Stay Active on a Budget in NYC

In the land where boutique fitness studios thrive and personal trainers charge more for a single class than a week’s worth of groceries, it can feel stifling to find a workout at a cost-effective price. When I first moved into my apartment in Yorkville, I would often pass SoulCycle and was intrigued by the bright yellow lights and people walking out the doors, sweaty in their workout gear. When I finally took the time to look the studio up, my head nearly exploded at how much it was for a single class: $34. Turns out this was the standard drop-in rate for any boutique fitness studio, so I decided my pay as a server wouldn’t allow me to take group fitness classes. I ended up turning to my roommate, a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, for some advice. She shared with me some workout DVD’s she had, and also introduced me to Tone It Up, an online health and fitness community that posted free workouts on YouTube and through their website. Since then, however, I’ve discovered more ways to workout for cheap in NYC that don’t involve trying to burpee and punch in the 3×3 sq. foot space I cleared in my living room.

Bedly already saved you a ton of money and hassle while moving, so why not continue the trend? Grab your new roomie and check out some of the affordable ways to workout in the city. It’s a great way to spend some time bonding while saving some cash along the way!

Class Pass. An affordable way to experience an array of classes in the city, Class Pass offers different monthly rates to have access to either 4, 6, or 12 classes. You book your classes through the app at the beginning of each month, but be quick, as popular studios fill up fast! Class Pass offers everything from HIIT classes to cycling, boxing to yoga, and more. They even offer at-home workouts through their app and an online community for support.

Cost: $45/month 2-4 classes; $75/month 4-6 classes, $135/month 8-12 classes.


Introductory Class Pricing at Boutique Fitness Studios. Many boutique fitness studios offer new client rates. It’s also always worth reaching out to the studio and seeing if they are running any promotions that might not be advertised on the website.  

  • AKT InMotion: A studio known for their dance cardio interval training classes, AKT InMotion offers an array of HIIT workouts, for both the dancer and non-dancer alike. All classes are set to a heart-pumping playlist, unique to each instructor and class. Intro Offer: two classes for the price of one ($37)
  • Rumble Boxing: The newest boutique craze to hit NYC, Rumble is a HIIT boxing class that combines boxing cardio with strength exercises for a full-body workout. The room is set-up like a club, with music blasting from the sound system to keep you motivated. Intro Offer: Buy one get one free ($34)
  • Sweatshed: Crunch Fitness’s new boutique studio, SweatShed offers three 50-minute full-body workouts with different focuses varying from cardiovascular endurance to strength specific. Each class has a thorough warm-up and cool-down. Intro Offer: Two classes for the price of one ($30)
  • CKO Kickboxing: Offering an all-levels class, CKO Kickboxing keeps the moves basic so you can work up a sweat and burn tons of calories. Through a fun and engaging group class setting, they encourage clients to workout at their own pace. Intro Offer: First class free
  • Peloton: Known for their specialized in-home cycling bike and offering new classes in-home daily, Peloton is based in NYC where the flagship studio resides for filming and offering live classes. Each instructor designs their own playlist, sometimes to a specific theme (think rock, country, or hip-hop), so you’ll be dancing on your bike the whole time. Intro Offer: Free classes offered Monday through Friday. Check the schedule for specific times.


Groupon. There are tons of Groupons for all kinds of different fitness studios in New York. Just pursue their Health and Fitness tab for discounted offers, ranging from gym memberships to personal training sessions to group fitness.


Gyms that offer free introductory packages.

  • Crunch offers 1, 3, or 5 day guest passes, so if you have a friend that is a member make sure to take advantage!
  • New York Sports Club will send you a free-trial to the facilities. Just go to their website and sign up.
  • Planet Fitness has a monthly membership for $10, so if there is one near you or your work, it’s worth checking out!


Yoga to the People. With four locations in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn, Yoga to the People is a great resource for donation based yoga classes. They typically have a suggested donation, but no pressure to meet that price if you can’t. They aim to make yoga available to everyone. Each location has different types of yoga ranging from Hot Yoga to Vinyasa, so check out the schedule before you go so you know what you’re getting yourself in to. They do have mats available for use, as well as blankets and yoga blocks.

Free runs. If running is your jam, NYC offers a variety of group runs and races.

  • Runstreet combines running with experiencing the public street art of NYC. According to their website, Runstreet aims to “promote a healthy, adventurous life filled with fitness and running and appreciate street art as a source of inspiration on our runs”. Join in on a run or book a private group. This certainly sounds more like a “Fun Run” to me than those one mile runs in gym class back in middle school.
  • Jackrabbit offers free group runs almost daily, with the option to check your bag and change at their meeting place (one of the Jackrabbit stores). With options like “Sexy Pace”, “Social Run”, and “Bootcamp”, you’re sure to find something that suits you. Check out their schedule for a complete list of the different runs available.
  • New York Road Runners offers a program to run races for free, based on income and other information. The website also posts free runs/walks in each borough weekly.  


Take a walk, run, or hike in one of NYC’s many parks. Beyond Central Park, you can run along the East River or on Riverside Park in Manhattan. If you live in one of Bedly’s Yorkville units, take the river path up to Randall’s Island and run over the bridge to get an incredible view of Manhattan. Prospect Park in Brooklyn has tons of trails and is a nice alternative to Central Park. In fact, each borough has parks with trails to walk or hike, like the John Muir Trail in the Bronx, the Lullwater Trail in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, or the Blue Trail in Queens. Head over to NYC Parks for a complete list.


Go hiking outside of the city. There are plenty of ways to get your nature fill outside of the city via public transit. Take the Metro North to numerous hikes, including The Appalachian Trail (2 hours from NYC), Mount Beacon Trail (30 minutes from NYC), or Long Path (1 hour from NYC). For more ideas, check out this list.


Find athletic wear stores that offer free classes. Oftentimes Athleta and Lululemon host classes on-site and near their stores. Lululemon offers weekly yoga, and Athleta offers a range of classes at different times throughout the week. Be sure to check ahead to see what you should bring with you in terms of equipment. Oftentimes a yoga mat, water bottle, and towel are recommended.


Walk everywhere. One of the greatest things about living in NYC is having the ability to walk anywhere you need. If you have the extra time, skip the subway or bus and use your legs. It’s the best way to interact with the city and you may just discover a new street, coffee shop, or brunch bar you never knew existed.


Since you’re leasing with Bedly, we already know you’re savvy with your money. Keep your savvy status by taking advantage of free and affordable ways to get a great workout and stay active.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Class Pass, NY Racked, Retail Gazette, NYSC, Runstreet, Trail Tramps, NYNJ Trail Transit, Lulu Lemon, Timeout


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