Finding (and Keeping) Friendships in the Big City

Moving to New York City can seem like a daunting undertaking. If you’ve done your research, you’ve probably heard of a ton of housing related horror stories–whether it’s outright scams, broker fees that are quadruple a month’s rent, or the nightmare of trying to find the perfect roommate, there are countless ways your search can go wrong. Not to mention, preparing for a big move is time consuming and stressful–and furnishing a whole new apartment is never cheap. And if you’re a millennial moving to New York in search of a job or as a student, credit checks or proof of employment can be crippling.

The good news? You’ve found your way to Bedly. Bedly is here to make your housing experience simplified. No brokers, no landlords, and Bedly apartments are even fully furnished! As an added bonus, they’ll help you find a perfect roommate (and give you some tips on how to keep that roommate relationship strong). While Bedly can help you with all the logistics, there is another factor of moving to NYC that can be a little nerve wracking: In a big city with so much going on in all of its various neighborhoods, it can be hard to make, and keep, strong friendships alive. But not to worry–we at Bedly have some key tips for you on how to make the most out of the millions of friendship opportunities throughout the city, in just a few simple steps!!

Start at Work:

While no one wants to bring the office home too much, there is no one who can understand the daily struggles of your morning commute, difficult bosses, and general hump day exhaustion than a fellow co-worker. If you’re on the 9-5 (or 8-7p) grind, you’ll also be spending most of your time with your work colleagues. Odds are, they’ll end up being some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet! But it can be difficult to break the ice sometimes. So make sure to attend any office based happy hours or bonding sessions. If your office doesn’t offer anything, than organize some of your own! Bedly has put together some of the most affordable bars in the city so no one has to break the bank, and you can still have some quality time with some of your scrappier co workers. Another added bonus of befriending your office buds? They’re infinitely more likely to cover for you if you’re having a late start after a night out, and you can make bonds that last a lifetime!

Bond with your Roommates:

In using Bedly, you’ve gotten lucky in not having to share your space with a completely random stranger, but there will definitely be some ice to break. Whether your lease is 6 months or 2 years long, it’s important to have shared experiences and open communication with the people sharing your living space. Not only will this allow you to make your home into a safe and cohesive space, it’s just plain fun. Some great roommate bonding activities include a weekly roomie dinner or movie night, hosting a housewarming party, and exploring your NYC neighborhood. Not to mention, your roommate can be the perfect buffer when you have family and friends coming into town and you need some back up in giving them a tour of the big city.

Turn on the “friends” option on dating apps:

It may seem silly, but in big cities like New York, everyone is looking to make connections–whether it’s for dates, networking, or just to make some friends. Most “dating” apps give the option of matching with people who are looking to just be friends! While it’s not a super common tool, it’s a great way to expand your friendship network in a controlled way. Just like with the dating apps–you don’t have to meet up with anyone you don’t want to! But it’s a good way to get out of your comfort zone and widen your horizons from the comfort of your own home.

Go to bars solo:

Going to bars alone can also seem daunting, but if you’ve made it this far into NYC you can definitely have some fun exploring some of NYC’s many bars on your own. Doing this will open you up to meeting all sorts of new people–and you may even find yourself adopted as the newest member of a social group! Putting yourself out there can be key in making new connections. And worse case scenario, you’ll have some good stories to share in the long run!

Once you’ve braved the waters and made some key new acquaintances in the big city, the next hardest step is keeping up with those friendships! With the exception of your work friends–you’re daily grind of commuting cna make it exhausting to meet up after work. And if you live in different NYC neighborhoods it can be even more challenging! SO make sure when you’re making new friends that you plan dates–and stick to them as best you can. Whether it’s for a simple brunch or a night out, sticking to these friendship commitments is a key element in making sure your friendships stay strong. In NYC nothing will happen unless you get it on the schedule to set dates, pencil them in, and stick to your commitments! And when you’re sitting on a rooftop bar in NYC with a drink in your hand and your group of friends around you, you’ll be super glad you did!!
NYC is not nearly as scary as it seems. While there are millions of people on this island and its many boroughs, there are also countless opportunities to explore new places and to meet new people! The first, and most important step though, is to make sure you have a roof over your head and Bedly is here to make an often complicated process as simple as possible! With locations in New York’s major neighborhoods, you really can’t go wrong! What are you waiting for? Check out their listings now!


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