How To Not Spend A Fortune When Going Out In NYC

Simply “going out for a drink” can get expensive. One drink at happy hour turns into, two, then you stay past happy hour and start ordering food. The night can snowball from there to bar hopping and late night seamless orders if you’re not cautious. And even though you’re saving on cash by living with Bedly, New York can get pretty costly. If you’re like us, you want to save on cash in every way possible. Keep reading for tips on how to save money when you go out in New York City.

Find The Extended Happy Hours


Happy hour seems like a weekly ritual here in New York City, so it’s inevitable that you will make this your daily routine. One way to save on cash is to find a place that has extended happy hours (or a happy hour that doesn’t end at 6PM). This way, you’re not racing out of work to beat last call. Here are some spots in Bedly neighborhoods that have late night happy hours.

Find The Food Deals

And while you’re at happy hour, you should check out their specials on food. Some locations even serve food for free when you order a drink! Like the Crocodile lounge on 14th Street. You get a free mini-pizza with every drink purchase. And this isn’t a happy hour special (this deal is from open to close), it still makes the list because everyone likes free pizza!

Check out our full list of bars here!

Split Bottles


Sometimes it pays to split a bottle of alcohol with your friends instead of everyone ordering individual drinks. This often happens with wine bottles. Double check on wine prices before everyone orders, if everyone plans on having at least two drinks, then the bottle is almost always the way to go. Same for drink bowls or pitchers. Often times, bars make mixed drinks like sangria, mojitos, margaritas, house specials, available in pitcher sizes. Splitting this with all your pals is going to be the way to go to save on cash.

Stay In Your Neighborhood

Luckily Bedly is in 8 neighborhoods in New York City. This makes it super easy for you to party it up close to your apartment. Going to a bar down the street or around the corner helps you save on transportation. That $8 cab ride down 20 blocks might not seem expensive now, but those fares add up. And if you do want to travel to your friend’s hood, then take the subway or bus! These are one third of the cost of an Uber or yellow cab and it can help you explore your city more!

Munch On 99 Cent (Dollar) Pizza After A Night Out


Dollar pizza is one of the most underrated attractions in NYC. For just one dollar, you can fill your drunk desires of pizza. Add 25 cents and you can get a can of soda, too! There are locations all throughout Manhattan, so skip the Artichoke and spend a buck on a cheese slice!


We might sound like your mom, but it’s true! Have a budget and have a line item for “going out” or “drinks” and allocate a certain dollar amount to it. Once you see it written out, you will have a better idea of where to go, and what to spend. It’s also important to note to stick to that budget and be firm. Don’t transfer money from your savings to checking when you need one more drink. Make your budget and stick to it.

Use Cash

If you make a budget (see above), then you will have a firm number to stick to while going out. Head to the ATM and just take that money out so you don’t overspend. This will also save you some dollars at the bar. Some bars charge a higher percentage when customers use their credit cards and if you pay for cash, that extra charge is not there. Just be careful you don’t lose your cash! There’s no way to get it back.

One sure way to save on cash is choosing Bedly. Bedly does all the heavy lifting for you and pretty much takes care of all your stress. They find the roommates, the furniture, the apartment building. All you have to do is pick a location.

Photo credits (in order of appearance): Google, Punch Drink & Serious Eats


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