Across the River: Your Guide to Jersey City

New Jersey is the unassuming place to be if you like city life. If you have been living in New York City, Jersey City may be daunting. But don’t fear, Jersey City is easy to tackle and super easy to get to and from New York City. Luckily, Bedly has units in New Jersey to lessen the headache of navigating a new neighborhood, and if you are already living in Jersey City and looking to move, read on for your exclusive Bedly guide to this cool hub.


Where to Live

No matter where you choose to live, there is some anxiety in choosing where you should spend your time. Jersey City (the second largest city in New Jersey by the way) is located in the northeastern section of the state, Jersey City sits across the Hudson from its older and bigger cousin, New York City. Like any major city, there is a downtown with high rises shooting up almost every day. There are many business hubs located here, like Goldman Sachs, so there is still a New York City vibe to the area. Population is on the rise here since the 1980’s with a few generations spending their time here.

Downtown is the hot area but it’s so easy to get around on public transportation, anywhere- in Jersey City is great to live. Luckily Bedly is located in The Heights and Journal Square- two hopping areas! You can check out the listings here and see how easy it is.

The Heights, if you are unfamiliar, sits on top a hill in Jersey City and offers large spaces at very desirable prices points, all while staying super close to New York City. There is a heavy load of public green spaces and parks, it is also very artsy. The Riverview Arts District offers bustling thoroughfares full of shops and restaurants, with local art and food.

Journal Square is a centrally located neighborhood of Jersey City. Most apartments are available in great old pre-war buildings, walk-ups, and private houses. These make much of the housing stock in this neighborhood. Think exposed brick, hardwood floors, and large windows.

How to Get Around


No matter what neighborhood of Jersey City you live in, it’s easy to get around by foot, car, or public transportation. There is the PATH (Port Authority Trans Hudson) subway line that links Jersey City to Hoboken, Harrison, Newark, and both downtown and Midtown Manhattan in New York City. There are four Path Stations, including one in Journal Square. This is the quickest way to get to New York City, too! Head right across the river and you will pop up at the Oculus and the Financial District.  

If you also need to get to Manhattan, there is a quick ferry service operated by the New York Waterway that can get you there, while also taking a quick picture of the skyline for the gram! The full daily schedule can be found here, but you have options to head to Midtown (39th Street) or the Financial District. From there, there is a free shuttle bus service across Manhattan so there is no need to buy a Metrocard!

In town, you also have the New Jersey Transit Bus System. Busses look similar to the ones found in New York City and are found everywhere in town.

Where to Eat


We wouldn’t be talking about a city if they did not have great food! In Journal Square, there are some healthy (and cheap!) spots to grub down on. Whealth and Co. is located at 615 Pavonia Ave serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This spot is open 7 days a week and offers healthy “modern-day grandma’s kitchen”. According to their website, they serve simple, honest food all housed in a cozy retail location servicing clients in the area. This place only gives off good vibes and good food.

Also located in Journal Square is Hooked JC on 467 Communipaw Ave, serving, you guessed it, seafood. This restaurant fills a void that Jersey City did not have before Hooked JC opened – good seafood. They have daily fish specials so their menu is constantly changing. Once you walk in, you are welcomed with genuine smiles and good food. Their decor is bright, looking like its from a set from Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drives-Ins & Dives. This is a casual spot, so feel free to sit wherever, and dig in! We heard their tacos are pretty fantastic.

Pr&ince on 80 Wayne St is another delectable spot to have lunch, dinner, or drinks. This Thai, Asian fusion restaurant brings exquisite new flavors to the neighborhood that were hard to nail previously. Open daily from 11:30am to 11:00pm, this is becoming a local favorite. The chef will also accommodate any vegetarian or vegan friends you might be dining with, either by substituting or creating a whole new dish from various inspirations. As one Yelp reviewer put it, “Food is 5 Stars, Price is 5 Stars, Service is 5 Stars and Atmosphere is 5 Stars.”

Where to Party


You see that it’s easy to get to Manhattan, so you very well head in and not miss a step! But, for these colder months and if you just want to stay local, there is plenty to do to party the night away.

To start there is a place called Red at 136 Newark Ave.  Red is a dance lounge and is adorned with the color red, vintage decor, comfy seating, great drinks and atmosphere. While this can be rented out for private events, they do have live music every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The DJ starts spinning at 10PM.

If the club scene isn’t your plans for the night, chill at Miss Wong’s any night of the week. On Friday there is a DJ so it is more lively with dancing, but the music is spot on and the drinks are great. This is more of a speakeasy but with no cover, and feel free to come as you are! Even is sweaters and sneakers in good taste. Remember, this is a speakeasy so you will have to walk through a restaurant named Talde (by all means chill at the bar here, too!).  Walk through the middle of the bar; you will get stopped by men who will check your ID and point you downstairs. The atmosphere and ambiance is cool here.

Bedly has the right fit for you in Jersey City. There is plenty of availability with some even having backyards and/or large patios- a huge perk if you are used to New York City living! Bedly makes finding rooms in Jersey City  simple and easy, so you can enjoy the other things in life- like your seafood dinner at Hooked JC. So let us furnish your apartment, find your roomies, and you go explore your new neighborhood.

Photo credits in order of appearance: Furnitbues, NY Hotels Near NYC, Jersey City Upfront, Red Lounge JC


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