The Moving Checklist You Need

Moving is arguably one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Not only is your physical world in chaos, as you’re most likely living around and out of boxes and suitcases, but your mental and emotional health often takes a toll as well. Whether you’re moving across the country or down the street, there’s an element to moving houses or apartments that will cause your stress hormones to spike. Maybe it’s because your roommates haven’t cleared out their stuff yet and it’s 11pm the night before you have to be out, or there’s mold growing in the bathroom that wasn’t there when you moved in (but hello, the ventilation sucks and you’ve been scrubbing that mold for four years!), or Hank from Craiglist was supposed to buy your bed and is four hours late, leaving you wondering whether to try and find someone else to sell to or throw it on the street. Regardless of what causes the stress, I can almost guarantee that you’ll reach a point where you will wish you didn’t have to deal with any of it. Well, good news! If you lease with Bedly, you will be far less stressed out than most.

Bedly does a fantastic job of making the moving process as seamless and easy as possible. Since all the units come fully furnished, you don’t have to stress about moving furniture in or waiting for that guy Hank. They also don’t require any credit checks, so that one $250 American Eagle credit card you opened when you were 18 and anxiously paid off and closed out (not understanding how credit worked) won’t haunt you while trying to find an apartment at the age of 23. Plus, no nasty brokers! You go directly to the company to lease a room. It’s really the optimal moving situation! Whether you’re a student, a young professional, a creative or other, let Bedly take care of the big and scary stuff, so you can worry about smaller, yet still important things.

  1. Update your address. There are so many companies and cards that you need to update your address for, it can be a bit overwhelming. Follow this list, though, and you’ll be in good shape!
    • Financial Institutions: Banks, credit cards, loan agencies, car insurance, renters insurance, employer
    • Government Agencies: DMV, post office (you can easily submit a change of address form on their website), social security, voter registration
    • Memberships: Magazines/newspapers, school, gym or fitness studio, religious institution
    • Utility Companies: Water, gas, electricity, tv, internet, phone
    • Medical Offices: Doctor, dentist, eye care, health insurance, pharmacy, veterinarian
    • Other: Seamless, Amazon, Duane Reade (or any pharmacy/drug store), family and friends (for when they visit and you want to show off NYC!)


  1. Cleaning supplies. You will want these ASAP! Nobody wants to move into an apartment that hasn’t been lived in for months unless of course, you count the rats and roaches. The great thing about Bedly? They provide a cleaning service before anyone new moves in, that way you don’t have to worry! And since it’s already stocked with all the necessities, you won’t have to spend the money on cleaning supplies, either. That’s a huge perk in itself, especially if you’re living in New York City!


  1. Toilet paper. I mean, I could have listed this under cleaning supplies, but I think it’s important enough that it deserves its own number. Do not, I repeat, do not forget the TP! You will want this immediately upon move-in…for obvious reasons.


  1. Request time off work. I’m serious. Moving is extremely stressful, and the last thing you need is to be worrying about packing up your life before and after your 9 hour work day (not including commute). It might be annoying using PTO for moving purposes, but you won’t regret it. Since your world is most likely up in shambles at the moment, it will help relieve some stress, giving you extra time to focus and pack properly. Especially if you live somewhere that requires you to move in or out during office hours, Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm. Also, if you live with roommates, take the time off of work out of respect for them. Because I guarantee they are just as stressed, and your half packed boxes in the living room and closet full of clothes aren’t making them feel any better.


  1. Set up internet. You know you can’t go more than one day…if that…without scrolling the gram, checking emails, swiping on a dating app, or binging on Netflix. Oh, you have an unlimited data plan? Lucky you. Hopefully, the LTE in your new place works and the signals aren’t obstructed by the old infrastructure of the buildings and concrete island you live on (because truth be told…I can’t get my LTE to work for the life of me in my apartment). If you’re dependent on WiFi for your social media and entertainment pleasures, then do yourself a favor and find out who the internet provider is before you move into your new place. That way you can create an account beforehand and have someone come in to install the internet ASAP.


  1. Review safety guidelines in your apartment. You’ll want to be familiar with everything regarding security in your new home. From having a second personal lock on the door to knowing the fire escape routes, make sure that you take the time to be prepared in the event of an emergency.


There’s a lot to consider and take care of when you move, enough to make you feel like you’re actually adulting! There’s less, though, when you lease through Bedly. Let them take the hassle out of moving, so you can check the smaller things off your list!

Credits In Order Of Appearance: Meme Generator (photo 1 & 2), Pinterest 


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