10 Tips to Boozy Brunch in NYC

If there’s one thing millennial New Yorkers can do better than anyone, it’s boozy brunch. It’s the only time it’s acceptable to drink before 12pm and to have a meal that’s a delicious combination of french toast and french fries.  

True, NYC boozy brunch can be a little pricey, but let’s be honest, you need somewhere to spend all that extra cash Bedly helps you save on housing, with their fully furnished apartments, and flexible leases, so we’ve got the essentials laid out right here for you!

Here are 10 failsafe ways to make your boozy brunch the highlight of your weekend.

Find a crew. This is key. Whether it’s your roommates, some work friends, visiting out of towners or just your typical gaggle of girls and guys, good company is the key to a successful boozy brunch. Even better if you all went out together the night before–everyone will be drinking off their hangovers and sharing stories. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll swear you’ll never drink again (at least until the next round of mimosas is served).

(And if you have friends visiting from out of town who are looking to make the big New York move, make sure they know about Bedly and their streamlined, broker-free rental process!)


Find a spot. There are so many amazing brunch spots in NYC it can be difficult to choose–but luckily for you, we’ve selected some amazing locations right in your Bedley neighborhoods!

Make a Reservation. Most of the brunch spots take reservations and will have a crazy wait time if you don’t. Plus it’s always better to reserve a few extra spots in case those friends who went extra hard the night before miraculously decide to show up–or someone unexpectedly brings their date from the night before. (Bonus: make the reservation for an hour later than you all think you’ll be ready–something about a lazy Sunday morning can make even the most timely of friends get “stuck on a train” 😉 )

Cash or Card? Before the brunch, make sure you know if the spot you’re going to is cash only–many places are cash only for brunch, so come prepared. If you’re paying by card, make sure to find out if there are any split credit card fees that can sneak up on you (especially if you’re a big group). If the group is ordering a la carte, connect with everyone before on how you want to pay, so no one has to awkwardly pay more than their share.

Get the Prix Fixe: Almost all bottomless brunch spots have a prix fix: fixed price for your bottomless beverages + brunch items. This makes for some serious delicious pairings (like belgian waffles with strawberries and nutella). PLUS they usually come with coffee + tea along with your meal + bottomless booze. It’s usually an amazing deal and can feel pretty decadent–treat yourself!

Take advantage of all your boozy options. Little known fact: there are brunch places that serve bottomless mimosas, bellinis AND bloody marys. Most of these places will let you have them all. Just because you start off with a bloody mary to go with your appetizer or french fries doesn’t mean that you can’t top it off with a bellini/mimosa finale (and vice versa). It’s a fail safe way to please everyone in your party.

Screen shot 2018-02-23 at 4.08.08 PM

Pay attention to the time-limit. While most places say bottomless know that there will be a timeline–and if we’re honest, staying longer than 2/2.5 hours can be in poor form (after all, anyone who works in the service industry knows that your fabulous wait staff has to turn their table over) so make sure you’re keeping an eye on the time so you can take full advantage of the (pretty) bottomless booze coming your way.

Pick a new place every time. Living in New York City brunch will inevitably become a favorite past time. And while you don’t have to go out every weekend, it can be a really wonderful way to connect with your friends. Because let’s face it, when you’re working the New York City grind, finding time during the week to hang out can be tough–because you’ll inevitably end up falling asleep at the bar or late and hungover to work the next morning. Brunch is an easy way for everyone to connect on their down time–and actually can have you jumping out of bed in excitement.

Tip generously. Now, this isn’t just exclusive to brunch obviously, and while it’s crazy good karma it’s also a great way to say thank you to the hardworking wait staff who kept you happily buzzed during your 2 hours with them. Plus, if they’re working that means their not brunching–and that’s a bummer. (Not all tips have to be in case–you never know who’s looking for a roommate, which is why it’s never a bad time to share your experience with Bedly)

Have your post-brunch plan in mind. It’s always best to have your game plan for post brunch ready and ready to go. Whether you all are going to keep the party going by hitting up some fun, cheap bars in the city to continue a night out, go apartment hunting with your New York City bound visitor, or head home for a well deserved nap and maybe even meal prep). Or maybe you’ll use your post brunch time to check out Bedly’s listings. It will take the headache away from your housing search in NYC, Jersey City and Boston, so you can spend your weekends laughing with your friends instead of worrying about landlords, credit checks and searching for furniture.  Look up their openings now!


Photo credits in order of appearance: Univision Communications (cover), Brunchy Memes, Someecards, Mememaker 


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