Easy Ways to Get Extra Cash in Your Wallet


Adulting can be tough. Worrying about paying bills, paying off student loans, and buying groceries can add unnecessary stress to a new renters life. But, don’t worry, there’s ways to make some extra cash on the side to help with these expenses. These tips, while also renting from Bedly, will help keep your money in your bank account. All Bedly apartments come fully furnished and with utilities included. With these added costs of living out of the way, you are already saving money. But, if you find yourself wanting some extra cash to spend while going out in the city, these tips are for you.

Sell Your Old Clothes

We all have clothes in our closet that we haven’t worn in years but keep because we are convinced that at some point we might want to wear them again. These clothes can actually make you money. Poshmark makes it easy to sell your clothes. Simply download the Poshmark app on your phone and create your closet. To create your closet, take pictures of the items you want to sell, write descriptions for the items, and list their prices. People on the app can follow you to view the items in your closet. If they are interested, they can buy any of the items you have listed. Poshmark also makes it easy for you to ship your sold items to your buyer. They provide you with a pre-paid and pre-addressed label. All you have to do is drop off the package at a nearby USPS mailbox and the profit is yours!  

Sell Your Clothes

Become a Mystery Shopper

Many of you might be asking the question: what does it mean to be a mystery shopper? Mystery shoppers are people who are paid by a company to act like a regular customer in a store. After their experience in the store, the mystery shopper provides feedback about their experience at the store, such as store cleanliness, employee interaction, and overall satisfaction. The company reimburses you for your time and feedback. But, beware of the scams! Some “mystery shopping” companies scam you into paying them money. You should never have to pay them to join their company, or pay them to see their list of jobs.  These are both major red flags! Don’t let these scammers keep you from looking into this great opportunity to make money. Just make sure to do your research before signing up for a company.

Mystery Shopper

Bottle Return

This may not seem like a way to make a ton of money, but you would be surprised at how fast this money can add up. If you are going to drink from bottles you might as well get money back. In many states, returned glass bottles or aluminum cans can redeem for 5-10 cents a piece. After a night in with your roommates or after hosting your friends for a housewarming party, make sure to save all of the empty bottles. Redeeming your empties is a great way for you to help the environment by recycling while also putting a little extra change in your pocket.  

Sign Up for Care.com

Are you not good with children or do you not have experience caring for children?  Signing up for Care.com offers more opportunities to make money than just babysitting.  This website also has jobs for people interested in dog walking, pet sitting, house sitting errand running, or tutoring. The sign up process is easy! All you have to do is sign up and create a profile. In your profile, list your talents and experience so that employers see how helpful you would be. Then, search for jobs! It’s that easy. With new jobs posted every minute, Care.com offers a wide range of jobs. This site is great for people with any schedule because it allows you to search for jobs that are as time demanding as you can handle. You can find a side job to earn some extra money that will fit your busy schedule.

Two pretty college students in a libray

As if renting from Bedly didn’t save you enough money, these four easy tips will give you some extra money to spend for exploring your new neighborhood.  

Photo credits in order of appearance: ADDitude, PM-Consulting Group, WXYZ, Idea Tutors


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