Why Work Friends are the Best Friends


If you work in a major city like New York, you’re busy. The city is fast paced, our commutes are long (and prone to mishap), and we work crazy hours trying to climb that corporate ladder. After pouring all you have into your career, physical and mental well-being, who has time to make friends? There’s no dating app for friendship (except for Bumble’s “The Beehive” which never really took off), and making friends at this age is exhausting.

For a lot of us, college friends dispersed across the country post-graduation and high school friends stayed close to home, ultimately making this big crowded city feel a little lonely. Sidewalk happy hours on warm fall days taunt you, and the sacrifices you made to move here weigh heavy on your shoulders.

But have no fear, because friendship is just around the corner. Little did you know, you have the very best friends you will ever meet right under your nose. You guessed it—they’re your soon-to-be work friends. Here’s why this group of people is so special:

Reason number 1 work friends are the best friends: They’re low maintenance. You spend minimum eight hours a day with them anyways, you’re bound to share a word or two, whether you’re trying to be friends or not. Don’t feel like going out after work? Lunch hang. Don’t feel like spending money at all? Water cooler gossip time. This crew is always close by and easy to make plans with. After all, your schedules are probably pretty similar.

water cooler_bedly

Reason number 2 work friends are the best: They get it. They know how annoying Becky from HR is, and did you hear what Jake from finance did? They sure did. They know all the crazy stuff you go through—the good, the bad, and the ugly. You don’t have to explain what you do to them, they’re there for the gossip and #support. These friends have your back when you need to vent about your boss or a coworker, because they know you’re there for them too.


Reason number 3: You care about the same things (at least a little bit). You both picked the same place to work—which means you must have something in common. Maybe you both work at a nonprofit because you’re passionate about the same issues. Or maybe you found your perfect style companion because you both work in fashion. Maybe you’re both just type A planners that are glad to finally have someone as high-strung and detail-oriented as yourself. Whatever it may be, you’ve got some commonality that ties you together.

discover and escape_bedly

Reason number 4: They’ll help you grow. Get a friend in your department who has your back in meetings or can cover you when you mess up. Or find someone who will just be there to push you to go for the promotion, or fight for what you deserve. A good work friend motivates you to be the best you can. It’s in their best interest that you never leave the company—so they’ll do what they can to keep you there. Your work happiness = their work happiness.

best posters_bedly

Reason number 5: Office parties are a whole lot less awkward. I didn’t know a single person at work when I went to my first office holiday party. I scanned the room, picked the one person who looked to be my age and just started talking to her. We got wine drunk and chatted all night. That was four years ago, and we’ve been best friends ever since. Awkward office birthdays/baby showers/holiday parties are so much more fun with a companion by your side.


Reason number 6: They’re more than just work friends. They start out as your office buddy, your coffee-mate. But after a couple of happy hours, the occasional-turned-frequent text convos, and late night heart-to-hearts, your work friends become your real friends. So even if they leave (company/city/state) they stay in your life forever. Especially if you’re early on in your career—the people you meet now are with you through some of your most formative years. They are the people who grow with you, in front of you, and because of you.


Bedly started because two good friends decided to change the housing system in New York. What was once a big idea has turned into a big business, with new apartments popping up all over NYC, Jersey City, and Boston. And it’s all because two friends pushed each other to success. Learn more about the Bedly co-founders and why the created Bedly here, or browse available apartments in your city now.

Photo credits in order of appearance: The Hollywood Reporter, Delish, Pinterest, Discover & Escape, Best Posters, Geek Binge, Buzzfeed, NY Business Daily


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