Must Try Bakeries in Boston

Nothing quite hits the spot like a warm breakfast pastry right out of the oven or a homemade cannoli with chocolate chips. Bakeries are perfect to satisfy anyone’s craving.  Not talented in the kitchen? These five bakeries give you a taste of Grandma’s baking without trying to master the recipes and make a mess out of your kitchen. Let’s be honest, food always tastes better when someone else makes it. Whether you prefer cakes, cookies, or pastries, these bakeries have treats for everyone.

Mike’s Pastry

If you’ve ever been to Boston, you have most likely seen people walking around carrying Mike’s signature pastry box: a white box with bright blue font and a string bow. Mike’s Pastry should be on your list of places to visit. This bakery has been the hotspot for both tourists and Bostonians. Mike’s is located in the North End of Boston on Hanover Street.  Michael Mercogliano (aka the Mike) founded this bakery in 1946 and it has been a classic ever since. Best known for their cannoli, this bakery has perfected the balance between a flakey crust and decadent ricotta filling. Not a fan of cannoli? Don’t worry.  From other pastries, cookies, pies, and cakes, Mike’s Pastry is guaranteed to have whatever sweet you are craving. Open 8am to 10pm Sunday through Thursdays and 8am to 11pm Friday and Saturdays, this bakery is open to satisfy your early morning or late night cravings.

Mike's Pastry

Flour Bakery and Café

Flour Bakery and Café has sweet treats as well as sandwiches and salads. Do you ever feel too tired when you get home from work to make a full meal? Do you find yourself digging into a bag of chips instead of heating up the stove? If so, you should check out Flour’s weekly dinner specials. Each week, their chefs prepare take-home dinner specials.  This option is perfect for someone who is looking for a satisfying meal but doesn’t want to spend all of his or her time after work in the kitchen. This bakery goes beyond simply selling tasty food… they also teach you how to make it!  From lessons on cake decorating to fresh macaroons, these classes will inspire the baker in everyone. Simply check out their list of classes and buy a ticket for the class. This is a perfect activity for you, your roommates, and friends to do on a weekend!

Flour Bakery

Kane’s Donuts

There’s something about homemade donuts that puts donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks to shame. Since it has opened in 1955, Kane’s Donuts have been serving donut lovers from all around the country. From local Bostonians stopping on their way to work to tourists looking for the best places to get a bite to eat, Kane’s is the perfect way to start your day. While Kane’s has classic flavors such as Boston Cream and Chocolate Frosted, they also offer more unique flavors. From Crème Brulee to Cookies and Cream, Kane’s offers donuts for people with a more adventurous palate. Made from all natural, local, fresh ingredients, you can feel less guilty about cheating your diet to have a donut from Kane’s. They also have monthly donut flavor specials so there is always a new flavor to try! With catering and delivery options, you can get these special treats for any occasion.  Kane's Donuts

Maria’s Pastry Shop 

Maria’s Pastry Shop is a hidden gem also located in Boston’s North End. They make the best Italian pastries that will have remind you of your Grandmother’s homemade cannoli or cookies. Boston Magazine voted their cannoli the best cannoli in 2012. You must stop by to taste them for yourself and see if they live up to the title. Family run and operated since 1982, this pastry shop prides itself on its homemade, authentic Italian pastries, cookies, and cakes. Three generations of the Merola family are responsible for these delicious treats. If you’re looking for a treat to bring to your family or friend’s house look no further than this pastry shop. Maria’s Pastry Shop has holiday specials for holidays ranging from All Souls Day to Easter. Thanks to this shop, finding a tasty dessert to bring to your family’s Christmas party is one less thing that you have to worry about.  

Maria's Pastry Shop
Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is the perfect bakery for custom cakes. With any shape or design you can think up, Sweet Tooth can bake, and ice the cake to fit any party theme. These cakes are the perfect dessert for any event. Their prices for their different sized cakes and different cake flavors are listed on their website. You can pick out exactly what kind of cake you want without breaking the bank. If you’re getting married soon, reach out to Sweet Tooth to have them make your wedding cake! These beautiful and tasty cakes will impress all of your guests. This bakery has all different kinds of treats to satisfy anyone’s “sweet tooth.”  

Sweet Tooth Bakery
If you love sweets (let’s be honest who doesn’t) these bakeries should be on your list for places to visit in Boston. Whether you’re visiting the city for a weekend or are a Bedly resident in the Boston area, these spots are perfect spots to grab a treat.  

Photo credits in order of appearance: Food Spotting, Thrillist, Kane’s Donuts, TV Food Maps,


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