Tips for the Perfect Housewarming Party

At first moving to NYC may seem like anything like a party. With horror stories of sky high broker fees, untrustworthy landlords, and the ever risky move of signing on for a year to live with a stranger you met on Cragislist, making the big city move can seem nearly impossible. And it can seem all the more challenging if you’re a student or moving to the city without a job. For a place that seems to have endless possibilities, the reality of the housing market can cut your big city dreams off before they’ve even started–or so it might seem.

Lucky for you, Bedly is here to make your housing experience in NYC simplified. With their flexible leases, fully furnished apartments, and streamlined process for renting apartments in general, the housing nightmare becomes a daydream. If you’re in need of a roommate, they’ll help screen to find you the perfect match–and if you’re moving into the city with your BFF, they’ll make sure your set (and give you some tips on how to keep that roommate relationship strong). As an added bonus, Bedly apartments are in all of NYC’s major neighborhoods, so you’ll be moments away from the most instagrammable spots in the city and can easily show your friends and family around the best parts of the city when they come to visit.

With the housing drama out of the way, you can set aside some time (and some spare cash) for your to explore the city. Bedly has some great tips for going out on dates, out for a birthday, out to brunch, or just out and about on a budget. But nothing beats a good housewarming party–so here are Bedly’s top tips for throwing a perfect housewarming party!!

Settle in Before the Party: While we know you are SUPER excited to show off your new space to your friends in the city, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re feeling unpacked and settled before hosting friends in your space. The great news is that with Bedly, you won’t’ have to worry about putting together or waiting through endless delivery times, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to take some quality time to personalize your apartment to your preferences. Really make the space feel like home! This way, when youre welcome new friends into the space you’ll feel totally comfortable and ready to share it with the world. Not to mention, everything will be way tidier once you’re able to settle–nothing kills a good party like not being able to maneuver around the space!

Talk it over with your roomie: This is key and an important development moment in your relationship with your roommate. While the roommate agreement may have covered many of the day to day details of your new space, you’ll need to make sure you are both crystal clear on the parameters of the party–especially if this will be the first time your two groups of friends are co-mingling. Is there a specific time everyone should be moving to go to bars? Or will the party be in your space the whole night? Who is on the guest list? Will the part stay in the living room? Or will it branch off into your rooms? And super important–if your roommate is out of town or they aren’t planning to be in attendance for the party, make sure they feel totally comfortable with the parameters and that they feel their space is safe and respected!

Make the party BYOB: Don’t shy away from this!! It’s good manners to bring gifts to housewarming parties, and while you’ve saved a ton of money by using Bedly, it’s still not ideal to have to pay for everyone’s drinking that night. You’re the host/hostess! So to avoid the ever-dreaded situation of having a party where you’re short on fun drinks for everyone, ask guests to bring some as a donation to the housewarming cause. This is a way to take the pressure of anyone having to come up with a fancy gifs to give and will contribute to the party overall.

Curate your Guest List: The older we get the more we realize how valuable our time and energy is. If you’re welcoming guests into your new apartment space, you have no times for petty gossip, exes, or old feelings of resentment. Bring people into the space who are ready to celebrate YOU and the big step that is having your own apartment in the city that never sleeps. The night should be light, fun, and full of supportive energy! PS–your best friends will always bring the best housewarming gifts AND give you good advice on any decorating questions you might have!

Have a Perfect Playlist: Nothing tops off a party like having the perfect playlist. And if you’re not sure where the night might take you, have a few options in place. Maybe you’ll put together a few different ‘vibes’ for your playlists–easy listening for when guests arrive, some current hits for when everything gets moving, and your favorite dance hits for when small talk has ended and everyone is ready to go out and about in the big city! If you’re stumped on how to create the perfect playlist, spotify and apple music have a ton of pre-made playlist for just this occasion. Not to mention, you are guaranteed to have at least one (maybe two!) friends who are experts at making the playlists of dreams. So enlist them and have them help you out! Just make sure everyone’s phones are charging while the beats are pumping–so no one is left phoneless at the end of the night!
There you have it!! There are Bedly’s best tips for getting your favorite people together for the perfect housewarming party!! If you’re still trying to get your head above water in finding the perfect NYC apartment, check out Bedly’s listings now!! Moving into the city doesn’t have to be stressful–it can be simple and maybe even fun. Happy Hunting!


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