Tips for Settling in to Your New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment is overwhelming. Oh, that apartment happens to be in New York City, you say? Forget about it. A lot of New Yorkers I’ve talked to have only moved under the pretenses of finances, bug problems, or landlord disputes, and they will only move if absolutely necessary. I’m talking “rent is skyrocketing and we can’t fit any more people in the apartment”, or “no matter how many times we exterminate, I still shower daily with the roaches” necessary. That’s because moving in NYC is extra stressful, especially if you don’t have the luxury of hiring a professional moving team. Think moving furniture up six story walk-ups, driving a U-Haul in city traffic, picking up and dropping off U-Haul in the appropriate time-slot, and making sure someone watches the truck so boxes don’t mysteriously disappear. And this is all after you’ve decided which neighborhood you’ll live in and gone through the broker struggle, but still before you’re even in the new apartment, unpacking boxes, searching for your morning coffee mug. The good news? Bedly takes away the stress of moving furniture and utilities! Since all Bedly units are fully furnished with the essentials (couch, bed, bedding, dresser, table, pots, pans, utensils, dishware, etc.), you can pack up your closet, bare necessities, and move without the hassle! So what to do once you’re finally in the new space, surrounded by boxes and suitcases? Follow these next steps listed for an organized and stress-less means to feeling settled in a new space!

  • Place all boxes into appropriate rooms. Hopefully when you were packing up, you followed the tried and true rule of labeling your boxes with items and rooms they belong in. This will help immensely once you start loading into your new place. Since NYC apartments are typically smaller than the average, it won’t take long for you to fill the space, and it will take even longer if you find yourself moving boxes back and forth between the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. And under the assumption that “most” people won’t unpack the boxes the day of the big move, you want to have access to your essentials in each room! Because you’ll probably want to pop that bottle of wine you bought to “break in” the new apartment, which makes having easy access to those wine glasses a necessity. Good news, though! You won’t have to worry about finding glasses in Bedly units – they will already be stocked and ready to go!


  • Arrange furniture first – but carefully! If you’re bringing big pieces (eg. couch/bed frame/dining table/etc.), move those first and make sure you figure out where you REALLY want them. Yes, it is time consuming, but it will save you so much time later and will help with the overall vision of your space. You can save even more time and trouble, though, by moving into a Bedly unit. As mentioned, all Bedly units are furnished with the big stuff already. Some even have a washer and dryer in the unit or building! And for anyone that has lugged their overflowing Ikea bag of dirty laundry down two city blocks and an avenue, possibly dropping their dirty underwear in the middle of the intersection on 81st and 2nd for all of New York to see, you know that on-site laundry is a privilege. Have that antique chest from Grandma that you can’t live without? No worries! As long as additional furnishings don’t take up space in the common areas and fit into your room, you are welcome to bring into any Bedly units!


  • Get your essentials. Unpack those things you use daily, or even weekly. Because let’s be real – unpacking can take time, especially when you’re a full-time student working a part-time job, or have any sort of schedule that requires you to be away from your apartment for 10 hours or more at a time. Refer back to my trusty bullet point #1 re: labeling boxes! You don’t want to be tearing through boxes for your toothbrush in the morning before work.
  • Make your bed. Okay, I’m not your mom and this may sound trivial, but starting your day with a clean bed can help immensely when organizing the rest of your life. Also, it will help your sanity to maintain a clean space outside of any moving boxes. We all know a made bed works like magic: it makes any messy bedroom look 10 times cleaner, so rather than taking 30 minutes to sort through your clothes on the floor into “dirty”, “sort of dirty/might wear again”, and “clean”, you can take two minutes to make your bed and throw clothing into a single pile. Boom.
  • Donate, donate, donate! Hopefully you tackled this step BEFORE the big move, but if you didn’t, now is the time! Donation boxes are everything, especially when you live in a city like NYC where the closet space is extra limited. If you’re in a Bedly unit, though, you don’t have to worry about lugging that heavy, scratched up pan from your old place. Bedly offers you the opportunity to cleanse and live minimally without actually having to live minimally! Best of both worlds. And if something is missing that you would like, you can reach out to their friendly customer service team.
  • Take it one room at a time. Don’t feel pressure to unpack everything all at once. It could get frustratingly disorganized and chaotic if you start unpacking a little of each room. Work on your vision, what you want your room to look like, where you want things placed, and start there. You can also break it down even more than room by room. Setting a smaller goal (eg. setting up my bookshelf tonight/unpacking one suitcase) is less overwhelming than feeling the need to unpack everything at once. Panic attack avoided.  
  • Clean out the garbage. At the end of each cleaning sesh, be sure to pick up all the pieces of tape, bubble wrap, and paper, and take your trash out. In turn, break down boxes for recycling and get them out of your new space! Think of it as the period at the end of a sentence: you’ve finished your small goal for the day, and the throwing out of the trash serves as a conclusive end. It will also open up more space. Bedly perk alert: all units and common spaces are professionally cleaned before move-in! I’m not sure this can be said for other apartments I’ve viewed, or possibly lived in…
  • Decorate.  For some, this is the fun part. If your lease allows, you can hang frames on the walls. I recommend placing the pieces on the floor in front of where you visualize it hanging. Leave it for a few days while you organize the rest of the hanging pieces. That way, if you want to change anything up you haven’t drilled holes in the walls yet. If you prefer to avoid the wall decor, though, I love placing photos or funky pieces I find on bookshelves or window ledges. It adds a cozy touch without having to invest too much time into decorating.
  • Enjoy your new space. I rearranged my room about a year ago, and for months I preferred my room to the living room. Relaxing in any new, clean space, especially when it’s YOURS, is so incredibly comforting. Read a book, binge on Netflix, cook a meal (or order Seamless…c’mon), throw a housewarming party, and take in your accomplishment. You deserve it!

Moving in New York is chaotic, but Bedly makes it so simple! With fully furnished apartments, they take away the hassle of hiring a moving team or driving a U-Haul through the city, moving large pieces into the apartment, digging through boxes for necessities, and provide a freshly cleaned space (good as new!) to move into. In the off-chance you aren’t satisfied with your new space, Bedly offers a “Move-In Guarantee”: if you reserve the room before seeing it in person, you have 24 hours from the time the lease begins to decide if you want to stay! You will be hard pressed to find a deal as good as that in a city of year long leases and greedy brokers. So go with the obvious: let Bedly handle your future leasing needs!

Photo credit: My Uhaul Story


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