Cheap Ways to Personalize Your New Bedly Apartment

Moving into your new apartment is an exciting but also stressful time. If you’re lucky enough to be a Bedly resident, a lot of the stress is taken out of the moving process. All Bedly apartments come fully furnished. Decorating your bedroom and apartment can be a way for you to express yourself and make an already comfortable apartment even cozier.  If you’re hoping to make your new home more personalized and unique without breaking the bank, check out these tips.

Tip #1: Buy Curtains

Many Bedly apartments have large windows with beautiful views of the city. One way to make your Bedly bedroom a little more personalized is by purchasing curtains to hang in your windows. Simply buy a compression rod from Target or Wal-Mart so you won’t leave any damage on your walls. Buying curtains doesn’t have to break the bank. Look on websites like Amazon or Target to find curtains that go with your style. If you have Amazon Prime, make sure to check out their room darkening curtains. For just $16.00, with Prime, you can buy curtains that will not only make your room look more cozy but will keep the city lights out while you try to sleep.

Black Out Curtains 2

Tip #2: Buy a Rug

Buying a rug for your room can be another way to personalize your space. Many Bedly apartments come with beautiful hardwood flooring. If you want to keep your feet warm and add a finishing touch to your room, buy a rug. Websites like Overstock and Wayfair sell quality home décor for a fraction of the price of other stores. Whether you are looking for a traditional or trendy rug to fit your style, these websites are bound to have something to match what you have in mind. Other stores, like TJmaxx and Nordstrom Rack, are also great places to bargain hunt for home décor.  


Tip #3: Get House Plants

Plants can be a perfect addition to your apartment to make the space feel like less like a rental and more like a home. Make sure to assess your lighting situation in your room before picking out what plant to get! You have to make sure you have the right environment for your plant to grow. An Aloe Plant is a perfect plant. But, make sure you have a lot of sun; this plant grows best with a lot of sunlight. This low maintenance plant also has gel with a number of soothing properties commonly used to treat sunburns, cuts, and other ailments. A rubber tree plant is another great plant. If you don’t have lots of light in your apartment, this plant may be for you. It is one of the easiest plants to grow and survives even in dim or limited lighting. This plant is also known for being a powerful air purifier- it’ll make your home look beautiful while also make your air healthier! A Snake Plant is another option for someone looking for a plant that requires less light and care. They don’t need a lot of light or water to survive so it’s an easy addition to your home. It grows upright so it’s perfect for any corner of your room and will not take up too much space.

Plant 2

Tip #4: Find Cheap Artwork

Adding artwork to your wall adds character to your apartment. Just make sure to use Command Hooks to hang your artwork so you don’t damage your walls! Finding beautiful artwork doesn’t have to be expensive either. You’d be surprised what kind of artwork you can find at your local Savers or Goodwill. A lot of people donate beautiful pieces that you can snag for a great price. If thrifting isn’t up your alley, there’s plenty of other ways to decorate your home without breaking the bank. Look on websites like Amazon and Society6 to find tapestries. Tapestries are lightweight, easy to hang, and can take up a lot of wall space. If you are the artsy type, grab your roommates and go to an art bar! You can create your own artwork to hang in your room while bonding with your roommates and friends.


Tip #5: Picture Frames

Adding pictures of your friends and family really adds a personal touch to your room.  Pick out your favorite pictures from vacations, birthdays, and other memorable events. Place them in picture frames around your room. You can find cheap, colorful picture frames at Target, HomeGoods, and almost any store. Picture frames are the perfect accent for any room.

Frames 2

Now that you’ve moved in to your beautiful, furnished, Bedly apartment, you are probably looking for cheap ways to personalize your new home. Try all of these five tips to make your new space your own.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Society Six (cover image), Amazon,, Pinterest, Society 6, Target


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