Tips to Keep Your Bedly Apartment Tidy

Most people will tell you that moving to New York City is an impossible task–after all, NYC apartment horror stories are infamous and rent prices are sky high in most of the city, and you never know which broker’s you can trust–you’ve already proven you’re made for the city that never sleeps by choosing Bedly.

You’ve had first experience of how Bedly’s flexible lease options and fully furnished apartments in NYC’s major neighborhoods make moving to the big city seem like a breeze. Not to mention, as a millennial New Yorker who is in search of a job, or here for school, you’ve managed to get here on a budget that works for you. Bedly has helped you find a roommate (or paired you with the roommate of your preference, so you didn’t have to deal with strange roommates from Craigslist). Plus, Bedly has taken care of all of your wifi and utility needs, so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone setting up cable. As an added bonus, Bedly’s blog has helped you master the art of meal prep, decorating your apartment, going out on a budget, and even given you tips on the most instagrammable spots in the city to show to your friends and family.

While you most likely took Bedly’s advice and made a strong roommate agreement with your new companions, there is a key element to keeping everyone (including yourself) happy in your new space: keeping everything tidy.

Now, the last thing that anyone (especially a go-getter millennial who is battling the NYC subway system on a daily basis) wants is to feel like their hard earned (if easily found) space is a complete disaster. The older we get, the more we realize that yes, maybe our parents did have a point in nagging us to clean our rooms all the time. It just makes everything feel all the nicer. So, since college may have made those tidying skills a little rusty, here are some failsafe ways to keep things in your Bedly apartment clean and ready to host your friends and family at a moment’s notice.

  1. Create a chore wheel. The biggest hindrance to any healthy roommate relationship is when one person feels like they’re doing more to maintain the space than the other roommates. And while some people may actually enjoy cleaning up the space, they also should never feel taken advantage of in their own apartments. So we suggest, when you’re sitting down to make that roommate agreement, you go through the various big ticket cleaning tasks in the apartment and set up an easy to follow rotation for everyone. Some tasks to consider are taking out the trash, cleaning up the bathroom and living space areas, and putting away the dishes. Every apartment is different, so every chore wheel will be different as well, but it’s a great place to start.
  2. Invest in cleaning products. Use some of that money Bedly saved you in providing furniture to get a vacuum, a broom, a mop, some windex, and some tile and toilet cleaner for the bathroom. These might seem a little expensive if you do it all in one go, but the great news is that they’ll last a while, and if all your roommates chip in it’s totally manageable. Pick a drawer or a cabinet area where all the supplies can go so you easily  access it whenever you need.
  3. Pick a deep clean day. Once a week, every week, whether it’s every Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday, have a day for deep cleaning. This is where the gloves come off and everyone pitches in cleaning the communal spaces. Time will fly by if you’re all working together, and it will inspire you to get your room in the shape you want for your upcoming week. Not only is this simply good hygiene, it will give you and your roommates a shared sense of responsibility for the space and it can even be a ton of fun! Pull up some of your favorite hit songs and dance around the living room with your duster in hand. As an added bonus, make a brunch reservation with your roommates for the time you want to be finished cleaning. This will give everyone extra motivation and make sure you’re finishing in a timely manner.
  4. Do small tidying daily. Sometimes, at the end of a long day at work or a night out drinking, the very last thing you want to do is clean the oily pasta bowl you used for dinner, or picking up some of the stray hairs that fell prey to your straightener. But honestly, it will take an extra 3 minutes (max!) and will keep major dust and dirt from piling up every day. Then your Deep Clean day will seem all the less daunting–and you’ll have formed a habit over time that will make your parents very proud.
  5. Make sure everything has its place. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of the fully furnished apartment that you’re in and ensure that everything you and your roommates own–whether it’s your spring wardrobe that’s in storage or your favorite set of earrings, has a clear place where it belongs. Clutter often comes from your belongings not having a clear and easily accessible home within your space. This will definitely be a work in progress at first, especially if you’re just now moving into the space. So be patient with yourself, but this is a key step in making sure that your apartment feels both clean and organized.


In addition, Bedly offers complimentary cleanings every month so that’s one less deep cleaning you have to worry about. There you have it! Bedly’s top 5 tips on keeping your apartment tidy. It’s the perfect way to make sure you’re never surprised when a date goes well and they want to see your apartment because it’s spotlessly clean. Plus, there’s something about a neat apartment that feels extra grown up–kind of like finding your way into the perfect apartment in the big apple.
If you haven’t checked out Bedly for your housing needs, what are you waiting for? It’s housing, simplified. Check out our most updated listings here!


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