NYC Funky Food Finds

When the Cronut became popular, you can guarantee I was one of the first to hit up a bakery advertising for their croissant-doughnut mix. Lucky for you, when you live in NYC, the funky food finds don’t stop there. There’s a plethora of food crossovers and fun methods of eating that you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other cities. Being the cultural melting pot that it is, we get to benefit from the delicious variety of foods offered all over NYC.

One of the reasons I was so excited to move here was the huge food culture, with options to eat any kind of food at almost any time of day. I would have been able to enjoy the food – and spend more money on it, however – had I known about Bedly. Since Bedly places you in a fully-furnished apartment unit in the city, only requiring a background check and first month’s rent and security deposit, I could have spared myself a moving disaster and used the money I spent on a broker, moving van, and storage unit, on satisfying my tummy instead. So go on, check out these funky foods below for prime Instagram stock and a treat for your taste buds.

Sushi Burrito

As if Sushi could get any better. The classic Japanese cuisine can be found on nearly every other block in Manhattan, but you can only find a sushi burrito at a few places. If you’re looking for a quick stop that specializes in the style, then Sushirrito is your place. Located on 23rd St in the Flatiron district, Sushirrito offers eight different varieties of burrito, including a vegetarian option! Pokeworks on West 37th Street also offers a build-your-own sushi burrito, with your choice of protein and addons. The Rawl in Midtown East has a huge selection of sushi burritos, too! Whether you feel like building your own or choosing from one of their original selections or daily special’s, you can’t go wrong stopping in.


Rainbow Bagels

These bagels went Insta-famous, so much so that The Bagel Store‘s homepage greets you with the phrase “The Bagel that broke the internet”. I remember when these bagels showed up in my Facebook feed, and I was happy to discover that the company who makes them is based in New York! Located in Brooklyn, it’s well worth the visit to load up on your rainbow bagels for that social media photo.


Fried Chicken in a Cone

Located in the underground market at Columbus Circle, you can find fried chicken and waffles to go! Chick’n Cone serves up fried chicken in a waffle cone, based on the motto that “The world needs grab & go comfort food”.  While it’s an easy decision on what to get, as the menu is limited to the chicken and cone or cajun fries, the sauce options make for a more difficult decision: Kick’n Ranch, Yella BBQ, Cinna-Maple, Buffalo Blue, Traditional BBQ, and Peri Peri. Personally, I’m a BBQ girl, but that Cinna-Maple has me intrigued!


Ramen Burger

Remember living off of Top-Ramen in college? Well, what would 19-year-old you think if they knew there was such a thing as a RAMEN BURGER?! According to the Ramen Burger website, as a “Japanese kid growing up in California, Keizo Shimamoto developed a love for both parts of his culture: L.A. and Tokyo, ramen and burgers.” Sounds like a delectable pairing if you ask me.

You can find this Japanese-American food Frankenstein at one of three locations: Astoria, Queens or at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Prospect Park. The Astoria location (also known as Ramen Shack) is a temporary pop-up, and they ask that you check either Instagram or Facebook for daily hours. Smorgasburg is an open-air flea market but with food, and Ramen Burger takes residence there on weekends starting March 31st (Williamsburg on Saturdays, Prospect Park on Sundays).  


Mac n Cheese Spring Rolls

A trendy spot in Chelsea, albeit a bit bougie, Cafeteria is definitely worth a stop for the experience alone. My recommendation? Their Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls. Certainly not for the dairy-intolerant human, the spring rolls are paired with a delectable smoked gouda dipping sauce, so your taste buds won’t know what hit them.


Spaghetti To Go

Whoever heard of such a thing? Turns out, Italy. In the 1950’s, it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see Italians strolling the streets with spaghetti in wrapped paper cones, as most of the food at the time was being sold out of food trucks on the streets. Not only was it cheaper than sitting in at a restaurant, but it allowed for mobility while consuming the noodles. While eating, you can assist the noodles into your mouth by moving the cone towards your face!

Find the LES restaurant Spaghetti Incident on Eldridge Street between Houston and Stanton. The website also states that eating out of a cone is much easier to use the classic “twirl method” of eating the spaghetti since the sides help to guide the spaghetti around the fork. So next time you have dinner plans with your friend, tell them “Fare una spaghettata!



Love burgers? Love burritos? Then you have to go to Burgritos in Brooklyn! They are known for their namesake – a cross between a burger and a burrito. Think flour tortilla, stuffed with hamburger, tomato, chipotle sauce, fries, bacon, lettuce, onion, cheese (yes, fries. Don’t pretend like you aren’t excited). While Burgritos serves a range of classic American and Mexican food alike, you might regret not getting the Burgrito. I mean, there’s a chance I’ve maybe substituted a burger bun with a wrap before, but with fries, too? This french-fry loving girl can’t say no.  


So you saved money by leasing with Bedly, go spend that money on food! I mean, that’s what the foodie in me says to do. Take advantage of living in arguably the food capital of the world, where you can find anything from a crossover between sushi and a burrito to spaghetti in a cone, just within two miles of each other.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Sushi Burrito Facebook, Bagel Store Facebook, Fried Chicken in a Cone Facebook, Ramen Burger Facebook, Cafeteria Facebook, Spaghetti To Go Facebook, Burgrito Facebook


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