-owned shops, and quaint restaurants that make you feel as though you stepped back in time.

Check out Volna, a popular summertime restaurant with outdoor seating, for their array of Ukranian vodka (which according to the bartender is perfectly acceptable to drink in the morning), Julia’s Boutique for some shopping, Vintage Food Corporation for Turkish treats, or get lost in books at the St. Petersburg Bookstore. For more ideas on how to spend your day, check out NYCGo.


Orchard Beach (On Long Island Sound in Pelham Bay Park, Bronx)

The only public beach located in the Bronx, Orchard Beach was declared “The Riviera of New York” upon its completion in the 1930’s. No need to bring food if you don’t want to, as the beach has snack bars and food carts parked along it. There are also picnic areas and even souvenir carts so you can remember your day. With 26 courts for basketball, volleyball, and handball, you’re sure to have a great time!


Manhattan Beach (Oriental Blvd., from Ocean Avenue to Mackenzie Street, Brooklyn)

Another popping summertime destination for New Yorkers from all over, Manhattan Beach sits at Brooklyn’s most southern point and offers an array of activities. Volleyball, basketball, baseball, handball, and tennis courts are there for your pleasure, and they even have dog-friendly areas for those of you with pets!


Rockaway Beach (from Beach 9th Street, Far Rockaway, to Beach 149th Street, Neponsit, Queens)

This surf haven is another go-to for New Yorkers. Rockaway Beach in Queens was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and the recovery process only brought those locals in the community together as the beachfront was rebuilt and the surf culture rose again, stronger than before. In fact, the economy recovered so well as the beach began attracting more surfers from Brooklyn that it’s been nicknamed “Williamsburg on the Rockaways”.

There are grills to BBQ on, basketball courts, baseball fields, handball courts, roller hockey, skate parts, volleyball courts, and fitness equipment to help you pass the time. Concessions are also set up selling a range of food and beverages.


Cedar Grove Beach (Ebbitts Street and Cedar Grove Avenue, Staten Island)

NYC’s newest beach, Cedar Grove Beach is often filled with locals. Quite small but also calm, there are no boardwalks attracting those looking for any more than quiet time with a book. This is the perfect intimate city escape for alone time or with friends, just be sure to pack your own food and bevies. You’ll also be treated to a view of the Manhattan Bridge. Dreamy.


Midland Beach and South Beach (from Fort Wadsworth to Miller Field, Midland Beach, Staten Island)

Located along the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk, Midland Beach and South Beach are the perfect places to spread your beach blanket and spend the day relaxing. Midland Beach is typically the quieter of the two beaches, and between both beaches, there are playgrounds, shuffleboard, tennis courts, and a sea turtle fountain for kiddos.

Bike between the two beaches along the Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk, rent a kayak for beach fun or grab your fishing gear and fish off the Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier.

Looking to hit all the beaches but not sure where to begin? NYC Parks has a quiz you can take called “What Beach Are You?”. So once you’ve checked every item off your moving checklist and thrown your housewarming party in your new Bedly space, take the quiz and head out towards your perfect NYC beach!

Photo credits in order of appearance: Time Out, Trip Savvy, NYC Go, NYC Gov Parks, New Yorker, Metro US, NY Mag


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