Your Room, Your Sanctuary: Make Your Bedly Space Your Own

Finding an apartment in most cities can be pretty stressful, but finding an apartment in New York City is almost always undoubtedly extremely stressful. I don’t know of anywhere else in the country where you’ll pay four figures for a walk-in closet large enough for a twin bed to fit, slanted floors, and an even smaller bathroom that allows you to cook breakfast in the kitchen while seated on the toilet. At least that was where I landed out of desperation after my own personal renting disaster. There is good news, though! If you lease from Bedly, you won’t have to endure the stress caused by broker fees, poor and possibly unsanitary living conditions, or moving your bed up a six-story walk-up (although you’ll probably have a walk-up building. This is NYC, not LA, and thank goodness for that!).

“Wait, so how do I get my bed up there? Does Bedly offer moving services?” No, but Bedly offers something better than that. All units are fully furnished with a bed, and either a dresser and/or closet. Not to mention, the shared common spaces (living room and kitchen) are completely furnished and outfitted with the essentials as well! And if there’s something missing that you can’t live without, perhaps that blender to make your morning smoothies? Contact a friendly Bedly representative and they will help you out!

“But I want to make my space my own!” And there is no reason you can’t! Your room should be your sanctuary. In the daily hustle and bustle of NYC, it’s important you feel at peace in your personal space. And when you’re lucky enough to have Bedly provide the basics, you can add touches of your own that make your bedroom feel personalized.

Hang a group of painted pictures or photos on the wall. That’s right, get artsy with it! Paintings can add a lot of color and character to a room. The kind of art someone likes often speaks to their personality, and hanging photos of friends or loved ones will make you feel right at home. Check out your local goodwill or thrift store for some inexpensive statement pieces and frames.


Add throw pillows to your bed. Even just an additional one or two pillows can make a difference in a room. The room feels dark? Add a brightly colored or white throw pillow to lighten it up! I know that throw pillows can seem (and arguably are) impractical, but when the smallest adjustment such as an extra pillow on your bed can make a difference in how you feel when you walk into a room, I say go for it. Check out TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for affordable throw pillows.


Hang curtains. You can easily change up the vibe in a room based solely on the curtains. If your unit allows for curtains, grab your B, B & B  (Bed, Bath, & Beyond) coupons and go pick out some curtains that compliment that new throw pillow you just bought. Look at you, quickly becoming a little homemaker!


Add lamps. Light it up! Having a bright room will create a warm and inviting feeling. And never underestimate a good lampshade. You can get pretty creative with them, making lamps another amazing way to add character to a room! Head to Target and find some funky lamps and voila, your room is both brighter and more personalized than before.


Hang a mirror. We know that mirrors add depth to a room, so adding a large, oversized mirror to a wall will work wonders. That, or at least a full-size mirror on the back of your door so you can make sure you don’t walk out of the apartment with your shirt on inside out. If you have your mirror facing your window, or at least on an adjacent wall, you can increase the amount of natural light your bedroom receives. More light = happy life. Head to Ikea in Brooklyn or online, or check out for affordable mirrors.  


Grow some plants. Add some life to your room and grow houseplants. By literally bringing the outside in, you won’t feel so “stuck-in-a-concrete-jungle”. Instead, you can create your own little green jungle oasis! Make sure the plants are situated in a position where they receive natural light. Whether that means placing them on a table, a window sill, or hanging them from the ceiling, they will need to have some natural light during the day to live. Also, make sure to do your research on which plants are best to grow indoors and specific care for each plant. English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Boston Ferns, and Succulents are just a few that do well. You can even make a morning of it and head down to the NYC Flower Market on 28th street to purchase your new green friends!


“Why put so much effort into a space that I may only spend a few waking hours of each day in?” While investing in the personalization of your room may seem trivial, it’s where you start and end every day. How you wake up and go to bed is integral to how your day goes (ever “wake up on the wrong side of the bed”?) and how you sleep.

You’re lucky enough to have the foundation of an awesome space set up for you. No time wasted moving large pieces of furniture since Bedly provides the basics, so you are left to do the fun stuff like throwing some brightly colored paintings on the wall and hanging some ivy from the corner of your room. Creating a space that speaks to you is important, and Bedly helps to make it easy.


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