6 Underrated Netflix Shows Worth Binge Watching

We all have those days that we need devoted entirely to lying in bed and watching Netflix. Sometimes that need arises after a night out in the city with your friends and you wake up with a hangover that leaves your body immobile. Other times you may be just too tired from your long week at work and need some rest and TLC. If you find yourself in need of some relaxation, grab your roommates, get comfortable in your fully furnished Bedly apartment, and pick one of these six Netflix shows to binge watch.

New Girl

If you are looking for a show to make you laugh, look no further. New Girl follows the life of Jess, a dorky teacher. The show begins when she moves to Los Angeles and moves into a loft with three men, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. All characters are in their early thirties and are attempting to get their lives together, find love, and establish their careers.  Jess’s best friend, Cece, is also a major character in the series. With only 20-minute episodes, this show is perfect if you are looking for something quick to watch before bed or are in need of a good laugh after a long day at work. Don’t worry; Netflix has five of the six seasons on Netflix. You will be able to catch up to the current season in no time.

New Girl

Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks follows the lives of high school students in a fictional town in Michigan. Set in the early 1980’s, this show plays off of stereotypes. Lindsay is smart and geeky but decides to become closer to the “freaks.” She rebels against the expectations her parents have of her, her own self-image, and the expectations from her teachers.  Instead of following the geeky path, she becomes closer to the slackers at her school. This show also follows the life of her younger brother, Sam, who also goes to the same high school. Sam is a typical awkward, freshman. His awkward interactions with his cheerleader crush, Cindy, are classic. There’s only one season of the show and all 19 episodes are on Netflix. Binge away!

Freeks and Geeks

Parks and Recreation

If you are looking for a different type of comedy, this show is for you. This political satire follows the life and career of Leslie Knope. An overly passionate member of the Parks Department in Indiana, Leslie’s passion for the job is often unmatched. This show is based off of California politics. Real life situations, such as the financial crisis and other actual events, inspire the plot of the show. Her coworkers and her have hilarious relationships. With so many different personalities in the office, you are bound to know a friend just like them. There are seven seasons on Netflix. Watch them all to see the relationships and hilarious drama unfold.

Bates Motel

If you have seen Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho and love psychological dramas, Bates Motel is the perfect show for you. Bates Motel is the contemporary prequel to the movie and focuses on the life of Norman Bates and his mother Norma. This show will keep you on the edge of your couch as you watch the show unravel. Norman and Norma attempt to start over after the mysterious death of Norma’s husband. Norman’s unique behavior and Norma’s secrecy result in drama and mystery.  However, don’t watch this show if you are the faint of heart. It’s not terribly graphic, but there are some scenes that will make your mouth drop open. Watch all five seasons on Netflix now to see for yourself why so many people have been talking about this show.

bates motel
Mad Men

Set mostly in the 1960’s, this show gives you a taste of what it would have been like to be in advertising in NYC during this time. This show has all of the qualities that make a good show: greed, money, sex, and secrets. The show’s lead character is Don Draper, a partner at the advertising firm. While he may seem like a simple guy, secrets of his past will be uncovered that will leave you in shock. Peggy Olson is another major character.  Her character struggles to rise to power in a predominately male dominated field. This show is also interesting from a historical standpoint. Throughout the seven seasons, the characters’ changes in clothing mirror that of the United States during the time. This show is perfect is you are looking for a drama that will keep your brain busy.


The Crown

Do you love the royals? Are you constantly checking social media to see what the Princes are up to? If you are obsessed with the royal family or love historical dramas give The Crown a try. This show focuses on the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.  The first season focuses on her marriage with Philip and the tension that the role of Queen placed on her marriage. The show also focuses on other members of the royal family. Her sister, Princess Margaret, is also depicted in the show struggling with her role as Princess and the demands that go along with being the sister of the Queen. Two seasons are now on Netflix and more seasons are in the expected. Make sure to watch the Netflix episodes to get caught up!

the crown
If you haven’t already, go get your computer or go turn on your T.V.  Check out these shows and give them a try for yourself! Who knows, you may find a new favorite show to binge watch with your friends and roommates.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Mashable (cover photo), Fox, Nerdist, Joe’s on Weed Street, Bates Motel, Variety, Netflix


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