6 Types of Renters That LOVE  Bedly

Want a NYC apartment but don’t meet the strict credit and income requirements to get one? Traveling for spurts of time and just can’t commit to a lease when you don’t know your next move, but need a place to live in NYC, yesterday?  Say hello to Bedly—your new housing soulmate. 

Bedly is revolutionizing the way people live with its month-to-month rental options, expedited rental approval process, and fully furnished apartments. Although Bedly is a great option for all types of renters, there are a few groups that especially benefit from the flexibility and forethought of the Bedly apartment network. 

1. New Grads 

You’ve graduated college, don’t want to move back home but also have no credit. Your entry level salary is definitely not cutting the gross income requirement of being 40 times your monthly rent, either. But, you DO have a lot stowed away in savings!  

In the past, you’d have a few, albeit—annoying options to your dilemma. Troll Craigslist for the off the luck chance you’d find a sublet. Pray they weren’t jacking up the price of the sublet and hope they were nice people to live with. Also, that they were actually using your rent money to pay the rent. Or you could try getting a family member to be your guarantor. But as luck would have it, nobody in your family makes the 80x the rent to qualify as a guarantor and you have no credit so you can’t even buy a guarantor through Insurent, as having decent credit is a requirement. You could also give your landlord 6 months rent upfront. 

But WHY?! With Bedly, all these painful mini steps to potentially get yourself a NYC apartment are eliminated. All you need to do is select your Bedly apartment of choice, fill out a form online, pass a background check and provide a valid payment method. Seriously!

New Grads

2. Creatives

Gigs are fun, the hustle is great, but there is a major downside to being a creative—erratic pay. Unfortunately, people in the arts are routinely discriminated against in the housing market. How many times have you seen a roommate wanted ad on Craigslist or GhostLight Housing looking for a roommate, with a 9-5 and “stable income”? It blows because sometimes you can be making even more then the 40 times required but you have so many checks from such an array of clients or side jobs and they don’t deposit every two weeks. Or maybe one year you had a rough year and didn’t have enough income to qualify to meet the income requirements but you KNOW you can afford it, given your current income.

Bedly is an amazing housing option for all types of creatives: actors, models, dancers, freelancers, etc. because it doesn’t take into account collective income or income at all when it comes to its rental criteria. It’s based on a background check, verified payment option and online application. Also, Bedly allows you the freedom to move as you please, at a moment’s notice. You’re not locked into a lease and if your career takes you to a new destination you don’t have to worry about selling your furniture, or having to find somebody to replace you.

3. Foreigners

It’s frustrating enough attempting to rent a NYC apartment as a US resident, let alone as a foreigner! Foreigners have to deal with even MORE paperwork and headaches trying to prove themselves worthy. 

Don’t have US Credit, but have a positive rental history, a high paying job and excellent credit from outside the US? This is all admirable, but you STILL can find yourself stuck having to pay for a guarantor or fronting a hefty, unrealistic upfront rent deposit.  Just take the case of Elizabeth Carson, a distinguished researcher who had all these requirements, but was still told to front $50,000 for a $2900 apartment rental! Eventually, she too had to get a guarantor through Insurent.

To make matters worse, foreigners have to deal with these nuances without the guarantee of even getting the apartment, as they’re competing against US citizens with less paperwork!  There’s also the issue of transparency, as most foreigners have to complete these steps without actually seeing the apartment in person.

These are the annoying realities of dealing with old school, traditional property management companies. With the creation of Bedly, foreigners no longer have to suffer through a lengthy application process and cross their fingers hoping the picture they see online reflects the actual apartment they’re getting. Bedly’s application process is streamlined and easy—consisting of a background check, simple online form, and a valid payment method. No need to unrealistically front a year’s worth of rent or be at the mercy of a landlord and lease! Bedly also provides 3D video tours of each apartment, helping foreigners avoid that open house and any renter’s remorse. Each renter can confidently know what they’re getting before they step foot in the door of their new Bedly apartment.


4. Nomads 

Maybe you’ve been backpacking through Asia for the past year and now have an amazing offer waiting for you when you get back. BUT, it’s that point in the rental season where everybody has their roommates lined up, and there’s not a lot of options to choose from. It becomes a battle of which poison do you choose from with the subpar and long-term expensive options available to you.

A Bedly apartment can serve as a great transient stomping ground for somebody trying to figure things out without signing themselves up for a two-year lease that they’re less then excited about it. As mentioned earlier, Bedly apartment rentals are designed to be accommodating and come with the option of a fixed stay or flexible (month-to-month) stay. 


5. Students

No surprise here—it’s incredibly expensive to be a student, especially a student in NYC. Especially when living in a shared NYU room dorm is more expensive then living in your apartment with your very own room! Ironic, considering the lack of privacy, space and freedom you lose when you live on campus. 

As with any major life decision, you must be your own advocate and consider all options. A great thing about Bedly apartments is that they’re reasonably priced and jam-packed with amenities most off-campus apartment rentals don’t offer. This includes being completely furnished, utilities and Wi-Fi included in the rental price, and a month to month or fixed term rental options. More than enough reasons to ditch the quiet hours, RA and bunkbeds and upgrade to a Bedly!

6. Young Professionals

You’ve been at the same apartment, in the same neighborhood for years and are craving a change. Your reluctant to move because of the time and money involved. After all, the thought of dealing with broker fees, competition, and open houses is enough for you to put it on the backburner indefinitely. Your career comes first, but you still want to squash any FOMO and experience everything NYC has to offer without affecting your productivity. 

Young Professionals

Luckily, when you’re part of the Bedly network, you can easily bounce around and experience apartments in trendy neighborhoods throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Jersey City. Sick of the Williamsburg vibe? Got a new job with a Midtown office? Find a closer apartment in the Bedly network, give the team a two week heads up and start enjoying your new Bedly neighborhood!

Photo credits in order of appearance: Pexels, Pexels, Clipart, Pexels, Pexels, Young Professionals of America


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