Best Places for Coffee Addicts

A coffee shop is often one of the first stops a person makes on a dreary Monday morning. This drink has magical powers. It can wake you up, make your day a little better, and even seemingly bring you back to life. Finding a good coffee place is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are always places that are too expensive, too busy, or don’t have the freshest coffee. If you are new to the Bedly neighborhood, check out these coffee places to find your new coffee hookup.

Third Rail Coffee

With two locations, one in Greenwich Village and one in East Village, this spot is perfect for any coffee lover. This spot is always packed with NYU students and New Yorkers alike. They offer all of the classics. From espresso to ice lattes, they have everything for any type of coffee lover. Not a coffee lover? They also have iced and hot tea as well as hot chocolate. Reasonably priced, their most expensive drink is only $5.25.  Make sure to try their Cortado drink. This drink is half espresso and half steamed milk. At only $4.00, this drink is a delicious solution to your coffee withdrawals. This coffee shop only accepts cash so make sure to come with cash in your wallet!

third rail

This coffee roaster and espresso bar has delicious coffee and tasty house made sweets. This place is open every day except Monday.  Opened since 2007, this coffee shop draws inspiration from Spanish and Italian bars. Owners Jamie and Liz are coffee enthusiasts that use their enthusiasm to perfect their coffee. If you’re lucky, an owner may even pour your coffee, making the experience an even more special one. With a vibrant atmosphere accompanied with classic tunes and friendly faces, Abraco is a perfect place for a quick coffee break or for a first date.   


Running late to school or work? Stop by this coffee shop for a coffee and breakfast sandwich to get your day started the right way. This specialty coffee serves breakfast from 8 am to 4 pm and sells lunch 11am to 4pm daily. Their selection of quality coffees has anything that any coffee lover would want. If you are in the mood for another morning pick me up, try their fresh pressed juices or lemonade. Owner Claire Chan’s Vancouver inspires the store’s atmosphere and Pacific Northwestern roots. Stop by the ELK to taste local ingredients and enjoy the chill atmosphere.

the elk

Culture Espresso

This coffee joint is the place for anyone looking for perfectly roasted coffee.  Culture knows the importance of making good coffee and they take the necessary steps to make sure their coffee is the most fresh, and tasty coffee around. Culture recognizes that it isn’t just the barista’s job to make the perfect cup of coffee. Instead, they focus on all of the steps in the coffee process. The owners focus on all the steps, from farmers and roasters all the way to the baristas.  If you come here, you are guaranteed to have a quality cup of joe. Make sure to stop by right when Culture opens, 7:00am on the weekdays and 8:00am on the weekends, for the best selection of treats! They are known for their signature chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cranberry cookies. These cookies are made in house and baked fresh each day.

culture espresso


Since 2006, Devoción has been supplying New Yorkers with quality coffee from Colombia. They have perfected the process of getting the beans from Colombia into our mugs. The third day after the beans are harvested, they are flown to NYC, roasted, and ready to enjoy only 10 days after the beans are harvested. Now that’s fresh! All coffee farms were hand selected by owners for their quality. Devoción has always developed a relationship with the farmers in Colombia. With the help of the farmers, Devoción is able to understand Colombia’s climate and growing conditions so that the freshest coffee can be produced year round. Check out their website to try a free sample of their coffee!  Who knows, you may just find your new favorite coffee.  


Many of us require coffee to get through our day. Instead of drinking the same boring tasteless coffee, give your taste buds a break and try one of these new places!

Photo credits in order of appearance: Third Rail Coffee, Abraco, Yelp, Thoughts of Clouds WordPress


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