Must Visit Pizza Places in Boston

Do you like pizza? Of course you do. Pizza has become an American classic that is perfect for quick and easy dinners, late night cravings, or parties. Finding a good pizza place is a must after moving to a new neighborhood. After all, you need to have this restaurant as an option to order from after a long day at work. If you are lucky enough to have just moved into a Bedly apartment, this list of five pizzerias are guaranteed to help you find your new favorite pizza place in your new Boston neighborhood.

Regina Pizzeria

Located in the North End, Regina Pizzeria has been providing Bostonians and visitors with delicious brick oven pizzas since 1926. The Polcari family has been in the pizza business for three generations. This family knows how to make a good pizza! With a variety of different locations, this pizzeria will be a convenient place to grab a slice for many Bedly residents. If you love a good deal, make sure to sign up for their loyalty card.  This card is free and comes with generous prizes such as an instant $5 reward, $10 reward during your birthday month, and other promotions. If you’re a true Red Sox fan, you’ll have to try this pizzeria… it’s the official pizza of the Boston Red Sox! Open until 12:30 am Fridays and Saturdays and 11:30 pm every other day of the week, this pizzeria is open to satisfy your pizza cravings at any time. Check out their menu here!

Regina Pizzeria

Ernesto’s Pizza

Also located in the North End, Ernesto’s Pizza offers a dining experience for everyone! Offering slices to go, casual dine-in experience, or takeout, this restaurant is perfect for whatever you are in the mood for.  Ernesto’s is known for their generous slice sizes that get you the most bang for your buck. They also don’t skimp on the toppings so no one will have to fight over which slice of the pizza has the best variety of toppings. Not in the mood for pizza? Ernesto’s also has subs, pastas, and wraps. There’s something for everyone. Take a look at their menu here. Over the past 30 years, Ernesto’s has perfected the art of making pizzas. Try it yourself to see if the pizza lives up to the hype.  

Santarpio’s Pizza

Stop by Santarpio’s Pizza to taste the pizza that has been voted Best of Boston by Boston Magazine three years in a row. There’s no doubt that Bostonians love their pizza.  Santarpio’s has been providing locals with tasty pizza since 1903. This family owned business has even been inducted into Boston’s Hall of Fame. Celebrities also enjoy Santarpio’s pizza. Rachel Ray has been quoted saying whenever she is in Boston, a stop to Santarpio’s to grab a slice is a necessity. You can now order their pizza online! But, make sure to order in time, they stop taking orders 30 minutes before they close. Click here to check out their menu for yourself!

Blaze Pizza

With an oven reaching upward of 900F, all Balze employees are trained in making quality pizzas at a quick pace. Just like a Subway or Chipotle, Blaze Pizza allows customers to pick out their ingredients and see the employee make the pizza in front of them. With just 180 seconds in the oven, your pizza will be perfectly crisp and ready for you to enjoy!  Blaze Pizza also offers options for people who are vegan. With simple types of ingredients in the crust and vegan cheese options, even more people are able to enjoy a good pizza. If you are a vegan or have other types of food allergies, be sure to check out their allergen page on their website to get more information.

Babbo Pizzeria

Having only been around since April 2015, this pizzeria is one of the newest of the others on the list. Located on Boston’s Fan Pier, this restaurant is more than 8,700 square feet!  There are three different sections of the restaurant for three different types of dining: pizza, antipasti, and cocktails. This restaurant has open spaces and natural light to make for a perfect dining experience. Their pizzas are made from 100% organic wheat flour and organic California tomatoes from Bianco Di Napoli. Babbo is also environmentally conscious. Their management teams works with the Director of Environmental Health to make sure that their restaurant is being as environmentally conscious as possible. Check out their menu here to see all of the delicious brick oven pizzas they have!  

Now that you have a list of great pizza places in the Boston area, grab your roommates and friends and check out these five pizzerias. Find out which pizzeria is your favorite and make it your new go to dinner destination.  

Photo credits in order of appearance: Visiting New England, Ernestos, Kidnosh, Eater Boston, Trip Advisor


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