Ways to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

For many of us, paying for our electricity is a mindless process. We sign up to whatever well-known provider is used in our neighborhood, link up our credit cards, and pay monthly bills. I don’t know about you, but I have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with my electricity bill. While I am grateful for having electricity, I really could benefit from cutting down on the bill so that I could use the money for other things. If you’re sick of paying excessively high electricity bills each month, make sure to check out this list of five ways to lower your bill. Or, better yet, rent from Bedly. All utilities are included so you will never have to have that all too familiar “what the…” moment while checking your electricity bill again.

Compare Energy Rates Using Powersetter

As a society that loves to look for sales and bargain hunt, it seems crazy that many of us do not do the same to search for deals on electricity. Powersetter has made this process easy for all renters. This website is the “Expedia for electricity.” Like comparing hotel prices for the best deal before going on a trip, this website allows you to compare electricity prices to make sure you are not overpaying. While you can’t control who delivers your electricity, you can choose who supplies the electricity to your apartment. So why not shop around for the cheapest price from competing suppliers? Simply visit www.powersetter.com for free and put in your zip code to compare rates. With no phones calls, paperwork, or appointments, this is the perfect service for busy renters. According to their website you can save up to 37% on your energy bill!


Switch to LED or CFL Light Bulbs

While it may not seem like a huge switch, changing light bulbs can make a difference in your electricity bill. In fact, LED light bulbs use up to 90% less power than regular incandescent bulbs that are typically found in many rental properties. While LED lights can be somewhat expensive, you can save money in the long run. Simply change out the most commonly used lights in your home…the rest can keep the regular bulbs. CFLs are also a good option. Cheaper than the LED bulbs, CFL bulbs can still help you save money on your electricity bill. These bulbs use between one-fifth and one-third the electric power of regular bulbs and last eight to fifteen times longer.  

light bulbs

Keep Curtains Closed During the Day

If you rely on an electric air conditioner during the heat of the summer months to keep your room cold, this tip is especially important to you. To cut down on the costs, purchase black out curtains from Amazon or other stores. These curtains, while also keeping your room stylish, also prevent sunlight from entering your room. Keep your curtains closed while at work or if you are not home for more than an hour or two. This way, the sun will not heat up your room and your air conditioning will hardly need to work to get your place back to a relaxing temperature.

Turn Off Your Lights!

This may seem self-explanatory but…remember to turn off your lights! Why pay for lights to be on when you at work or out with your friends? If you leave your lights on because you want it to appear that someone is home or if you don’t want to come home to a dark apartment, I have a money saving tip for you.  Purchase a timer and set it up to a light in your entryway. You can set the timer to whatever time you want. That way, it will look like someone is home and you won’t have to fumble with your belongings when walking into a dark apartment.


Air Dry Your Clothes

If you’re dedicated to lowering your electricity bill, this is a must try. If you do multiple loads of laundry a week, the price to dry your clothes using your electric drying machine can add up. If you have an outdoor patio or other outdoor space, create a clothesline. This is a cheap way to let your clothes dry the all-natural way while keeping dollars in your wallet. If you don’t have outdoor space, this can still be done using drying racks or your shower rod. Sparing your clothes from the heat of the dryer is actually better for many of your clothes anyways! It’s a win-win.  

Clothes drying racks

Paying for electricity and other utilities can be a stressful experience. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is some quick and simple everyday changes that will end up going a long way! Although there are many ways to keep some extra money in your wallet, these tricks will be some of the easiest to get used to, and the quickest to be noticed by your bank account.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Powersetter, Architecture Art Designs, ADDitude, Very Cozy Home 


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