Top 5 Scenic Hiking/Walking Trails in Boston

Believe it or not, it’s spring. While our weather patterns and threat of potential Nor’easters have kept us bundled up, there’s warmer weather in sight. After being locked up in your apartments all winter, it is time for you to enjoy your Bedly neighborhood of Boston. Grab your roommates and venture outside to enjoy the warmer weather and these scenic hiking/walking trails!

Emerald Necklace



Created by architect Frederick Law Olmsted, this park has been an outlet for Bostonians to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for over 100 years. The park spans from Back Bay to Dorchester and is a total of seven miles long. You can enjoy this seven-mile walk in total or, if that distance is too long for you, you can hop on nearby public transportation to get back to your Bedly apartment. This conservatory has six parks in total. These parks offer an array of activities, from quiet time on a shaded bench to more physical activities like soccer or softball on the green and even sailing. There’s something for everyone! During spring, the Arnold Arboretum is a must see. Open daily, this free trail provides visitors with a scenic route. Peter’s Hill, the highest point of the Emerald Necklace, has a picture perfect view of the Boston skyline. Check out their website to plan your outdoor adventure!

Emerald Necklace


Blue Hills Reservation


If you’re looking to enjoy your neighborhood outside of Boston, check out this reservation in Milton, MA. With over 7,000 acres, this reservation has the largest open space within 35 miles of the city. If you are looking for walking trails, look no further.  Blue Hills has over 125 miles of trails that go through scenic MA. This park is easily accessible using public transportation. This reservation lets you explore ponds, marshes, and meadows and is home to many plants and animals including several rare or endangered species. These animals can be found nowhere else in the Boston area. The city life can be a hectic one. Come check out this reservation to get in touch with nature and escape the city life. Check out the reservation’s map online!



Charles River Reservation


This trail is a 20-mile reservation that spans along the historic Charles River. This reservation has outdoor activities for everyone. Visitors can choose activities from biking, boating, or even enjoying a scenic picnic. Open sunrise to sunset, this spot is perfect for anyone looking for an outdoor space to enjoy the warm, spring weather. There are two sides of this park, the Cambridge side and the Boston Shore side. On the Cambridge side, the trails run through the historic and beautiful campuses of Harvard and MIT. Enjoy the beautiful scenes of water and foliage while getting in some exercise. Check out the website to plan your day on the river.



Middlesex Fells Reservation


Whether you are looking for a more intense hike or a casual stroll in the woods these trails have something for everyone. If you are a serious hiker, check out the Skyline Trail.  This trail is no joke. It is a five-hour hike and is seven-miles long. If this sounds too intense for you, try the main trail. At the end you will come across an observation tower that has an amazing view of Boston. If you aren’t in the mood to hike, there are other outdoor activities as well. Boating, sailing, biking, and fishing are also possible activities.  Be sure to rent a canoe or kayak to explore Spot Pond. Check out their map to see what trail fits your adventure and skill levels!

Middlesex Fells

World’s End

While it’s only 15 miles away from Boston, World’s End feels like a whole other world.  With 251 acres, the area has all types of terrain. From the hills and shores of this oasis you can see views of the Boston skyline. This park is part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Park area. Do you love looking at beautiful birds? Then this place is a must visit. The saltwater marshes, woodlands, and meadows are all homes to birds that you will definitely not see in the inner city! The trails combine to create a little over 4 miles of moderate level hiking. Other activities, such as nature walks, running, and horseback riding are also common activities at World’s End. Check out their website to learn more about this park!


Ladies and gentlemen… Check your weather apps! Pick a day that is going to be sunny and make plans to check out one of these parks. If you are lucky enough to be a Bedly resident you should get out and enjoy your neighborhood.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Franklin Park, Boston University, Prompt Guides, Live & Let Hike, Visiting New England 


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