The Best Seamless Restaurants in Yorkville

Seamless: Quite possibly the most innovative and exciting app and website to ever be developed. At least for foodies, that is, and we already know that living in NYC is a foodie’s dream with all sorts of different funky foods and delectable sweets. With Seamless, it got even better. Order any food at almost any time of day from tons of different restaurants in your neighborhood. A necessity in The City That Never Sleeps.

I discovered Seamless through my NYC friends in the dorms while in school at the age of 21, and it forever changed my life (please, I swear I’m not being dramatic). I love introducing New York newbies to the ground-breaking service in return. Download the app on your phone or head over to the website to create your account, then bam! You’re ready to have the cuisine of your choice delivered to your front door.

If you’ve leased from Bedly, we know you’re all about convenience. You eliminated stress and moved with ease by renting a fully furnished unit, avoiding high broker fees, and saving some serious cash along the way. So, what next? Get to know your new roommates and have a movie night, pop that bottle of wine, and order some of the best food in your neighborhood on Seamless. And if you live on the UES, you’re in luck! I’ve got a list of my favorite delivery restaurants for you.

Thais NY

Best Thai food on the UES! I do love the dine-in experience here (Lychee Martinis anyone?!), but in the event that I want to order in, Thais NY is my go-to Thai place. They have an extensive menu, and I’ve yet to try something here I don’t like. I typically order Pad Thai when I’m at home, and theirs is delicious. Not too greasy but full of flavor! For an appetizer, you can’t go wrong with the Thai Veg Tacos or Chicken Curry Puffs. Also topping the charts in terms of entrees is the Street Noodle and any of their curry dishes. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your order.


Mughlai Indian Cuisine

If you’re craving some Indian, Mughlai Indian Cuisine is for you. While I’m sure everything on the menu is delicious, I always order the Aloo Papri Chaat for an appetizer, a combination of chickpeas, potatoes, and what crisps topped with mint and tamarind chutney, served with yogurt and spices. In other words, it’s absolutely delicious and you won’t regret this classic Indian app.

Saag Paneer or the Mughlai Vegetable Curry for the main course is a surefire win. The restaurant also offers chicken entrees, lamb and goat entrees, seafood entrees, vegetarian entrees, bread from Tandoor  (a range of naan – go with the garlic!), among other specialty dishes. If you really want to spoil yourself, order the Mughlai Special. It’s only $14.95 and you get one appetizer, one entree, rice, naan, mango chutney, and raita. It’s more than enough for one person, so you’ll likely have leftovers!


El Paso Mexican Restaurant

This gem of a Mexican restaurant is located in Spanish Harlem, just a block north of the 103 and Lexington 6 train (I know, I know, not quite Yorkville, but they do deliver in parts of the area). El Paso has classic Mexican appetizers you love like guacamole, Nachos, Tamales and my personal fave, Flautas de Chori-papa, you’re sure to find something to prep your palette for the main course. Choose from Quesadillas, Soft Tacos, Hard Shell Tacos, Burritos, Enchiladas, and Chimichangas, Fajitas, Tortas, or traditional Mexican entrées like Mole Poblano Chiles Rellenos.



My go-to for pizza. Established in 1983, Delizia is a favorite among Upper East Siders in the Yorkville neighborhood. While there is the option to dine-in and experience a fuller Italian menu in the back or walk in and grab a slice in the front, their delivery is equally as satisfying. Yes, there’s Ray’s Pizza down the street, but unless you want to wake up with a stomach ache and full of regret, opt for Delizia. Being a local pizzeria, they take more care in their pies than other chain pizza joints nearby. (Pssst…on the hunt for more pizzeria’s around the city? Check out this post here!)


Le Viet Thai and Vietnamese

The best place to get Pho Noodle Bowls and Vermicelli Noodles. Yes, there are several Pho Noodle shops, but for whatever reason, I keep coming back to Le Viet to get my Pho fix. I love that they have a vegetarian option, among several different broths and sauces that make the soup so flavorful. You get a massive amount of broth that you pour over vermicelli noodles and your protein choice (Chicken, Beef, or Vegetable), and hot sauce. Bean sprouts, lime, and basil comes on the side for you to distribute as you please. Feeling sick? Order the Chicken Pho Noodle Soup! It works wonders.

Le Viet also has a selection of appetizers, Banh Mi sandwiches, Vermicelli Noodles, Noodle Soups, Wok dishes, curry dishes, and more. You absolutely cannot pass up their Vermicelli Noodles, particularly the egg-roll Vermicelli. If you don’t know already, Vermicelli Noodles are super thin rice noodles, often used in stir-fries. Le Viet serves them cooked but cold with a tasty sauce and topped with your choice of protein. Again, I recommend the egg-roll topping, because don’t tell me greasy fried egg-roll pieces on top of noodles doesn’t sound amazing!


Gracie Mews Diner

Yes, there are many great diners in Yorkville, but Gracie Mews Diner is a family-owned restaurant serving up locals on the UES for over 30 years. They’ve got an extensive menu ranging from breakfast foods like omelettes, pancakes, and pastries to lunch and dinner that include triple-decker sandwiches, salads, wraps, burgers, pasta, and Mediterranean cuisine. I can guarantee that whatever you desire the morning after a big night out, this diner will satisfy that craving.


So what are you waiting for? Download the Seamless app on your phone, text the roomies, pick a cuisine, and start ordering!

Photo credits in order of appearance: Itunes (cover image) Amazon, Yelp, Pinterest, Delizia92, Timeout, Facebook


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