Four Simple Housing Hacks You Need To Know

Moving is arguably one of the most stressful events to take on. No matter how often you’ve moved, the fact stands that you are uprooting your life-as-you-know-it. Every move I’ve had from the time I left my home and moved into my dorm room at 18 years old has challenged me in a new way. Whether it was learning the process of renting a U-Haul, learning how to minimize and let go of all the clothes, books, and general “stuff” I thought I needed, or learning the strenuous process of renting an apartment in NYC. I’ve felt extremely lost and confused, and while I can’t say I’m not thankful for my personal experiences and what I’ve learned, I do wish I had known about Bedly when moving in New York City. I think I’ve taken years off of my life from just a few weeks of moving stress. Had I been able to move without having to pay a broker, moving large pieces of furniture, or enduring a credit check and attempting to find a guarantor, I would have saved a lot of time, money, and energy.

Bedly does an incredible job of taking the chaos out of and truly simplifying the leasing experience, transforming it into one that makes sense for someone living in a city. No need to pay for furniture that’s a hassle to move and in turn a moving van, a broker that just wants to sell, or five months security deposit because you have no credit. Bedly really is the number one housing hack, however, read on for four more that will surely come in handy!  

Schedule your move-in and move-out dates with your landlord or property management. When I moved into my apartment four years ago, we signed the lease and planned on moving into our place on the last day of the month. When we arrived at the management office to pick up our keys, they informed us that we were supposed to schedule our move-in during appropriated times, being weekdays from 9am-5pm. Thank goodness that day happened to fall mid-week and we were allowed to move in, but what was concerning was that it was the first time we were hearing of this rule. Our broker didn’t tell us. We weren’t contacted by the property before moving in. There was literally no way for us to have known unless we checked in beforehand. We had picked up our U-Haul in Queens that morning and drove it back to the UES, loaded the truck, and drove it twenty blocks. Had we not been there during the appropriate hours, we would have been stuck with a truck full of our stuff with nowhere to go. Cue my PTSD from my moving disaster one year prior.


Always have your property management office or landlord saved in your phone. There will be many times you’ll want to get in contact with the people in charge and don’t need to be wasting time sifting through emails and website pages for their contact information. For instance, when the water in your apartment is running brown and you’re not sure why, when there’s construction going on in the apartment above you and all of a sudden, you have an entire family of cockroaches that migrated into your walls (so that’s like….100,0000,000,000 cockroaches, technically speaking), or when you’re locked out of your building. It’s also important for when your doorknob breaks or cabinet doors become wonky. You want to report that stuff ASAP so you don’t get a surprise deduction from your security deposit later on down the road. If you’re leasing from a Bedly unit, their customer service team is friendly and always there to answer questions!


Protect yourself with renters insurance. Renters Insurance provides coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property, as well as any injuries that someone else might incur while in your apartment. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. I (almost) had to learn about renters insurance the hard way. I was fortunate enough to have laundry in the building (a perk some Bedly units offer as well), a huge win for the NYC apartment dweller. Well, one time out of the immense amount of times I’ve done laundry there over the past four years, my laundry was stolen from the dryer. Thank goodness for video cameras, because as soon as I informed our management office about the event, they were able to track down the woman who “mistakenly” took my laundry. In the middle of all of this, however, I found out that had I had renters insurance, I would have been covered for any loss. Furthermore, renters insurance covers more expensive items, too, like the laptop from your college graduation and the new Wii you got for your birthday. Bedly knows just how important it is, so they require all tenants to have insurance. Wondering where to begin? Car insurance companies typically offer renters insurance, so you can go through Progressive, Allstate, or State Farm for easy coverage.


Dispose of large items properly when moving out. When it comes time to move out and you want to get rid of your bed frame, mattress, or other large items, be mindful of city rules. New York has strict laws regarding garbage and recycling (although I know it doesn’t sometimes look like it…ahem, black garbage bags lining the street…), so you or your property management company could receive a fine by not following city rules. For any pieces that don’t fit inside a trash can, you must follow the bulk item disposal guidelines. The city will remove these items for free, however, you must also schedule an appointment for pick up of non-recyclable items. For mattresses and box springs, the city asks that you wrap them in plastic with a large plastic bag in order to avoid spreading bed bugs. If you don’t, you could incur a $100 fine. It’s definitely worth checking in with that landlord you have handy in your contacts first, though, as they may handle both the appointment scheduling and mattress-wrapping for you. For any recyclable items, place out the night before the designated recycling day. The days vary depending on your address. You can look up your recycling days online, or give 311 a call. Not interested in concerning yourself with moving out large pieces of furniture at the end of your lease? Then make the right choice from the beginning and rent a fully furnished unit from Bedly. They even provide the bedding to make your move as stress-free and financially advantageous as possible!


There are many intricacies to renting an apartment in New York City. If you want to avoid the hassle of wrapping a mattress and taking it down to the street from your five-story walk-up, then Bedly is the right choice for you. Beyond the benefits of the leasing process itself, Bedly’s fully furnished units and customer service team will make the rental process much smoother, taking the headache out of moving.

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