NYC Summer Bucket List

Now that it’s finally heating up here in NYC, it’s time to get your summer bucket list started! You’ve already got the biggest “to-do” off your list by using Bedly. You’re chilling in your amazing apartment in one of NYC’s prime neighborhoods with the roommate of your dreams. You’ve spent your days basking in all sorts of extra cash you saved in avoiding broker fees, not having to buy furniture, AND having all of your utility needs taken care of! You have dodged every New Yorker’s housing nightmare and are fancy free and footloose to kick your summer off to a beautiful start. And now that you’re a full fledged New Yorker here are some key points to add to your NYC bucket list. (And be sure to refer to Bedly’s most instagrammable spots in NYC for some bonus spots to add to your list!).

  1. Explore NYC’s rooftop bars. Rooftop bars are a must in a balmy NYC summer. Bedly has highlighted some of our favorite spots but you truly can’t go wrong. Rooftop bars offer a beautiful view of the city, delicious cocktails, and an atmosphere like no other. Plus, getting up to the top of NYC’s major skyscrapers will make things a little cooler for you. Rooftop bars are the perfect addition to a morning spent brunching in the city. It lets your group keep the day going strong (and maybe even feed you in to an adventurous evening!)
  2. Picnic in Central Park: Whether you’re with a group or just looking for a romantic 1:1 with a special someone, Central Park is the perfect space to bask in the summer warmth. While you may not be sitting poolside, there is still plenty of opportunity for tanning on one of the various Central Park meadows. Follow up your picnic with a kayak around in the Central Park lake or a leisurely bike ride through the winding pathways. You’ll be lost in a dreamy daydream!
  3. Try out different workouts in the city. Summer is the perfect time to stay active, or incorporate a new fitness routine into your day to day! Bedly has highlighted some of the best introductory deals at gym’s and boutique fitness studios across the city. During the summer workout spaces tend to be packed, so you can stay inspired through the energy of everyone else. Plus, you’ll be able to add a fun new line of activewear to your closet–and you’ll feel extra confident when your sitting poolside!
  4. Check out NYC’s dessert spots. We know it might sound silly, but NYC has some of the BEST and most creative ice cream spots around. Whether it’s waiting in line at  the famous cookie DO ,exploring Tipsy Scoop (aka liquor infused ice cream) or heading to Jersey to visit the Cake Boss, there are endless fun and unique dessert spots to indulge in with the summer heat.
  5. Enjoy time by the water. Whether it’s a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, a run along the East River, a trip out to Governor’s Island,  there are plenty of opportunities to revel in the little beauties of the Manhattan rivers. There are also great opportunities to take ferries around the city–whether to go to the statue of liberty, or to just bask in the various views of the city that never sleeps, being close to the water is the perfect way to spend the year.
  6. Check out NYC museums. The summer heat in NYC is no joke–so take advantage of the various museums across the city. Some of our favorite options are the Met (which offers discounted options for NYC residents), the Morgan Museum (which always has fascinating literature features) and the Natural History Museum (which is the perfect stop after a day in Central Park). Even if you’re just looking to get some free air conditioning time, wandering NYC museums is the perfect way to kill time (and your visiting family and friends will love it!).
  7. Venture out the beach. From Manhattan beach to Montauk, there are countless ways to get access to some quality beach time while you’re living in NYC. While treks out to a weekend spent in the Hamptons may be a little pricey, there are fabulous beaches that are just a short train ride away from the big city. Pack up your friends, your picnic basket, and your bathing suits and you’ll be sure to have a beautiful time! Come Monday, your fabulous coworkers will think you spent the weekend on a caribbean island!
  8. Re-decorate your apartment. One of the best parts of using Bedly is that you don’t have to worry about the big ticket furniture items, but there are still plenty of ways for you to make your living space personalized. Since you’ve already gone through your spring cleaning, now is the perfect time to take advantage of summer sales at your favorite city shopping spots and give your apartment a personalized re-vamp!
  9. Try out the dating scene Summer is the perfect time to put yourself out there–whether through dating apps or through your network of friends! People tend to be happier and friendlier during the summer months (how could you not be if you’re spending your days wandering parks and drinking on rooftop bars). So even if you don’t meet your soul mate, you’ll definitely have an amazing time chatting and getting to know some new faces across the city!
  10. Do something touristy. One of the sad parts about living in a tourist filled city like NYC is that in order to live here, you tend to avoid the tourist filled areas (because honestly it can be a nightmare). That being said, it can be fun to play tourist for a day or even just for an event. Whether it’s treating yourself to see a Broadway play, going to the top of the Empire State Building, or spending a morning at your favorite NYC bagel haunt, make it a priority to take advantage of some of the unique events only NYC has to offer!

There is nothing quite as special as a summer spent in the greatest city in the world. And if you’re still trying to decide if NYC Is right for you, but you’re feeling overwhelmed with the (crazy) real estate market, then Bedly is your answer! Check out their listings now–you won’t regret it!


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