How Living Simply Makes You A More Efficient Person And How To Do It

Cursing under your breath as you fumble to find your one black glove during the frigid morning hours of a Monday work morning? Realize your storage has storage? That despite all this “stuff” you still sometimes feel like a hot mess? May be time to upgrade with a downsize.

It may sound scary, but based on my personal experience, the transition into simple living has been life-changing!

For the sake of clarification, although there is no one size fits all definition for simple living, there are common themes. It’s a blend of what Wikipedia refers to as “leading a simplified lifestyle with the goal of reducing one’s possessions” with a mix of intentional trade-offs where people free themselves from things that no longer serve them both material and non-material so they can welcome those that do. Coming from someone who once lived to acquire stuff this is a big mental shift, but worth it because it makes you infinitely more efficient. But how does this exactly work? Living simply makes you more efficient because it affords you more of the following:


Less stuff to look at and sift through means you finally have time to FOCUS. There’s no visual noise invading your zone of concentration; no random pile of clothes diverting your attention. You’re in a clean, uncompromised space. Everything has its place and its purpose. You’re able to see your PRIORITIES clearly and ACT on them undistracted.



Instead of spending time looking for misplaced items or unaccounted for items you can spend time pursuing your passions or doing meaningful work. Build a business, spend time with awesome people, swim with otters☺, become Instagram famous—whatever tickles your fancy. By living simply, you’re inadvertently increasing your time available because you’re being intentional with your priorities and where you concentrate your energy. After all time is our most precious non-renewable resource, why squander it?



Living simply is a money saver as its forces you to track, asses and monitor the stock of items in your home and purge accordingly based on utility.  Multi-purposed items do the job of multiple items at a single price point. Not only are you saving yourself physical space, but your padding your pocket because you’re getting more bang for your buck. No more impulse buys or “just in case”, scenarios that easily lead to a pile up of excess junk. Your money is being used in a more optimal manner than before, on occasions and things you NEED.


With that said, trim the fat! and hop on the minimalism bandwagon with the following tips:

How To Do It

1) Revamp your wardrobe with reversible clothes. With reversible clothing, you get two looks with the material weight and price of one! When it comes to clothes, my favorite gateway transitional clothing items are reversible workout pants, and reversible jackets. Just check out these stylish and reversible jacket options from Land’s End and Nordstrom. These items are also a Godsend while traveling allowing you to maximize the amount of styling options you have while keeping your luggage light.

2) Focus on finding multipurpose furniture that has adequate storage, so that most items can be concealed. As they say, “Where focus goes, energy flows.” Let’s make sure your focus is on important priorities, not how your apartment is starting to resemble a bodega with all the random items scattered throughout!  Essential furniture items include multi-purpose, storage ottomans and shoe storage cabinets.

3) Periodically declutter your closet and living space. Set aside a day each month to weed out which items you no longer need and either sell or donate the items. Housing Works and Salvation Army are both not for profits that offer free pick up for large furniture donations. While, Buffalo Exchange is a great resource for those who decide they have some extra clothes they’d be willing to part with in exchange for money or store credit.

4) Plan your overall organizational strategy.  Don’t rush into buying organizational accessories or you’ll just end up with more junk. Take some time to think about where you accumulate the most mess in your living space, high traffic areas, along with your most used items. Make sure the most used items are easily accessible and the infrequently used items are stowed away.

5) Consider living in pre-furnished apartments where all the organizational forethought is done for you. Bedly was founded on the concept of simplicity, providing renters with a hassle-free rental experience from start to finish throughout the NYC, Boston and Jersey City regions. Bedly apartments are pre-furnished, modern and filled with all homeware essentials necessary to start living. From cutlery and appliance stocked kitchens to a streamlined booking process which includes month-to-month rental options and roommate selection, Bedly frees you to focus on what’s important.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Pixabay, Pexels, Pexels


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