How to Make the Most of Spring in a Never Ending Winter

Hey NYC—we know that this perpetual winter is reaching a point that’s pretty depressing. Even more so because you’ve done everything right. You moved into a fully furnished Bedly apartment in one of NYC’s prime neighborhoods, dodging dodgy landlords and sky high broker fees in the process. You’ve avoided serious roommate drama by filling out a roommate agreement and taken all of Bedly’s tips on bonding with the roommates they helped you find! Not to mention, you’ve trekked through endless winter commutes in bulky coats and scarves, and even kept your zen during slow-as-snail morning commutes. You’ve even given your visiting family and friends tours of the most instagrammable city spots in the ice cold. But despite all the ways you’re killing it as a millennial New Yorker throughout the winter, it seems like summer (and even spring) will NEVER come.

While we can’t control the weather, Bedly is here with some tips on how to make even the chillest spring feel like a break from the dreary winter months. While nothing beats a rooftop bar in 70 degree weather, we have found some fun alternatives to help pass the time–and keep the hope for summer alive!

Get moving on your spring cleaning:

We know it’s not the most fun pastime, but doing a deep clean of your (fully furnished) Bedly apartment is the perfect way to help release some of winter baggage. This includes going through your closet (we know–but it doesn’t have to give you nightmares!). Hopefully in preparation for your  move you cleaned out the clothes that you didn’t love. But if you’ve outgrown some of your favorite pieces maybe you and your roommate can swap some items! You never know when one roommate’s trash will be another roommate’s treasure.

Flaunt Your Warm Weather Favorites:

One sure sign of spring is color everywhere. The flowers are fighting to bloom despite the cold–why shouldn’t you? This is the perfect time to bid adieu to the fifty shades of black from your winter wardrobe and pull out all your favorite spring colors. Sure, the fabric might be a little lighter than what is ideal for the chilly weather but that’s what light layers were invented for! Even the smallest wardrobe change can bring that warm weather spring to your step, guaranteed!

Try Out a New Hairstyle:

Whether it’s chopping it off, adding highlights or just adding in a new styling product, changing your hair can harness the energy of the spring despite the chilly weather. And, believe it or not, there are some great hair salons in NYC that are affordable (including Filament in the East Village) which is perfect for those looking to make some changes on a budget.

Finalize your summer vacation(s):

If you haven’t already, get moving on booking your summer travel. Whether it’s a few weekends in the Hamptons, a trip to Cancun, or backpacking across the best spots in Europe, perusing hotel pamphlets will help you mentally escape the never-ending winter wonderland. Not to mention now is the time to make any plane ticket purchases if you haven’t already—prices are bound to shoot up soon (especially for holiday weekends), so get on those tickets now!

Prep Your Perfect Summer Playlist.

Mash together last summer’s top 50 hits and all of your new favorites coming down the pipeline for the perfect pre-summer playlist. Nothing captures the feeling of the warmer months like a playlist that keeps you dancing and daydreaming of sunglasses and afternoons by the pool. Sure, you might be wearing a jacket while you’re jamming out, but the right playlist will make summer seem only a day away!

Keep Hitting the Gym

Not only will consistently hitting your favorite workout spot make you feel your absolute best in all your spring and summer wear, the endorphins will help keep you riding a natural high despite the cold. Bedly has outlined some of the best discounted class options in the city! These boutique fitness experiences are some of the best in the world and their instructors will have you ready for summer–body, mind, and soul!

Make an NYC Summer Bucket List

With warmer weather will come Sunday’s lounging in Central Park, afternoons on rooftop bars, and lazy strolls over the Brooklyn Bridge. But, like any good thing, summer in NYC will disappear before you know it so make sure to prioritize your “must do” list now so you don’t skip a beat. Bedly has outlined some of NYC’s top instagrammable spots and the perfect guide for being a “tour guide” while you’re in the city. Throw in your own expertise as a newly minted New Yorker and you’ll have a dreamy bucket list that’ll last the whole summer!

Add Summer Favorites Back Into Your Diet

There are countless delicious summer recipes that you can add back into your diet to help summer feel closer than ever. From Gazpacho, to chips and guac, to breakfast smoothies, to margaritas, the options are endless. No to mention, cooking with your roommates is a perfect way to bond and use all the extra groceries you end up buying (because let’s be real, it’s nearly impossible to buy anything for one person).

Add New Favorites to Your Wardrobe

As a well-earned reward for spring cleaning, hit up some of your favorite shops in the city to help give that summer wardrobe some extra TLC. Whether it’s bathing suit shopping or finding the perfect pair of sunglasses, adding some new favorites to your spring and summer wardrobe will have you excited about all the warmth to come (we hope).
We have our fingers crossed with you that summer (and even spring) will be here sooner than later! And with the summer months comes moving season–whether you’re just in NYC for the summer or you’re looking to make a more permanent change, Bedly’s has the perfect fit for you. With flexible leases and a streamlined, simplified housing search Bedly is almost as dreamy as a Sunday afternoon spent on the beach. What are you waiting for? Check out Bedly’s listings now!


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