Reasons Why to Stay Home and Cook Dinner with Your Roomies

After settling in to your sweet Bedly pad, you have all of these awesome roommates to share your time with! So what do you do? You eat! Everyone loves food and whether you are cooking or eating out, the activity is a great way to get to know who you share your apartment with. Everyone’s schedules can get crammed quickly here in New York, so schedule some time together and eat! Read on for some dinner ideas that everyone will love.

You Get to Experiment With Foods


Google is your best friend when it comes to finding new recipes. There are endless amounts of new concoctions to try and what better way to test them out then in your new Bedly kitchen with your new roomies? Get together a list of 4 or 5 and vote on what ones you should try that night that works for everyone. We recommend trying a taco themed night (#TacoTuesdays!) This can easily cover everyone’s dietary restrictions, offers tons of side pairings, and there will be leftovers! You can find a quick and easy taco recipes here.

After you’re done planning what to cook and eat, divide and conquer the grocery list, or at least split the bill and all go to the grocery store together. Shopping for groceries in New York City is super easy because there are so many options. In terms of grocery delivery, there is Fresh Direct, Amazon Fresh, and local grocery stores even deliver. And these online grocers deliver to all the Bedly neighborhoods! You can also hit up the grocery stores and bodegas in your neighborhood to get the supplies. Gristedes, Whole Foods, and Fairway can be found pretty much everywhere.

Great Way to Bond


It’s important to get to know who is living with you. You share the common areas so why not enjoy the time you are home together and cook. It’s a great way to get to know interesting things about them that you can’t find from their Instagram profile. If you are having a taco tuesday night, you get to learn who has dietary restrictions, who considers themselves a pro (or not) in the kitchen, who’s favorite food is tacos, and so much more. Also good to keep handy is a bottle of wine. It is always great to take a sip of vino periodically while you’re sauteing the peppers.

Improve Your Personal Cooking Skills


If you’re a pro or just starting to cook, then honing your skills is a must. Cooking at home with your roomies offers a different perspectives on how you traditionally cooked your meals and can even introduce new seasoning ideas. Typically when you cook for yourself, you don’t get to experiment with new and different ingredients. No need to go “Top Chef” but having an extra hand to work with the vegetables gives you an opportunity to try new things with your favorite sauce.

Expand your Palate


Maybe your roomie cooked a dish before that you really liked or it smelled amazing. Maybe you want to explore veganism and you have found this great recipe. Maybe you need help cooking an unique fish you found at Dean and Dulca. Whatever the reason is, this is a great chance to expand your palate for one night and try something new! It’s also good to note that even if no one at your apartment is a pro, this cooking activity causes you to be more adventurous. Think of your mouth as a blank canvas. Many flavors can start to come alive when you try something new.

Stressing about what to have for dinner should be enough for you to handle! Luckily, there is Bedly to help handle the rest of your frustrations of living in New York City. Bedly handles the furniture, securing the apartment, finding roommates and so much more! Explore Bedly and ask anything you want! We make housing simplified so you can cook an awesome taco!

Photo credits in order of appearance: Delish, Shutterstock, Living Strong & Athleat


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