The Millennial’s Guide to Meal Prep

Everyone knows that the hardest part of moving to New York City is finding somewhere to live. If you’ve done your research, you’ve heard apartment horror stories. If you have friends in the city, you’ve heard about astronomical broker fees and slimy landlords. And, if you’re a millennial moving to the city for school or in search of a job, you have inevitably been discouraged by the credit checks, proof of income, and sky high rent prices. It can seem pretty impossible to make your big city dreams come true (especially when you consider that you’ll likely have to live with a stranger from Craigslist).

But do not fear–Bedly is here to make your housing experience in NYC simplified. With their fully furnished apartments in all of NYC’s best neighborhoods Bedly is your housing dream come true. They find your roommate (or help make sure you and a friend can live together), they streamline your utilities and general renting process, and they have flexible lease options, so you’re not locked into something for a year. Check out their listings here–it’s life changing!!

So once you’ve got the housing step taken care of, the next most important part is what will you eat in the big city? Bedly has put together some great brunch and going out options, but the day to day life of the average New Yorker is fast paced, ever moving, and if you don’t prioritize your meals you’ll either end up spending a fortune on eating out or you’ll forget to eat during your busy workday and then binge while watching Netflix at night. Not only will this combat the hard work you’re putting into your workout routine, it’s also going to burn you out fast. But don’t worry, Bedly still has your back. Here are the top tips for meal prep in the city!

Step One: Meal plan

Sundays are a dreamy day to sit down and plan your meals for the week. That’s right–breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the next 5 days. Especially if you’re working, it’s key to get this plan down! And it doesn’t have to be perfect–you can plan to go out to dinner 2 times a week or splurge on a $15 sweetgreen salad as a reward to yourself on a Friday afternoon. It doesn’t matter what the plan is–the key is to take the guesswork out of your meals. Maybe you have a favorite recipe that makes you think of home or a pasta dish that takes you back to your days studying abroad. Let your food comfort you (without it having to be comfort food), and make your shopping list from there.

Step Two: Strategize at the Grocery Store

The most important part of a successful grocery store run is to NOT be hungry. We mean it. If you’re starving when you’re walking through the grocery store you’ll jump straight from you carefully crafted grocery list to the easiest food in the room because you’ll be craving it all. And if you’re shopping in New York City on a Sunday, just know you will NOT be alone. It will be packed. Very packed. Especially if you’re at one of the various Trader Joe’s around the city. They offer a TON of savings, but that’s no secret so they get packed to the brim. Maybe on a free afternoon wander one of your favorite grocery stores before the big day on Sunday, so you can get a lay of the land and be totally prepared to make your way smoothly through the masses!

Step Three: Explore your Local Farmer’s Markets

New York City has some of the best farmers’ markets around! With tons of fresh fruit, artisan beverages and crafts, and even some deliciously cultivated alcohol choices, a farmer’s market can be dreamy when you’re looking for the perfect additions to your weekly meals! The fresh produce will take any of your dishes to the next level and you’ll be supporting local businesses at the same time! It’s also a great activity for a date if you’re looking to do something to get creative! It’s also a great way to get familiar with different faces in your neighborhood, you never know who you might befriend and the potential connections you could have!

Step Four: Be Realistic

While we all may have closeted desires of being the next Top Chef champion, if you’re new to the food prep scene you will likely be a little nervous and potentially get a bit overambitious with you meal selections. While Bedly want to support all of your culinary dreams, even the most simple elements of meal prep can be time consuming. And we know that you’re busy in the NYC day to day, so setting aside 9 hours on a Sunday (which is likely one of your only two days off) isn’t realistic and won’t be super fun for you (or your roommates who also need to use the kitchen). So it’s best to ease yourself into your meal prep. A great tip is to list your favorite foods (whether it’s avocados or Chopt’d salads) and add those ingredients to whatever (simple) concoctions you put together. You’ll be grateful for the simplicity AND even if the recipe doesn’t go quite as you planned it, you’ll still have a meal with some of your favorite foods!

Step Five: Prep for Lazy Nights

Even the most ambitious of the food prep world know there are only so many hours on a Sunday you can commit to cooking. Not to mention, if you’re planning on having meals cooked at dinner time during the week, you can never predict when the NYC commuter drama will have you home late, tired, and completely not in the mood for cooking. So when you do your grocery store run, have a few items set aside for instant cooking. Whether it’s a pre-made salad, some pasta, or frozen pizza, you’ll be grateful for the ease when work throws some unexpected drama your way mid week!
At Bedly we are just as concerned with what you’re eating as with where you’re eating it. There is absolutely no reason for moving to NYC to be impossible, so let us help you get here! Check out our listings now!!


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