The Year In Google Searches: NYC Housing Edition

Between 2016 and 2017, nearly 25,000 new apartments have come on the market in New York City. There’s more inventory, and new construction going up constantly. Even though it can sometimes feel like finding a place to live keeps getting harder, the internet tells us it should actually be getting easier. More apartments means more opportunities to find the place of your dreams.

While brokers padded their well-fed wallets, Google also took note of the influx. This year, it became clear just how much New Yorkers rely on Google for answering our most burning apartment-related questions. We ask Google for things to do when we’re bored, places to go when we’re feeling adventurous, and how to do some of life’s most necessary tasks. So it makes sense we also turn to Google for our housing queries. As 2017 comes to a close, what better way to reflect on the year behind us than to re-live some of our most popular Google searches.

In 2017, 3,895 people searched “nyc apartments” on Google. From Australia to Brazil to India–people all around the world were looking to plant their roots in the big apple. As the “melting pot” of the world it makes sense New York draws such an international crowd of apartment Googlers.


As glamorous as NYC living might seem, most of them were sure to find out, looking for an apartment in NYC isn’t always easy. Lofty rent prices (second only to San Francisco), steep brokers fees, and unresponsive landlords all make for a less than ideal house-hunting experience. Just look to this year’s Google search trends for evidence.

In 2017, 424 New Yorkers searched the term “brokers fee,” 1,921 searched “high rent,” and 2,190 searched “landlords.” Perhaps we’re all just looking to validate our misery. If nearly 2,000 New Yorkers are also Googling their rising rent, at least we know we’re not alone.


But if you’re tired of dealing with brokers, or less-than-helpful landlords, join the 711 people who Googled “Bedly” in 2017. This smart batch of people know that on-demand housing is just a better way to live. Forget the hours spent traipsing around the city, up and down walk-ups, just to be let down by subpar apartments. Forget the sketchy landlords that gobble up thousands of dollars. You can check out any Bedly apartment on the website with 3D tours that give you an inside look at available units. See something you like? Book your room online and move in the very next day. The best part is–you don’t have to deal with brokers or landlords. The Bedly team has you covered so your move is seamless.


So, instead of spending your time searching for apartments, or brokers fees, or landlords, join the thousands of other New Yorkers in 2017 who:

Searched for fun…

816 people search “best bars nyc”

2,414 people search “events nyc”

3,282 people search “things to do nyc”

nyc bar_bedly
Searched for good…

2,196 people searched “nyc charities”

3,267 people searched “help people”

2,892 people searched “volunteer nyc”

city harvest_bedly blog

Searched for self-betterment…

3,133 people searched “best workouts”

2,517 people searched “how to eat healthy”

2,217 people searched “self love”

soulcycle_bedly blog
The less time we spend looking for a place to live, the more time we can actually spend, well, living. Sure you can’t fit your parent’s grand piano or even a small bookcase in most New York City apartments. But who cares? New York isn’t for staying inside, it’s for getting out there.

New York is about flocking with booze-laden millennials down the streets of the West Village during Gay Pride Parade. It’s about linking arms with pink-hat wearers during the women’s march. It’s about running from SoulCycle to Flywheel to Peloton to Swerve–because you don’t have to choose just one spin studio to stay in shape. It about bouncing on mini trampolines when you don’t want to spin. It’s cold beers at Frying Pan in July and crowded cocktails at Rolf’s in December. It’s about everything from Harlem to the West Village–because real New Yorkers know it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

empire state_bedly

Let Bedly help find you your next apartment so 2018 can be the year of doing, instead of the year of [apartment] searching.

Special thanks to Google Trends for supplying all the data for this article.

Photo credits (in order of appearance): Conde Nast Traveler, NY Daily News, SoulCycle, Curbed NY


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