Weird Stuff You Can Only Do In NYC 

There’s certain givens in NYC; people are cutthroat, you’ve met a guy that works in finance, the pizza is the best, everybody is tired. Oh — and how can I forget housing costs are astronomical and competitive — not to mention the process is tedious. Roommates are common, and can sometimes be plucked straight from the depths of hell. Although Bedly has done a great job at being an affordable and attainable housing option for all and eliminating these hassles.

Another given? There’s a lot of weird stuff in this bustling, melting pot that satisfies even the oddest of desires. Some of which you probably haven’t even heard of!  I’ve done the investigative research for you, and found the ultimate spots to let your inner weirdo out. Get your money’s worth and explore the city, with these weirdest of the weird finds you can dabble in.

Pay Top Dollar For Somebody To Scare The Living Sh** Out Of You While You Eat Sushi

Ninja Sushi. Kind of a twisted haunted house but year-round and with highly rated Japanese food. To each their own. Perhaps feeling your heart palpitate so hard you forget to breathe, makes the sushi taste better? Not for me, but if you’re feeling adventurous go for it! Upon entry, patrons are lead to a restaurant disguised as a feudal style ninja village and presented a barrage of menus complete with ninja themed dry ice specialty cocktail drinks, and Japanese classics. Ninjas randomly scare the life out of you randomly throughout your dining experience through little crevices in the dining “jail cell” provided for each dining party. A one of a kind hazing and dining experience nestled in Tribeca.

Ninja Sushi

Take A Goat Yoga Class

Aww. This may slate more on the cute side, but it’s still not your normal yoga class. Kids (name for baby goats) join in on the flexible fun at  NY Goat Yoga, a $40 pop-up Bushwick yoga class run by Sharon Boustani. Originally, an upstate NY farmhouse owner (Gilbertsville Farmhouse to be exact) with NYC roots, Sharon has brought her popular goat yoga to the NYC masses for two months spanning from April to June. Yogis have two options when choosing their goat yoga: a regular session ($40) or a happy hour yoga session ($50). Each class is 45 minutes long and features baby goats in diapers, hopping around adorably in an indoor setting as certified yoga instructors instruct students. A weird and cute must-try!

Goat Yoga 2

Jump Around In A Bouncy Castle Full Of Breasts

If you have a shy or depressed friend, “surprise” them with an educational trip to the Museum of Sex. You’ll have more than enough material to get them to crack a smile here, I promise. One of these, being the “Jump for Joy” Bouncy Castle of Breasts installation in the Museum of Sex created by design agency Bompass and Parr. With the $17.50 entrance fee to this NoMad museum, you gain access to this installation which includes an inflatable mash up of breasts in an array of shapes, sizes and skin tones in bouncy castle form. The installation was “designed to increase awareness of the body and to create the thrilling possibility of physical contact between strangers.” Noble goal, but all I know is at the very least it makes for some twisted childhood nostalgia post boozy brunch and some fun Instagram pictures.  

Museum of Sex.png

Canoe Through Toxic Sewage At The Gowanus Dredgers Boat Tour

Many of us spend our days under fluorescent bulbs, so when the weather is nice there’s nothing we look forward to more than making it outside to one of the city’s outdoor attractions; maybe a rooftop bar, perhaps a park, or…how about a radioactive canal?  Gowanus Dredgers Boat Tour makes this a reality for all by offering canoe trips down the toxic sewage stewing in the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. If you’re unfamiliar with the history of the canal, let me give you some background.  Pollution from the 19th century was so potent, from the rapid industrialization and use of cargo, that despite attempts to offset the damage caused using industrial agents, till this day it’s recognized as one of the most polluted bodies of water in the United States.  According to Popular Science, the “water is unsafe to drink or swim in, and any surviving marine life caught in the canal is considered to be toxic and unsafe to eat. Another fun fact? In 1974, microbiologists from New York City Community College found that the water contained typhoid, cholera, dysentery and TUBERCULOSIS!  Enticing. But this is not just a random twisted joke or an Onion article, the canal boat tours — open to the public, are intended to be educational and inspire people to aid in the canal’s revitalization.

Canoe Tour

Float In A Sound Deprivation Bath

Rough day? Intense week? You can float away those worries or confront them viciously in your time at one of many sound deprivation baths located throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. These dark, sound-proof, Epsom filled baths are packed with such a high salt count that they allow complete buoyancy and excitingly — no chance of drowning.

Sound deprivation baths are touted as having a scroll length amount of physical and mental benefits, some of which include: stress relief, sports recovery, improved sleep and concentration. Session times are in the hour range and prices on average start at $80 a session. A pricey and zany addition to the roster of methods to finding your zen in this busy city.

Sound Deprivation.png

Get Your Freak On In Manhattan’s Most Haunted House

In the spirit (pun intended), of ways you can pay crazy money to psychologically torture yourself, I present to you, the $600 Merchant House Ghost Tour. The Merchant House was you guessed it — owned by wealthy merchants, that allegedly had a hard time letting go of the property. (I’d roll out of my grave too if I had to give up a brownstone in NoHo.)  The Tredwell family purchased the house in 1832 and lived there with their Irish servants for over 100 years. Through their tenure there, 8 family members passed away in the house. Now, for a measly half a month’s worth of rent, you can visit them in a 50-minute candlelit tour and experience “doors slam, floorboards creak, voices call into the dead of night.”

Ghost Tour
Credits In Order Of Appearance: NY Goat Yoga (Gilbertsville), DailyMotion, NY Goat Yoga (Gilbertsville), Museum of Sex NYC, Instagram: @Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, NY Times (Ann Rong Xu), Merchant House Museum


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